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  1. The wonky throttle in this plane kills it for me, I have a hard time reducing it to the perfect 10% without it going back to full throttle, makes taxiing a PITA, any tips?
  2. No but I found the setting for altitude throttle, thanks for your help!!
  3. That's the problem though, the altitude throttle increases by itself probably because I have engine management checked. When it gets to 100% my throttle no longer works, I can't reduce my throttle or the altitude throttle, I looked in settings for altitude throttle but couldn't find it
  4. And what controls it, the higher I go the more % it shows and eventually I can't use my throttle to reduce altitude without overspeeding the engine
  5. I just tried it again and now it works, it was unchecked in planes owned even though I double checked it yesterday Happy customer again
  6. Yes And it's listed in the skins and planes folder in IL2 Welp now it worked, problem solved
  7. I selected all planes because i have bought everything offered in the store, since the Focker DVIIF isn't in the store i assumed it was already available in FC
  8. I set up a late war German campaign to fly the Fokker DVIIF and the missions create up to the point where I accept mission then I get an error saying I don't own that plane, so I toodle over to the store and that plane is not for sale....so no F models?
  9. But it's listed in PWCGFC as a plane owned, missions will not create with the Fokker DVIIF, it returns an error "Player does not own"
  10. You need to also fly over and photograph the 2 cannon groups between the airfields, both are just north of the flight path on the map, watch for your gunner to direct you with a quick screen message.
  11. 1 TB solid state drives are pretty cheap and fast as hell
  12. I fly the route and don't see any enemy planes, I just get a scenic tour over enemy territory, is there a way to improve the chances of enemy air contact?
  13. Career mode has an air start option that puts you 2/3 of the way to target PWCG air starts put you 80% to your patrol area My 8x speed works half the time depending on AI complexity, I engage it then take a look at the cockpit clock to see if it's moving faster, if not I go back to normal speed and enjoy the scenery
  14. This is the second time I killed La5FN planes and was denied the claim for all 3, last time I killed 5 Uber202011301511476.zip
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