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  1. I have no issues with the P-40 or the Spitfires, in fact love them (Would have loved the Hurricane as well, had the career not been a measly 12 days in Stalingrad). Yaks and Laggs on the other hand... Feel like damp cloths in comparison.
  2. For the couple of people who believe this idea would fly, I just want to tell you both good luck. We're all counting on you.
  3. That movie has already been done.
  4. Really looking forward to this! Thanks team!
  5. As much as I'd love to see Italy 43/44, I'm not sure the game's engine will be able to handle the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1bsmv6PyKs0
  6. This will be essential for any Mosquito pathfinding missions.
  7. Brief description: FW190 firing forward guns when on 6 Detailed description, conditions: Just had this in the Bodenplatte career. I was tailing an FW190 close to its home base but before the nav lights turned on, and when I got within gun range, it began firing its forward (only) armament, as if it was a rear gunner trying to repel my attack. Additional assets (videos, screenshots, logs): Mission file only, I'm afraid. _gen.zip
  8. Brief description: Sudden time compression at end of flight. Detailed description, conditions: Flying Stalingrad career in a P-40. RTB after accomplished ground attack. Just as I passed the final waypoint over my base (downwind leg) the game sped up into 2 or 4x time compression without any input from me, forcing a very hasty (but luckily sucessful) landing, upon which the time compression returned to normal. First time I've seen this. Mission file attached. No track, as I was a bit busy... Your PC config data (OS, drivers, specific software)
  9. I have to say that the new AI tweaks are headed in the right direction. Enemy aircraft are now extending and positioning for a better advantage or disengaging and returning to base if they've received damage. That said, friendly AI are much more aggressive and shoulder shoot relentlessly. The most of my damage sustained today was from friendly AI aircraft (And once AA, even though there was no EA in the area). Three things of note since this update: The AI seems to be able to pull a lot more Gs and for longer than I can as a player (Having warmed up, and riding the grey-out envelop
  10. I get A-20 night time missions in the Kuban campaign once in a while. I always enjoy them.
  11. According to the latest Dev Diary, AI improvements are on the way. What they are is still unannounced.
  12. I've noticed the same. The AA will hit you if you're flying straight (whether diving, level, or climbing), but as long as you're banking at the same time, the rounds will pass behind you. I like a series of horizontal curves approaching an AA covered target, then a curving dive, straightening out just before bomb release, and then a curving climb away. It's the only way I survive in the U-2.
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