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  1. That worked for me. Thanks Jim! And, of course, thanks Haashashin for this great job!
  2. Here you have the reference of the Velikie Luki map airfields: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3emIgfIMJ_maG15YzI1T0FkckU/view?usp=sharing Enjoy! PS: I don't really know how to edit the first post, but it would be great to have the two links in there...
  3. Thanks to everybody! By the way, some of you may also be interested in this contribution by 22GCT_RedBaron : http://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/16567-small-patch-wonderful-tool-created-nobbynoobs-ruler/?p=263146
  4. Nicely done RedBaron! IMO, this should be the way the map is shown in the game itself. I even wrote a suggestion to the developpers some time ago to have the airfields shown in the map as you did. I think the in-game map has enough "resolution" to do it, as you can even see smaller structures in it when you fully zoom in.
  5. Thank you guys! Enjoy it! Yes Jacko, it is a spanish squadron
  6. Thank you guys! Happy to hear somebody will use it!
  7. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3emIgfIMJ_mY2E5WkZrNmhjemc/view?usp=sharing Here is a document of my squadron were you can find all the information I have been able to collect from every single airfield in Stalingrad winter map. It includes a situational map and the layout of the parking areas and taxi ways of each airfield, together with three different indexes: alphabetical, quadrant number, and map based. Some numbers, links or figures may be incorrect, so feel free to communicate any bug you find.
  8. Same here. Also chapter 4. Points did not add to the profile neither to the chapter advance, Never had this issue in previous updates.
  9. Type of improvement: interface (?) Explanation of proposals: showing runways, taxi ways and airfield structures in map Benefits: taxi will not be a chaotic find-the-runway gymkhana, but the pilot could use structures and taxi ways to get oriented with this map information. I believe that the degree of detail when zooming in the map is high enough to include this information. When zoomed out, the airfield icon may appear on top, to facilitate airfields detection in large scale.
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