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  1. They obviously don't read this forum for info such as this.
  2. Game freezes completely when Track IR 5 is enabled and headset is not put on head before the mission is started to load for single player and multiplayer (start button is pressed and loading begins). Even in multiplayer, if headset is put on head first time after player spawns in plane, then game freezes. Headset must be put on (second green light lit on receiver base) during menu screen for first time.
  3. To my gut feeling it seems like setting cinematic view to ON to smooth out view which uses more CPU, just covers the actual issue, and not really completely. It helps a little, but not as much as I hoped.
  4. Similar thread with some info for your reference. Still experimenting to find solution myself. It has gotten worse not better for me over the last year. Also just saw this today, for more possible solution attempts.
  5. Same issue, i just test the game after each patch to see if it improved by spawning on any server and sitting in the cockpit before even starting the plane. Once I start looking around the view, the stutters happen. It doesn't happen in single player at all, so its a net code thing it seems.
  6. Thanks. This is great. Can you say in broad stroke of the pen, how the numbers relate to the quality of setting? Some go below 1, like .5, etc. Others are 1,2,3. While others are going up to 30. Have you been able to digest these into a general pattern as it relates to quality? Just to get me started.
  7. Is there a screenshot of which slider this is exactly. Thank you.
  8. Even with the first rift, I found that limited view was not something limited my enjoyment of feeling I was inside the plane. Of course bigger is better.
  9. Oh my. RIP Kwiatek. Very sad to hear.
  10. It was not positive turn of events when mysticpuma stopped doing it. Four sentences about anything literally would be great on a monthly basis.
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