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  1. A skin of a tank used by FEB (Smoking snake on the hull is not historical acurate) Link: https://mega.nz/file/STwwBAqK#lCHxc1kFuV6pSjTBF-QLudV_PZXuNxjhcsdapE6aPxA Credit for Maillon21 for making this skin Just reposting Player_28404
  2. Yes it is. Thank you for your wonderful skin
  3. Oh yes, thats just beautiful And note: i don't want it to be a .zip file, just a normal dds. can you make like that?
  4. Hello, let's get to the point: I would like a Brazilian sherman skin Use this symbol, and add in the following places Please contact me if interested in doing it. And if so, please contact me whend finished (and don't make it a .zip file please) Thank You Player_28404
  5. -DED-Rapidus, here is one https://www.mediafire.com/view/ej0ikykhdof388d/P47D28_FAB_OLIVE_DRAB_B5.dds/file
  6. As I said, its fictional. I don't know much about the areas including the battle, but since there are forests and small cities, some characteristics of the battle
  7. The link or a photo? also, this happens with the custom cockpit photo as well
  8. Sooooooo, after an update, (this happened before, but i forgot how to solve it) all the custom skins I had working perfectly now are not to be seen I select the *cutsom to see them, but they dont apear. Solution here Copy the "Planes" file for the photos, and "skins" for the skins Paste them in a USB drive or in a file outside the IL2 files. Uninstall and reinstall the game, then select everything inside the "Planes" file (dont copy the planes file, just its content) and paste into the "Planes" file, which is the default that comes with the game. Do the same with the skins. I've f
  9. Hello Skinners I have a skin request for you A FAB (Força Aérea Brasileira) skin for the p-40 and the p47. I want the p40 to have a defaut FAB skin and this nose art(fictional) : (don make it a .zip file, 'cuz I don't have zip) The p47 should have also a defaut skin with this other fictional nose art:: When finished, poste here Cheers Player_28404
  10. I know, i just wanted to know how to get it back. Thanks I have problmems dowloading .zip files. Is there any other way to dowload it?
  11. Soooooo, I added a IL-2 Plane Viewer Shortcut to my desktop, and removed the one in the files. It didn't work, so i deleted the desktop shortcut, and now it dosen't appear in my files. what i do?
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