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  1. Never bothered to do the math on max acceleration etc. I guess you could say "I just went by the seat of my pants" I am space constrained in my options for a motion platform so the NLR motion platform (MP) is a good solution for my situation. 2 more points after some more use: 1. When not using the safety belt I found that my upper body would move to compensate for the seats motion thus deadening the experience. I am an ex dinghy sailor so I will blame that for my motion compensation habit 😁. 2. One of the many flaws in my flying technique was "jerking the joy
  2. Re: Crisp G2 What AA settings are you running with IL2 and the G2? If i want sharp, i have to run MSAA x2 at 100% Steam VR. It is................................ glorious Obviously have to compromise on other IL2 settings if I want to maintain good frame rates when using MSAA. In my case, cloud detail to low and shadow to medium settings. If i do not have MSAA x2 set I see significant shimmering, especially in distant cities/towns.
  3. This is the solution I went for to get a centre mounted joystick with my NLR GT Track Seat. Just used the supplied mouse tray support bracket and flipped 90 degrees and mounted it to the chair's support cross beam, utilising the two holes that were already in the cross beam. Did have to drill two holes in the mouse tray support bracket. Joystick now moves with the chair and my problem with aiming has been resolved. Not particularly happy with the cable management but need a longer cable from the joystick to the interface box before I can improve the cabling. This is mo
  4. That would be a "second hand" licence key that would have belonged to someone else's computer. Have heard mixed results with buying second hand keys so there may be a degree of risk associated with that approach.
  5. Microsoft allowed me to transfer my Windows 10 operating system, from an old laptop, across to my new build at no additional cost. You will need either a existing licence key or to have the licence on the old PC registered on your Microsoft account. The old laptop that I transferred it from ran Windows 7 pro so before I did the transfer I upgraded it to Windows 10. There are articles on the internet about transferring Windows O/S to new computer builds. The old "donor" computer should no longer be used after it's Windows licence has been transferred. I down
  6. Excuuse Me! The crest spelling is coorect. It is a littel known fact dat that 130 SQN was a privately sponsored squadron by Duke Stong of Lower Stongwick. "Stong to Serve" has been the family motto ever since there have been Stongs! 😎
  7. Well I finally have my Next Level Racing Motion (NLR) Platform operational and it certainly adds to the realism. Returning from a ground attack mission with rather accurate Anti Aircraft fire from numerous sources forced me to take a lot of evasive action and I now feel like I have been on quite a rollercoaster ride when using it with VR. This platform can really throw you around and I recommend using the supplied safety belt! On a previous mission I took a direct hit that knocked me right out of the sky and the motion platform added substantially to the effect of that Oh Sh*t! mo
  8. For checking your six - Really useful for putting your Chiropractor (or Physio) out of business. Re canopy loss mid flight - Been there done that!, gets quite noisy! Welcome to VR land!!
  9. Yes!, ................................... Several posters on this forum support VR and think it is great! ....................... and would love for TF to be able to add CLOD VR in the future. In reality, they have to address other issues before working seriously on VR according to information supplied by another poster i.e. CLOD uses 2D clouds. No doubt other unexpected surprises await TF in their quest for the VR Grail. This may take quite awhile. In the mean time you will just have to manage with IL2 for your VR fix.
  10. I have the FW190 "Old" mounted to my chair and for me, personally, the size is no concern but yes it has a large footprint for a desktop scenario. Think you will find any throttle unit located at desk height is going to be very poor ergonomically as it will be too high. The MvdM looks like a nice unit but has too many buttons of the same type and in rows for someone using a VR headset For me, would be difficult to know which switch to use in the bottom two rows as you cannot read the labels with a VR headset fitted. You may not be intending to use VR so that ma
  11. Would recommend having a look at the "FW190 New" throttle. Huge number of buttons, rotary switches, levers etc. The throttle lever is very ergonomic. I purchased the old version of it from another forum member, second hand, and apart from one small regret have been very pleased/ thrilled with it. What is the small regret? .............................. Vitaly makes some wonderful throttle assemblies that also look fantastic. Alas the FW190 "Old" version is just so good I just have not been able to justify buying another of his marvellous creations. Now that is a real first world
  12. The results are from one of the ground attack quick mission that I am quite familiar with. I am working away from my home at present and will post some SYN_Vander recorded mission comparison's once I have access to my flight sim kit again. I am not expecting this test to show results any different to what I have already reported.
  13. Results are in............................................ Resizable Bar for a 5800x CPU and a MSI RTX 3090 has a negative impact on fps, for my test sample of one. i.e. it sux's After installing all bios and Vbios updates then enabling IL2 Rebar using NVidia Profile Inspector, I lost a substantial and pretty consistent 10 fps when using VR and HP G2 at 100% SS. Went from 85 fps average down to 75 fps. Simply setting the IL2 Profile back to normal (no Rebar for IL2) with the NVidia Profile Inspector and restarting WMR I got my 10 fps extra back. Screen grab
  14. Really need to see how the Rocket Lake Intel chips perform with IL2 before we can know that single core advantage is anything to write home about. While you may pay less for the Rocket Lake CPU suspect that any initial savings will be gobbled up by the additional power that this CPU needs. Personally, have no interest in what is obviously a "stop gap" chip and am happy to wait and see what the next round Intel and AMD CPU's will bring to the table.
  15. Nah!, they built them tuff in those days!
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