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  1. If you use track ir, try setting the light acceptance level to 255 within its native menu. I had mine set to 90 and it was cutting out momentarily just like this. Try several different servers in mp. I also think it has something to do with logic in the missions depending on who made them that is causing the stutter, because i only get it 50% of the time.
  2. TunaEatsLion

    Game running so smooth now

    Hi, I still get this, but it depends which mission servers are running. Not sure why. It is much better than it was 6 months ago, but still not totally gone. Wish the devs could move all the location data to be on the server only for MP. You get this in single player also?
  3. TunaEatsLion

    Game running so smooth now

    Do you use trackir?
  4. Your idea about ss in the center only is a great idea!
  5. TunaEatsLion

    New HTC Vive Pro Eye

    Most likely same resolution....same as today but with eye tracking. Not so exciting.
  6. I can't really see a huge difference between these. Yhey are all pretty good.
  7. It seems like something to do with number 2., I dont have this headset, but I hope someone can help out. You have the tick mark for VR view set in game graphics settings menu? Also, you went through the calibration sequence in steam to set the height from the floor?
  8. TunaEatsLion

    [MOD] Draw distance increase (ships, stalingrad smoke)

    You just made my day. Today was a good day.
  9. I second the demand. Is that like an order now? Dzieki
  10. Does anyone know why I'm getting "outdated data - 198sec messages constantly, etc in my missions now??? Its only after this update....
  11. Ok, need to give a small post correction. After trying several options to smooth out gameplay on my 4k more, I came back to setting vsync on in game menu in windowed mode because it won't kick on any other way for me, and set it to "on" in nvidia menu. I also turned off general AA, except for leaving fmaa and fxaa. Is quite smooth now.
  12. Try going into nvidia settings menu, and set transparency AA to "Off", also the general AA should be no higher then 2 not 4. Turn off Full Screen(causes stutter in 4k due to windows in general) and one pull down has option to turn on "max performance" not "balanced". ALSO, DONT DO VSYNC THROUGH THE GAME MENU, only the nvidia setting menu. Get rid of the SSAO also. Sli works for this game but you should not need it for this game, your card should be sufficient. Shadow on medium is what i have always, there is little difference in reality to me visually.
  13. Does anyone know, Is there a way to extend the visible tree line out a little bit further thru mods for this update?