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  1. There are some servers that are far more rewarding for that kind of mission profile. For example, Finnish lends itself well to it. There is the action-packed frontline, but the rear objectives require some planning and often indirect routes & long flights if you want to get through the fighter cover. Sometimes you get there and there is no fighter cover, sometimes there is. It makes the egress fun also, as they will come for you after being warned that the objective is under attack, but being relatively far from the bases and the front you can often get away. And the dynamic maps gives a s
  2. Unless I am mistaking, if you select to start your career as the commander of your squadron, it’ll give you the choice to assign missions to whoever you want, so you can place yourself in any mission that you want. Ian
  3. Hi everyone, Not a major technical issue here, but I just upgraded my system to a Ryzen 7 3700x and a 5700XT. I get great results with pretty much everything maxed out, but I still get the feeling that I get more jagged contours than some screens that I’m seeing. Even with 8x MSAA. Would any of you AMD users post your settings to help me out? thanks! Ian
  4. First, just want to add that the new patch visibility improvements seem great. Yesterday our unit flew in our first large event since the patch and most seemed quite pleased. Custard: I don't know how it fits your timezone, but you could also consider Sketch's Friday Night Flights (CombatBox). The past few weeks it's been regularly 50-60 players organized in two groups, with briefing, objectives etc. Everyone is on SRS, coordinating comms between bomber/attack packages and the escorts. It's great fun and seems to be what you are looking for. Your group would be welcomed on any side
  5. I feel late to the party. I was away for the weekend and just saw this late yesterday! It’s difficult at this time to add something that has not been said in the previous pages of the thread. I’ll start by stating the obvious and cast my ‘vote’ in the realism camp, but without the inconveniences of the boring portions (starting engine with E key, etc). Also, for my personal experience and setup, the issue lies not in long range spotting, but in short to mid-range (disappearing contacts, unable to tally after quick checking of six, etc). But like many, I think that the sub
  6. Avimimus, Good questions. Here is my take on it: Is it harder than in real life? I’m not a pilot in real life, but I did fly a lot on commercial flights for work before Covid. Granted, the view out of the small window is not the best, but I always found that spotting ground vehicles and tracking them well was difficult until we were relatively low and often found myself reflecting that it must be hard for ground attack pilots as we were approaching for the landing. So I don’t think that it’s harder in the game. As for the aircraft elements blocking line of sight,
  7. Bruce, I reported the same black outline as you but I noticed that few people do. One thing that I noticed is that both of us are not using the latest driver. I believe 20.4.2 is available, so I will try to update that tonight and report back if it helps. Ian
  8. 1. Your videocard model. RX-460 4GB 2. Your driver version. 20.2.2 (yes just noticed that i should update!) 3. Have you artefacts like on attached screenshots or not (answer "No, I haven't these glitches" - is very important to know too!). Yes, mostly these two: black flickering/squares appearing on ground and when flying very low & black jagged line around aircraft contour when viewing from cockpit. 4. Does FXAA to MSAA swithcing solving this issue for you completely? Better with MSAA, but not solved completely. 5. Does driver settings reset to Fact
  9. I have Kuban as well, it was my original purchase a few weeks back. Moscow and Bodenplatte were the additions this weekend. so for those interested I decided to try the Il-2 scripted campaign as suggested by Fernando. This eases me in to managing the radiators, rpm and mixture (vs the 109 that I did my first career with). Following this campaign I will move on to one of the larger airplane based on all the comments here. I did a few practice runs in quick mission and then started the campaign. I’m on mission 3 now. Not doing too bad by need to improve bombing accuracy. I’m
  10. Hey thanks everyone for all your input. Much appreciated! I may also reconsider to fly more online. Seems like a very welcoming community. Beazil I’ll check out your site. Thanks again. Ian
  11. Hi everyone. First post here. Long time flight simmer (mostly modern -DCS- and civilian -FSX way back-) but new to IL2:GB. Just got the game a couple of weeks back, getting to know these WW2 planes. So far it's been extremely enjoyable and this seems like a very lively community. Initially started with Kuban, BF-109 career to get take advantage of the more automatic engine management features of the german planes so that I didn't have to learn everything at the same time. I got killed after 11 missions. Very fun as I said, liked the Ironman mode, makes you take more realistic decis
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