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  1. My reverb is sharper than what i see there. It has a small sweet spot, but I don't see any sweet spot in that vid.
  2. If you are setting up such a server can you post some missions with clear sky or completely overcast? As these two settings give me extra 25 fps...for some reason the individual clouds take up a lot of extra render time and you can see it in VR. (At least for me that is the case).
  3. I have mine offset to the right and down.. Also those three lights work best when vertically set next to my head. The curves are amped up to give no dead spots. Also have the smoothing turn up to max. Have found movement will be jittery if the sensitivity is set low. I have a good curve set up. That works for all my sims but I'm not sure how to export it to post it.
  4. Looking for data. If someone has opportunity to fly a map with perfectly sunny setting with absolutely no clouds or with completely overcast solid cloud cover rainy conditions in MP where stutter was seen before, could you please post here if stutters are still present with these weather conditions. Sim seems to run better with these two than with any intermediate cloud settings. Thank you.
  5. Is this with 3.201? Mine is fine. Had same issue before update, but now okay. I have not been on winter map though, where i noticed what you describe for first time last month.
  6. 256 colors, I flew in black and white on a 9" curved screen.
  7. It is so light that you could rig two of them together to give you a wider fov with some ingenuity. I'm sure there are those talented enough to try with 3d printing a bracket and some custom lenses from a laser equipment catalog....
  8. The settings in NCP do seem to do something if you set AA to 2 in game and ask it to enhance to 4. Or in my case, i set it to 4 in game and set NCP to 2. (It reduces the value, it seems)- because i get higher fps. (That is my proof in any case). I imagine this as a switch within the game that either you set to on or off, but you cannot turn it on from outside the game, but once on, you can manipulate it.
  9. Not sure what is working and why, but in IL2 i have a little higher framerate 75-90 and crisp image., while in dcs have 45 to 50 fps and smooth image as well. (Why!!what do they do different?!) For IL2, setting anisotropic filtering manually in nvidia control panel manually to x16 - man does this help!, and setting AA to 2 by telling it to improve the game settings, gives that high framerates and perfect resolution. I kept resolution of headset as close as possible to the actual hmd display resolution.
  10. Waiting for No Man's Sky to get half price discount to try out. Its dx12. On A side note, does anyone know of a good program alternative VorpX?
  11. Do you use any programs which run on vulcan and don't make the cpu a bottleneck? I will try to purchase one at least in the next few months to see if there is any impact.
  12. I made the same switch two weeks ago. No regrets!
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