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  1. having same issue. Failed to Update, obviously something is not quite Right.
  2. sounds like this has been seen before with a little searching:- https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/34668-slow-motion-career-mode/
  3. Thank You for the response but it still does it. I suspect it is city scapes. Turned graphics right down, still get the problem but displays 50 FPS. If in country area with lots of planes = no problem, put a city below problem exists but still says 50fps.
  4. After the latest update I now get a nice stutter whilst flying a career when AI aircraft are doing anything. 60fps still but stutters along as if loading from a spindle drive. i7 7800 @3.5ghz 16gb RAM GEforce 1060 6gb VRAM SSD with il2 on it and nothing else. Trackir 5
  5. Sorry if this has been asked before but is Tank Crew scheduled to get a dynamic career the same as the rest of the series?
  6. Hi all, Just ordered my new PC to run il2 (vet of Aces High 1/2/3 and ROF). I am looking for a GMT time unit to fly with on the multi P. servers / own. Can you guys recommend any for someone starting out in IL2 BOS /BOM? Col.
  7. it was Alt+I that did it, I have been DCS'ing so had confused a key press. thanks anyway.
  8. Hi, I have the object labels turned on in the settings but they don't appear when in a mission? Just started happening, not sure if I hit a key or something but I cannot get them back on. Any help appreciated. Col.
  9. Lets hope they do a career mode, it would be such a shame for a game of this quality to miss out on a proper career / campaign system. It's been far too long since we had a decent Dynamic Campaign / Career.
  10. I am officially an idiot! I had cruise control enabled in options, I mistakenly thought this allowed me to select Autolevel, its not, its 'Cruise control' Doh, sorry everyone for wasting your time!
  11. been doing some testing and it is apparent on all planes, I have full throttle range in the config and seems smooth but the game only seems to recognise about 1 - 2 " of throttle movement, if i move from idle to 50% the engine will go to 100% then throttle back to 50%. Something very odd going on!
  12. I am flying in Expert mode, the point about selecting 1.2 would be great if the throttle did not slide forward to 100% then back, then jiggy around before finally settling. its not my throttle as i do not see any spikes in the setup program and I don't have this issue with any other game, it has to be some setting or something I am missing.
  13. Hi, I am having a problem with the 109 and only the 109, I have a Saitek x52 pro and ch rudder pedals, there are no funny configs and everythign is setup OK in BOS. The problem I am having is when I move the throttle an inch forward in the 109F (Does not happen in the Yak, Lag, il2) the throttle goes full forward and then hunts back, this results in the mode going emergency, combat, cruise. The problem is that the engine is ruined within 5 minutes of flying and adjusting the throttle. I can literally sit and watch the throttle moving forward and backward in the 109 without actually moving it physically. Help!!
  14. Campaign sucks, Most only do it to unlock the mods, (Cos that was how it was done in RL stalingrad! )
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