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  1. Not as much damage as in the screen shots but still substantial and the control surface for that wing is also inoperable (shown in another photo) http://263i3m2dw9nnf6zqv39ktpr1-wpengine.netdna-ssl.com/wp-content/uploads/2006/06/Wade-scratch960_640-1.jpg The story on the pilot shown inspecting the damage, Wildcat Wade is well worth a read. Another forgotten Ace/ hero of WWII
  2. It is more the AMD CPU's that benefit from faster RAM, for an Intel CPU I would say that your existing RAM was Ok. You would be better off putting the money towards a faster GPU rather than replacing your RAM. You do not specify what GPU you a running so my last comment is somewhat generic. The current crop of Intel CPU's struggle with the resolution that is ideal for the G2 so unless Rocket Lake exceeds performance expectations at a good price you may need to wait for the next Gen Intel CPU's (After RL). So................ I upped my cloud setting to Ultra (from Low)
  3. Anything that had the nick name "flying coffin" has just gotta be better! Now that i have just offended at least half the forum with my dubious comment I will sit back and wait to be verbally shot down! 😨
  4. Very interested to see if enabling SAM makes any difference for IL2. Are you able to run the SYN_VANDER test (or similar repeatable mission) at your Monitor's native resolution with and without SAM enabled? The feedback from testers on SAM is mixed, some games run better other worse. Would be interesting to find out if SAM has any benefit for IL2.
  5. When I get a chance (not today) I will fly a mission with clouds on Ultra as well as retaining MSAA x2. That will give me a better chance of experiencing significant stutters etc and giving you a informed response. Apart from approaching large cities I have not really noticed the frame drops as I am generally in attack mode and focussing on hitting a target or avoiding debris if I have been successful. I did try running at 60 Hz and it did not work for me especially in low level ground attack scenarios where flying over heavily forested scenery appeared to stutter. Was
  6. Cannot directly answer your question as I have a 3090 + 5800x CPU and am absolutely wringing the neck out of my RAM but i find (running G2 at 100% SS): 1. MSAA x2 is the best that I can have set but that actually does a really good job of addressing the shimmering and still allows frame rates of 85 and above in semi complex missions i.e. 6 bombers and 3 attack fighters in heavy cloud. 2. My biggest compromise is having to run clouds on low I have experimented with 4xFXAA but did not observe any difference between that and just running the G2 at 100% SS so did not see any
  7. Promo discount exclusions from Jason's linked post "The first is good 50% Off all products except - TC, BON, FC2, AAA Vehicles and Dover series products."
  8. Thinking about a motion platform, for use with IL2, and as options are very limited in Australia am considering the NLR V3.0. Now that many of the posters, in this thread, have had this unit for a while I would be interested in your experiences and current thoughts about it. 1. Has it been reliable? 2. Has the novelty worn off? 3. In hindsight, should you have chosen something else? 4. Did you fit a seat other than those supplied by NLR? 5. How did you persuade your partner (where applicable) that it was essential? Not too worried about Q5 (yet
  9. Hi Stoopy, I was flying the Bf 109 K4 and triggered off at least 3 missions including the primary one of attacking 6 or so unescorted B25's while alternatively running away from Tempests and trying to bag the "sitting duck" Bomber formation. At least Three of the Bombers made it to target. I guess it also depends on your definition of landing. I ended up overshooting the end of the runway and parked next to an airbase defence flak gun.......... with a bent prop Had a birds eye view of the flak gun shooting down the Tempest that had been strafing me so
  10. Just want to add my thanks to the team that produced it! Start off by triggering a "Lets attack unescorted Bombers" scenario and accidently fly over the trigger point for other missions and unleash a Tempest or three Return to to base, out of ammo, some additional holes and my tail between my legs, with several winged admirers in hot pursuit wanting to share their ammunition with me. Off to the debrief room, with Three bombers and a fighter in the bag, and get told "You failed"....... Just like real life! 🙄 Seriously though, thanks f
  11. Sounds too cool for skool!. My, slightly modified, Ford sedan exploded many times but the fact that it was fitted with a monster truck turbo and ran on "special fuel" may have had something to do with it.
  12. I do not have any experience with the Pimax 8Kx so my comments below should just seen a "generic" 1. In the absence of available stock of the 5900x a 5800x should be fine for games. 2. The RX 6800 and RX 6900 XT's are currently delivering poor results for IL2 and I would avoid them until the issue is resolved. 3. A lot of motherboards prefer only having Two memory sticks installed (Daisy Chained). Not sure about the Gigabyte B550 AORUS Master Socket AM4 but when I went from 2 x 8Gb Ram to four sticks I lost about 10% memory read performance so went back to Two sticks of D
  13. And you will be able to put your dinner on top of your PC and cook it with the extra heat that the soon to be released Intel Rocket Lake CPU generates! 😎 Alas I suspect that we will be unlikely to see Cannon or Alder lake anytime soon based on the struggles intel appear to be having with smaller die yields.
  14. Yup!, The Zen 3 CPU's are currently "king of the heap" when it comes to IL2 and any of them should give you a good performance up-lift provided you have suitable RAM and GPU. My, not so funny, mistake was to build a new PC using the latest Intel i7 10700k CPU for use with the HP Reverb G2 Eventually saw the light, after reading too many forum posts, and obtained a 5800x and associated motherboard. Gained an instant 10% performance boost with IL2 and with some RAM tuning now knocking on the door of 20% better than the intel CPU. This now allows me to run the G2 at
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