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  1. Thanks, I was about to Bin the thought!!!! How freaking hard could it of been to add the install instructions to the download page. I'm totally used to Steam auto updating, I've never had to go through those steps before, that I recall.
  2. I'm still around and still have the old girl installed and running from time to time, usually after I've gotten aggravated with this or DCS LOL A bunch of names I still have access too, I made a Private group on FB a few years ago of the old emails that I had collected, from Moderating the UBI Zoo, and I gleaned out the well behaved Pilots/Forum members and invited them to it. There are plenty more than I had collected, and some of the guys added them to it. If your not there yet, then you must of been a PIA LOL Or just terribly shy 😜
  3. I sent a download link to you in your PM, since they are individually more than 5MB I tried to view them with notepad no luck, what opens them?
  4. I guess I had it enabled already by looking at the dates of these. Do you want them in a zip here?
  5. I went to try again last night after finding out about the EnableErrorReporting file, but after the update it is behaving at the moment. It is Microsoft FFB, X-45, X-52, CH pedals, it did it too every one of them. If it comes back I'll activate the EnableErrorReporting . Thanks for the reply.
  6. Your not alone I posted it last night too. Feel free to bump mine back up to the top too with a reply.
  7. I noticed I had some trim axis needing inverted today after the update. No idea why, but once I tried to fix it I ended up wrestling it. If in game flying or parked, exit to adjust axis inputs click on them and 8 or of 10 times the game crashes to desktop. Sometimes it doesn't crash, but once back in the cockpit I have lost stick controls, until I reboot the game. It doesn't help to go to the main menu settings either, it will do it there also. It will even crash when adjusting the dead zones before clicking Accept. Here is a vid of it.
  8. T_O_A_D

    [MOD] Icons

    Thanks for these! I am using the above mentioned mod with the Small Triangle. I wish we could set it like we did in the original IL2 So the Server forced it for all. I use to host @2000k plane type, then Friendly Pilot name @500k trying to simulate RL recognition
  9. T_O_A_D

    The Sun

    Thanks I actually installed both in JSGME but left out the text files, and it appears to work, with the latest version. I was also wondering about the flare too, and am going to try it today also.
  10. I am using the above mentioned mod with the Small Triangle. I wish we could set it like we did in the original IL2 So the Server forced it for all. I use to host @2000k plane type, then Friendly Pilot name @500k trying to simulate RL recognision
  11. T_O_A_D

    The Sun

    Thanks for this 😎 What are the two text files for? 20d115971f21fa74-ps c730591aefe3b6c9-vs
  12. Howdy Kalo The old forum is still around, about once or twice a year someone will post, Sabath keeps it alive. http://www.flytusa.com/smfmain/community/ We lost Gypsy last fall, from his Lung disease, him and I stayed in touch the whole time. I even got him back to flying with the Dangerdogz.com his last three years on the rock, He thoroughly enjoyed himself and made a lasting impression. We lost Monguse a little over a year ago, suddenly no warning, we also stayed in constant contact. Both sorely missed by me. I see Thrud, Eco, Gozr, online presence
  13. So if you loose internet connection, it unpacks the files downloaded, then says it failed to update. Almost five hours into it and five Gigs downloaded, all LOST??? My ISP has us Capped at 50 Gig a Month. Tried to download again, it looks like I have to start all over again. Why can't this be setup as a torrent, or something that can resume if connection is lost?
  14. Hey thanks! I Used to have a bunch of these I built for the original for my Squad I ran back then. Gave out ribbons etc. I wanted everyone to be able to take off and land first and foremost. all the stuff in the middle was the gravy and the icing of the cake came once home alive.
  15. I'd like to see if we can get a switch to turn off the the menu, while our last aircraft is displayed and rotating in the hangar. It mesmerizing, and it can only be better if we could view it full screen and clean. Possibly incorporate this view into the aircraft viewer even?
  16. Thanks for asking the question, I had the same issue, it appears to be downloading now.
  17. Back again trying to play tonight, the first time in months. Same issue. 😞
  18. Yes every time I upgrade a Motherboard I do a complete reinstall of the software onto the HD, this has been happening on an old spinner HD and now my SolidState one.
  19. When we get these coupons I have a hard time telling what I own. I wish the game just had a list or something like DCS that enabled a quick look at an icon or something. Quick mission screen could just put a X or something in front of the profile
  20. Thanks Shamrock, Normal upgrades through the years, This last upgrade was a Mobo, Ram, CPU, But like I said it has happened with at least three upgrades, and a number of reinstall of the game. Only thing I could possibly point at is I still use Win7 for gaming and this new CPU is not allowing Normal Microsoft updates anymore. But the older equipment did. So I personally think that is not the problem. I have a duel boot to WIN10 I could reinstall the game to be seen in that atmosphere and try it. As for a the game being a resource hog, this error only happens in the menu or when
  21. No I haven't, I'll look that up and retrain myself on how to access and look at that. Been a long time practically forgot about that feature. Thanks I happened twice tonight. Faulting application name: Il-2.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x5ae1ca1a Faulting module name: pid.dll, version: 6.1.7600.16385, time stamp: 0x4a5be03a Exception code: 0xc0000005 Fault offset: 0x0000000000002d52 Faulting process id: 0x2078 Faulting application start time: 0x01d3df6672980521 Faulting application path: G:\IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad\IL-2 Sturmovik Battle
  22. This has plagued me through 3 mobo's two GPU's and two HD's. Is there any reason to why this is still an issue? And is there a way to check and verify the game files if its is not a Steam Version?
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