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  1. This happens often in career mode to the player as well as can be seen from this screen shot. Here I am being hounded by ALL of the enemy AI while my wingmen are free to destroy the ground targets unhindered. All 8 enemy AI tried to followed me back to base but ironically, many crashed , either into the ground or into each other in their (apparent) obsession to shoot me down. . This is disappointing behaviour as it makes attempting to get through a career alive nearly impossible.
  2. I second this. I play a lot of single player and I sometimes have doubts that the AI is equally affected by such things as the AI seems to "get away" with some insane manoeuvres that I am trying to following and struggling because of grey out and the loss of SA associated with it. I hope that the Devs will review the limitations/capabilities of the AI to "fight" while under the effects of G to ensure they are equally hampered for both grey and red out and of course the uncertainty of blackout that we "arm chair" pilots suffer, after all , we cant "feel" it either and are heavily dependant on
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