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  1. Can someone confirm for me that the 17.0.1 versions (Rift S in particular) in the first post still function properly with 18.1.1? TIA!
  2. Preordered. Happy to support. If I can’t bomb boats in the Pacific, hopefully we’ll get some good channel raids for now. Looking forward to your update, Jason.
  3. Any update if this is working currently or not? If not, will it be updated?
  4. 10.1 is posted in the mod thread - lefuneste dude, thanks is too small a word!
  5. Would you be willing to share your voice attack profile? Thanks!
  6. I still have boxes in my basement of 1/8" balsa sticks and an uncovered Stuka I hope to make an ultra-light RC someday! What's stopping me? VR!!!!
  7. I like this thread so I'm going to bump it with a new "Wow" - I was flying a tanta-JU mission to drop paratroops at dawn. Our flight of four got jumped by a few IL's and our escort promptly pounced on them...great, except for the migs that followed! We flew into range and the search lights just lit us up! That experience of dawn on the horizon, but the defenseless 52's lit up by the beams and getting constantly harassed by the migs...tremendous. Our flight leader was downed, but two of us got our sticks on target! Hope the lived to fight another day!
  8. I was in a Stuka, near Stalingrad. Billowing black smoke and sporadic fires off to the west. I was at about 3,000m when we spotted the train we were after. I opened the portal to see below me and line up on the locomotive, moving my head around the yoke to get a clearer view. I was in and out of some scattered clouds, but got a good look at the target. I lowered the dive brakes, dropped the throttle to idle, and looped over through the last cloud. As I closed on the target, I turn on my sirens, the wail will be the last sound those on this train hear! Bombs away! I roll out at a few hundred feet over the treetops, sirens off and brake up. I turn behind me to see my addition to the smoke and fire of the battle. There is nothing like that feeling!
  9. Just a quick note - this crash was resolved by deleting the PWCG folder, re-extracting the program from a fresh download of 3.3.2, then copied my existing campaign files over. New campaign created successfully.
  10. I'd settle for the AI, though a quality B-17 to fly would be a dream!
  11. Crash report, PWCG 3.3.2. Creating new campaign. VVS, Kuban, 01MAR43, Fighter, Serzhant, click next and error box pops "Null".
  12. I know its a ways out, but I'm curious if there's been any mention whether B-17s and 24s will make an appearance in BoBP? Hard to imagine the western front in '44-'45 without them!
  13. Stationed at Maykop-1, date is 1.9.1942.
  14. TM HOTAS setup is key. I don't use the touch controllers at all. For the few keyboard commands I use (none in the heat of combat and I don't think any off the ground actually) you can peek around your nose in the oculus rift just enough to press keys.
  15. My biggest issue with multiplayer is that so few people actually talk online. If I could find a good group of communicators that actually wanted to play seriously (hopefully everyone on VR) I would probably fly MP all the time. As it is, I'm content with PWCG.
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