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  1. 1. Videocard model: RX480 8gb 2. Driver version: 20.4.2 3. Artefacts like on attached screenshots or not: Yes 4. AA switching solving this issue for you completely: No 5. Driver settings reset to Factory settings help: No 6. Using some kind of graphics mods: No
  2. Yup, RX480 here with black shadow artifacts when really close to the ground. That said, its perfectly fine high in the air, performance seems better and the frontend seems a lot snappier and more responsive. Eagerly awaiting a hotfix!
  3. Thankyou for your generosity pfrances! for future reference i was able to find it in the license section on the main IL2 website. Thanks again, im gonna go fly it! 🛫🤗
  4. Very Generous dude, Congratulations on the little one. id love a spare of Havoc over the Kuban, lost my job due to current affairs 😕
  5. [WOOF]SirWibble back in the day. Used to host in Coop missions all the time and lots of fond memories, Some people i remember are 'apeoftheyear' 'Ament777' and a lot of ITAF & JG26 tags. And an old boy named Wurzel who made fantastic missions and hosted them. Been getting a few of the lads back into it since EMG and PWCG.
  6. Guessing a reinstall will fix the issue, Would love to be able to add my key to steam so i can download at peak speeds.
  7. Airfields seem to usually have AAA but not a lot else. ONCE i saw dozens of infantry running around like ants as i was strafing planes, which was pretty great.
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