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  1. I've loved what I've experienced so far with TC, but we're missing a SP campaign engine, and we're limited to the scripted campaign (Aside from Tigre's amazing work) which doesn't include half of the tanks now available unless we play MP. This need to be quickly addressed if you want sales of TC to take off. That and infantry, but one step at a time...
  2. Flew a mission in SP campaign today and after being bounced by a superior number of enemy fighters decided to investigate a little further. On replaying the mission, using the external enemy view with bomb assist activated, I could clearly see that the the enemy flight was tracking my flight from 60+km away. If I turned the flight around, the enemy flight adjusted to intercept. No matter what I did, the enemy flight homed in on my flight. I'm all for action in SP, but this is arcade level crap. The enemy flights should have their waypoints, just like us, and not be homing in on our flight (Behind friendly lines!).
  3. They don't even have to leave a hole. The Bomb decal, as discussed in another thread, could simply have a hit box like an object, stopping planes, trains and automobiles alike.
  4. And somehow, I've yet to see rain in my almost finished Kuban career...
  5. Alright, what if we all chip in so we can buy the Spit so the Devs have a working model that they can then digitally model to sell back to us as a premium purchase? Win win!
  6. Let me check my bank account! F**k...
  7. Of all the bugs I've seen in this game, this one takes the cake.
  8. I'm curious that we have Soviet armament upgrades for the Hurricane, but not the P40. Did the Soviets never add ShVaks to the P40?
  9. That is odd. If I had to download 20GB with every update, I'd never play this game. The first time I installed it took over 10 hours of downloading (back when it was 25-30GB approx.).
  10. Alright, I had some time to try out the Hurricane in QM today and came to the conclusion that in the Moscow theatre, the Hurricane would be a downgrade from the P-40. Out of interest to see how the Hurricane fairs with the Russian armament, I started a new Stalingrad career, and I have to say, with this loadout, it feels more like a lateral move. You sacrifice speed and ammo loadout for manoeuverability and cannons. 4 missions in, and already double ace and lots of heavy ornaments hanging from the uniform. The steadiness of the platform makes deflection shots so easy! And let's not mention landing, even when heavily damaged (Ju-87 rear gunners, still...). Thanks for all the advice! The choice is clear. P-40 until Stalingrad, then we'll see.
  11. I doubt Cleese would fit into most of the cockpits! Besides that, I'd rather have Cleese than some other British comedians (cough, cough, Rowan Atkinson, cough, cough).
  12. Good advice, but sometimes the truly unexpected happens (I'm looking at you friendly A.I...).
  13. Just to clarify, updates are typically 1.5 to 2 Gb, not 15-20.
  14. Yeah, normal. They've increased steadily since I bought the game earlier this year, with each new update. Slow for modern hardware, perhaps, but it's all a matter of perception. I grew up on Apple 2, C64, and Atari ST and as far as I'm concerned, with what you get in this game, I'd say the wait is worth it.
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