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  1. Thanks!!!! it has been a big problem now ....most of us dead due to the AAA !!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Oh Thanks for the reply... we actually forgot the influence of the death.......haha most of our member is dead due to the AAA ... lots of member thought is same with WOL server.... alright...GG for the luftwaffe..we lost so many good guys!
  3. Hi Kathon our squardenalready get 101 Air kills but why is not at the top air kills list? is there someting wrong with the marking system? or it is actually another reason? http://taw.stg2.de/squad_stats.php?name=III.%20Jagdgeschwader%205 thanks
  4. Thanks for the information. i thought this plugin is good for sharing. it seems no security and useless...
  5. Yes that is what it is means lol It is absolutely related to IL 2 gaming... most of the players are using TS3 atm. The plugins could bring lots of benefits.
  6. Hello everyone: I used to apply an Application to support our favourite game IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingard in offical website of OverWolf. and now it is time to vote for this TS3 Plugins to support our new IL2. What is overwolf? the introduction of overwolf in this video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MqGWHzTAOGA Overwolf is so powerful that can benefit players. so there is the link which allow anyone to vote the overwolf to support the games http://support.overwolf.com/game-requests/ you can find our games in the list like we need more! we need everyone! Thanks for the support!
  7. Is that true? when you Equip with a 37mm Cannon and shot a Boomer ,that could happens. the gun damage for BF110 37mm could happen with just one single shot
  8. german and russia used to use green red white and yellow light blue tracer. could we have those as well?
  9. Hello i am very interesting that how to make a 4K Template if you would like to share the process, i will be happy to join this work at try to make others Template of planes..
  10. Hello All i cant find the detail of the instrument panel in the PSD file where is it ? and can we edit it?
  11. yeah you are right... i am writing an email for asking the help..
  12. i add the steam transfer key into steam account but i field. cause my steam have already have another IL BOS key which is my alt... i want to try to cover it...but i lost it so my account key have become invalid!!! what should i do!! can i get my account back?
  13. I Like Diamond SKIN of 109F-4 very well . however we cant get it cos we are late users. so is there any possible for uses to get the Skin? btw it is good to upload more Offical Skins in Ranked servers
  14. yeah i always see there are 51 people in the server and could not join in
  15. i am in Adelaide CN oversea student as well join JG53 and fly together?
  16. Will i have already got this game but i want to download on steam as well. HOwever i need to buy again
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