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  1. Thanks for your hints guys! Unfortunately it didn't work for me: I had a career I couldn't load any more (had to terminate il2.exe when trying to load this specific career), but my pilot was still alive (state=0). "CurrentDate" of my pilot's career is 1944.10.16 while this pilot's "stateDate" is 1944.10.15. When setting both values to 1944.10.14 I am able to load the career and after proceeeding from 1944.10.14 to 1944.10.15 two new missions (in addition to the ones I had already flewn on 1944.10.15) have been created automatically - one in the morning and one in the afternoon. I flew both missions but when proceeding to the next day (1944.10.16) I got warped to Dec 16 (Battle of the Bulge while my squadron was moved to another airfield) and from then on I have not been able to proceed to next day with an error message/pop up window "error proceeding to next day". Also sometimes I had issues unpausing the mission at start as the "P" key has not been recognized properly. "Esc" worked fine in IL2 but my PC had somehow frozen (I couldn't switch to any other application and/or window), so I hat to reboot using Task Manager.
  2. Thanks No.322. Basically I was able to 'resurrect' the career but got some strange behaviour proceeding further.
  3. Many thanks but unfortunately this workaround didn't work well for me. My pilot's Bodenplatte career got corrupted Oct 16. After I had patched the date to Oct 17, I was able to proceed to Oct 17 and then (via "next day") had been warped to Dec 18 (Battle of the Bulge timeframe) to a different location with different planes (Bf 109 K). Also the following 3-4 days my pilot hadn't been asigned to any mission. I was able to reproduce this behaviour.
  4. One of my pilot's career got corrupted. I am not able to load this specific career, the spinning wheel / hourglass rotates forever and I need to end Il-2.exe via taskmanager. I've spent a lot of missions and time fostering this career, so is there a way to rectify the corrupted database? I already had such issues in the past, at this time the only way forward had been to delete the respective career. I am also thinking about making regular backups. Would it be sufficient to backup all files underneath <Driveletter>:\IL-2 Sturmovik Great Battles\data\Career ? Many thanks!
  5. Hi all, I was wondering if e.g. any destroyed buildings will still stay destroyed in upcoming missions or not....? So for example in case I would come across an airfield again where I had destroyed some AA units before - do I have to deal with less AA units or not?
  6. [solved: I deleted and remapped all zoom in/out joystick mappings] Hi all, when firing at a target at close range the view automatically zooms in. This does not happen when firing while no target is near or not close enough, neither at level flight nor while pulling the stick. This now occurs in both Battle of Moscow and Stalingrad campaigns and I didn't have this behaviour before. I didn't find a setting related to this behaviour in the options menu. Also I disabled all zoom commands mapped to my joystick (TM Warthog). I am using TrackIR 5 Can anyone help?
  7. Type of improvement: Gameplay / time acceleration/fast forward (4x and 8x) requested in missions Explanation of proposals: Time acceleration in missions (campaign mode) currently is limited to 2x. Therefore flying to mission/action points and back takes way too long which makes this wonderful flight sim sometimes boring - I don't think that the simulation aspect would be spoiled if fast forward would be enabled. I would rather like to be able to concentrate on the available activities/ fun stuff (start, dogfight and land...) instead of waiting minutes to get to the action... Many other people seem to support that request - please see: http://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/17052-time-compressionacceleration-4x-and-8x-instead-only-2x-reque/?view=findpost&p=269909&hl=%2Bacceleration Benefits: Missions in campaign mode would be shorter and less boring.
  8. Hi all, when level bombin in a He-111 using the bombsight interface I almost never hit the target. Despite having set all parameters and dials properly, the crosshair over the target still moves a bit on the ground. Also the two contrentrical circles indicating the bomb's impact point is never over the target when the bombs are being released in automatic mode. I guess the reason is that the dials cannot be fine-tuned enough to fully compensate the wind drift. Hitting the target precisely is especially important if you have small bombs with a small impact area only. It would be great to get an "automatic finetuning" ability (by pressing a button) that could be acitvated only e.g. when all dials are set within a certain threshold of the target parameters. Any comments?
  9. Brief description: Bombing mission: targets hit, but mission is not recorded to be successful. Detailed description, conditions: I just got Version 1.101 installed. During a He-111 bombing mission (objective was an enemy airfield) I have definitely destroyed some targets (runway and aircraft shelters) - even the log messages bottom left told me that "aircraft shelters destroyed by..." but the mission has not been successful (message on top of the screen said "Bombs miss..."). I have just started He-111 bombing missions so I can't tell whether this issue has been existing before. Btw: Some graphical hints in-game about where the bombing target is located (in addition to the icon on the map) would be helpful. Additional assets (videos, screenshots, logs): Your PC config data (OS, drivers, specific software):
  10. Hi all, I would prefer to get more possibilities regarding time compression. I would prefer to fly full missions including start and landing which just takes too much time because time compression 2x is available only. Transfer to action points and back to the airport is just boring, esp. when flying slow planes like the Ju 87...
  11. Hi all, while in the game, there are sometimes many in-game icons shown top right of the screen like auto-level etc. I couldn't find any detailed information anywhere (e.g. in the manual which is still in draft) - is there a list or description of all these icons availabe? Thank you
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