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  1. Some initial impressions from someone with a mid-level MSI Ventus 2080 Ti & a i9 9900K. These comments may be somewhat applicable to people considering the 3070 Frame rates referred to are those available in IL2 via the Back Space option. Tests were conducted in heavily wooded hilly terrain in Kuban map and over built up area's in ground attack roles Running FXAA x2 (will try x4 at some stage) with most settings on medium. Steam setting at 48% Graphics Low Setting: No problem with running 90 Hz but in cockpit & terrain graphics are seriously degraded. setting not recommended. Balanced setting: No problem with running 90 Hz, great cockpit graphics and good ground scenery but re-draw range is quite obvious and somewhat intrusive @500 metres + flying altitude. Flying low and fast overcomes the redraw issue i.e. 100 - 200 m @ 400+ km/h. Rendered objects are stable. High Setting: Still getting 85 - 90 Hz but rendered objects (when looking out left or right i.e. not straight ahead) can be blurry and trees get some kind of weird rotation effect Ultra setting: Have not bothered to test this I have settled on using Balanced Setting as I am finding it the most immersive option. I find it easier to identify ground targets with the G2, when using the Rift S had to use the zoom options. Maintaining a 90 Hz frame rate is a key requirement for me. Will do some fine tuning in the future and need to look at the motion smoothing option. I have noted that the left hand side upper portion of the G2 can get rather warm and I do have some concerns about the amount of heat it generates as our Aussie summer commences.
  2. The G2 hand pieces are not used for IL2. Glad to hear you are making some progress. For the Joystick, Start IL2, go into Settings -> Input -> Devices. Confirm that Joystick is ticked as the default device (not the Mouse).
  3. Damn! I knew I would find a use for the WWII aircraft hangar that they have just demolished behind my back fence. Oh well, I did enjoy looking at the photo's though. Makes you realise how much work is involved in keeping older classics airworthy. Thanks for posting the link.
  4. Looks like I told an un-intentional whopper (I am sure I am not related to Donald) about a Jan 21 delivery. Got my shipping advice today much to my, pleasant, surprise. The supplier must have received extra stock Whoo Hoo! P.S. Thanks to Floppy_Sock for posting 2080ti settings
  5. My original delivery date was mid November but has progressively blown out to late January 2021 for Australian delivery so No you are not alone I had ordered on the first day/ couple of hours that pre-orders were available, in Australia (there was an accidental listing prior to that at an inflated price).
  6. Hi Bernard, You should actually be able to do this with a 2080Ti. I typically/ generally achieve my screen max refresh rate of 144 Hz when flying COD, at that res, with high graphics settings. Will admit, does drop a bit when flying low over London though. Fly IL2 in VR, with a Rift S, so cannot make a direct comparision of your scenario. I expect to come un-stuck, in the performance stakes, when my Reverb G2 finally arrives.
  7. Hi Messucher Depending on what stick you want ( and where you are located ) some VKB sticks are in stock in VKB Europe store. https://flightsimcontrols.com/product/gunfighter-mk-iii/
  8. Have you looked at the DelanClip Wireless IR Tracker? https://delanengineering.com/products/head-tracking-delanclip-fusion/ I use one for COD and it works fine. I also purchased a modified PS3 Camera, from DelanClip, to use with it. Well worth a look in my opinion.
  9. Several reviews on-line that have been linked in this forum. As far as I am aware they will not be available to order until late tonight and only in very restricted numbers. I have a 2080 Ti GPU and combined with a power supply that is not recommended for the 3080 at only 650 watts find it too expensive to justify a less than 25% performance advantage only at 4K. Not sure how my case would manage the extra heat as well. I am, personally, a bit underwhelmed by the 3080 but for someone with a lower spec Nvidia or AMD GPU may have good justification for an upgrade. If you are not intending to run 4K or high res VR the RTX 3080 does not seem to offer much over the 2080 Ti Obviously, I am going to have to make some significant "eye candy" compromises when my HP G2 VR headset finally/ eventually arrives.
  10. For Australians interested in the HP Reverb G2 HP Australia is running a promotional price for orders placed before September 30 of $899 AUD. Price after 30 Sept, for Australia, is supposed to be $1099 AUD but I wonder if the latest release(s) by Occulus/ now Farcebook will force them to lower that price. 😎 Link https://view.hpnews.hp.com/?qs=9cf56aa1f514e1531fe2450e0ad524ec28bc49210b8ca75497159b2834fafe57ea47cc5f42985e0a875d5b4938f3c3e3099a6a7de508ec484b87843461f14602dad07f424347c021ceb25086e622d5e1
  11. Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 does not currently support VR so do not expect an answer for some time. Supposed to be rolling out VR support for the, as yet unavailable, HP G2 at some stage this year. WW1 aircraft?, no idea but would take a big/ huge guess that is unlikely.
  12. Hmmm..... The review posted in this forum (By CDRSEEBEE) suggested that the 3080 would be about 1.8 times the performance of a standard 2080 GPU depending on the game. The 2080 comparision card results was not for a Super or a Ti card, so nope not twice as powerful as either of them (but still an improvement). Will have to wait for some proper test results to find out how much better the 3080 is. My Power supply fails the recommended 750 watt rating, damn!
  13. I have the Rift S and while I agree with VR spotting comments I find the overall detail and experience to be very impressive as I can run high - ultra detail at Rift S max 80 Hz setting. I am flying COD Tobruk as well as IL2 so still end up using a monitor for COD. Much to my surprise i found that wearing my normal prescription glasses does make for an improved viewing experience in VR with the Rift S. Have no fitment issues wearing them, when using the Rift S, have no idea if glasses can be worn comfortably with a Valve Index. At least on the plus side, with the Index not available in Australia, the OP should have no trouble selling them for a good price (but I would be tempted to do it before the HP G2 becomes widely available) if VR is a personal no go.
  14. Looks like I will not be blowing money on a new Nvidia GPU in the near future. Speculation is that the 3080 and 3090 are going to be real power hogs and that users will need to upgrade power supplies as well. Having a IDX case means that is not an option for me. This is on top of new Intel CPU's being quite power hungry. Wondered why the new Dell Alienware desktop PC's came with a 1000 Watt PSU.......................
  15. Another vote for I Fought You From the Skies - Willi Heilmann I read this book going on 50 years ago and still remember the title and pilots name. It is not a big book but if you have an interest in 1944 - 45 and FW 190's it is a great read for when things were for falling apart for the Luftwaffe. If you are into Bombers i.e. Halifax/Lancaster/Wellington No Moon Tonight by Don Charlwood Many decades ago I also read a book on Erich Hartmann that gave good insights into the air battle on the Russian front, and the joys (sarcasm intended) of Russian Hospitality as a post war prisoner but alas cannot remember the title . May have been The Blond Knight of Germany but this is just a guess. Do still remember his approach for knocking over Sturmoviks which I hope to eventually employ in IL2.
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