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  1. I have flown couple of times in Syndicate server but it is not possible anymore. Last time I flew there the mission eventually ended and it said that I'm banned. I couldn't join the server anymore. I googled this and I found that it's common bug and it should fix itself by restarting the game. But no..when I click to join server, it loads the mission and when it's time to get map and briefing screen, it throws me back to a serverlist without any error or anykind of message. I really enjoyed this server and I would love to fly there again. Can anyone help with this issue please?
  2. Yup, you are completely right! I did upgrade to Intel..NEVER amd processor again. Arma, IL-2 and DCS runs butter smooth now with highest settings. My current setup: Mobo: z97-c CPU: i7 4790K + Mugen4 cooler GPU: MSI GTX 770 Gaming Soundcard: Asus Xonar Essence ST + Beyerdynamic DT880 Pro 250ohm RAM: 16Gb DDR3@1600MHz SSD: 240Gb Kingston Fury HDD: 1Tb can't remember what PSU: 600W CoolerMaster Logitech 3D Pro joystick, G510 keyboard and G400s mouse. I play at 1080p and get 90FPS on ultra, I had to enable Vsync because of screen tearing.
  3. Thanks a lot for tips! So I went and changed maximum performance mode, I'll see if that helps when I'm in game next time! I have already tried every basic thing, like disabling Vsync (I think Vsync helps smoothing the gameplay) and fooling around with AA settings. Haven't used any AA, because sweetFX wont work with it enabled. SweetFX doesn't affect, it makes my game look better without any FPS loss. I think I got 10 or more extra FPS by overclocking my CPU from 3.4 to 3.8GHz. I heard that AMD processors have poor 1 core performance, so does BoS support multicore CPU's or just one core? So it's the processor that does the most job in this game? At least it feels so.. Some maps at some days give me 60fps whole game, and another day just 20. High above the clouds in every map 54-60fps constant. But at low alt its unplayable in multiplayer. I updated my graphicscard just to get BoS running well and it didn't end with good results. At least I'm happy to play other games with full graphics. I'll continue testing and update the results.
  4. Hi guys! I have very bad FPS problems in IL-2 BoS. My setup is AMD Phenom 2 955 Be 3.8GHz, MSI GTX 770 and 6Gb of ram. I play with 1920X1080 resolution, Vsync enabled and low settings. I use sweetFX. Problem is, that in takeoff I get 20-30FPS and in fight mostly 20FPS. It's very low and I don't get how people can get 60FPS in multiplayer. I get good FPS in singleplayer but its almost impossible to play multiplayer. One day I got 60FPS whole game and scored 20 kills and died 4 times in normal EU server. FPS affects a lot to my gameplay. With this setup I think it would be fair to get 60FPS. I can run BF3 with all settings full (EXcetp motionblur) at 120FPS. Also WT runs at 150FPS without Vsync enabled. This is only game that im suffering with FPS and dont know what to do. Is that graphics engine really this bad? Im very dissapointed. Im hoping that BoS is getting optimised over the time its going to be released.
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