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  1. @Palut I would suggest going to the New Issue thread: and posting the issue there. I do have the same issue but wont be able to post the campaign file until later tonight.
  2. @PatrickAWlson Thank you as always. When you say 1 enemy fight unit per mission. Does the algorithm guess where they think we will attack or where they should patrol? Also is that both sides. Each side only has 1 fighter unit. Doing recon all alone and getting chased by 4 I-16 was scary. Side note I did a search but couldnt find anything. Do you all have a post where you share your Advanced Config for your campaign?
  3. I have flown 7 missions so far in Moscow for the germans. The enemy fighter #s have been very low that I have seen in the sky. Mostly PE and IL showing up on the map. Only once on a recon mission did I cross paths with a group of I-16. None have had escorts either. These poor IL-2 are falling from the sky. I am flying the E-7 so I it makes me feel better not seeing I-16 and MIG-3 but not sure if this is right. I didnt adjust anything in Advance Config. I currently have done the following: Simple Config: Planes at Medium Ground at High AAA at High
  4. I do have some more questions that have come up flying 15 missions so far: Are there any issues with a long career? Does the file get to big and start having errors? Are their issues with long 60-90 day leave? I was wondering if simming all that data would cause errors. I was going to do research on how often German pilots were rotated out of the front lines and for how long. If there is an error, could their be a rear unit that you could transfer to for a long leave. How does the front line move? Is it the same movement each game? I like seeing what looks to be engagem
  5. @Yogiflight I have been flying the 109 E-7. I am still a Oberfeldwebel. When I fly the F-4 and F-2 I make sure we do a good amount of circles to get the altitude we need before moving to the target.
  6. I have realized the issue. The AI is trying to climb to the assigned altitude. Once they meet the required altitude they reduce speed and form the formation. PWCG has already taught me how to fly in formation. More rewarding than getting a kill.
  7. It took me a few times to get everything going but the answer is PWCG is better than career mode. Kills mean something and I don't about anyone else but I grow attached to the pilots I fly with.
  8. @PatrickAWlson I did check and it was 0. I never got a warning. It would say Generating Binary Mission something and than close. The mission still showed up in IL2. I will try again tonight after work. Is it ok if it closes after creating the mission? Nothing but the file location shows up in the error report. As long as after I finish the mission and go start back to opening PWCG. @dburne thank you.
  9. I didn't. Should I? I dont remember seeing this in the install video.
  10. I didn't add this to issue threads because I think these are user errors. Should PWCG close after generating the mission? Just want to make sure this is right. I dont think this is a PWCG issue but my flight leader in my first mission let me fall behind. is there a setting to help this. After flying my first mission, I exited the game and reopened PWCG. It couldnt find information on the flight i just took. Is that because I closed the game? Tonight I am going to start a new campaign and a new mission to see what happens. I am using the Steam version.
  11. Everyone thank you. @Yogiflight Thank you for the PWCG intro. @Varibraun thank you for the other post. It made me move forward. @PatrickAWlson thank you for the work you have done. I wasnt going to spend the funds on the FC with no career mode but that might change.
  12. I like the career mode very much but some one stated in my last post that kills have meaning in PWCG. Just wonder if overall if PWCG is better than career mode.
  13. If we kill 3 ai planes, is there an effect on the AI squadron's operational ability? Will their pilot and plane count go down?
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