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  1. The resolution is amazing (just right). And if you are at 75-90fps it is a super smooth and super sharp. Is there anything specific you want to know?
  2. I got it to work. Ironically, STEAM vr released a hotfix for their software that allows images to properly displayed in the headset for vulcan games. But the hotfix did not do anything for the MOD i had installed to run the game in Vulcan. Looks like this only works for monitors. As soon as I removed the MOD it worked in HMD. With the MOD its stuck in an infinite loop of switching to the headset. Would be nice if the Vulcan MOD was working in VR. It does seem to give a bit of improvement on the old monitor.
  3. Ya. I already have and I start it before starting the game. I can see a vr view of the game on screen for both eyes. But the headset is just on the default home screen for SteamVR.
  4. Have stand alone game.(not on Steam). My Reverb headset won't switch focus to the game no matter what I do. Have tried everything I can think of. Steam VR was started before opening the game. I get a nice night sky view with text in middle saying IL2 app "next up". But that is as far as I get. Starting the game from within VR desktop gives the same result. Anyone know what I an doing wrong?
  5. Urra

    Future for VR

    Maybe just easier to convert all that into MS2020.!!
  6. Urra

    [MOD] Vulkan

    Have you checked the log.txt file in the game folders? I had a lot of missing textures. It gets new list every startup of the game. I reinstalled the game and first test ran smooth. There is still one texture missing even in the brand new install. But hoping to put in a dummy file for that one.
  7. Urra

    [MOD] Vulkan

    Hope this works nicely with the deferred shader coming in 3 weeks!
  8. The FTC actually states that you can't have "cats" or "pets" or stuffed animals in the background in the videos. By extension, they literally made the word "Pooh" an issue just like in China.
  9. There might be thousands of people getting fined $42k for making funny cat videos as well. Even marking your channel for kids doesn't get you off the hook for fines. My great youtube career just got cut off before it could start... So I just read portions of coppa and they will go after you if you have "fast moving subjects , computer generated graphics in the video, or bright colors in the background" because that means that you are targeting children.
  10. Ok. But heard that youtube will cut all ability to see any kind of profit from videos that are marked for younger viewers?
  11. For me it has always been when I look in the direction of other planes. Would bet my grandmother's hat on the possibility that the graphics engine is trying draw or calculate the instrument cluster needles in other planes somehow. Many years ago the devs mentioned how you can see the cockpit light turned on in an enemy plane turned on and glowing inside the canopy illuminating all the details.
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