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  1. Agree. This is the only reasonable thing you've written.
  2. If we were 11 months ago I should have enough patience to answer you sentence by sentence, but....After 11 months Admins have simplified you the task to catch up about this thread. Everything they've thought is related with 0.50 "un"effectiveness and FM-DM issues are here. Check all info here, but.... please start reading from the beginning otherwise I could only focus in the "Little Joseph" with laser beam eyes.... it's also funnier than the sentence: your aiming sucks murica!!!
  3. What's your point? I've already read it. Thanks anyway.
  4. The only two points you could base anything from that film is: 1- OF COURSE its was PROPAGANDA 2- ALL German fighters showed there had been shot by planes equipped with 0.50 cal. I really dare you to demonstrate the opposite. Of course the film editor surelly only used the highlights, I remind you that was a propaganda film. The magic of the 0.50 API-APIT is TO IGNITE all materials prone to burning and/or to explode: internal fuel tanks in tails, Non-armored external fuel tanks, wings filled up of 20 mm. and 30 mm. HIGH EXPLOSIVE rounds. The cutting wings.... You sho
  5. Who's more frustrated than customers/users? What an angry kid's answer.....pfffff
  6. Sorry mate I would like to upvote your post, but I don't want to send a confusing message. Thanks for the vid, but What I've observed there is really upseting in another main release. I only want to welcome A6 to the elitist club of the weird DM: accept your inheritance even if it's bad
  7. Are you accusing everyone that have came here of been a mod? Also... do you have any proof of what you're affirming? I don't need to be a mod to affirm there's a huge problem in game with something more sofisticated than only an AP 0.50 round AK "Peashot". To be honest I'm not any of those mods you're reffering, but anyway.... GOOOOOOD JOB FELLAS!!!! I'm excited thinking when you're going to present the results of your tests. I'll let you know, in case you've been mistaken, this is IL-2 forum not the competence's one, cause the only two questions I got for you after re
  8. Not only fair, also it's the main reason We, most of us, are here and QB Mates did their study.
  9. Let's see if all those sistemically non believers start thinking there's something in the DM doesn't match with the visual layer, also with the damages related with the caliber you're shooting. 12x 0.303 are better than 6x 0.50????: definetly there's something wrong.
  10. Now imagine around 50 holes near the original one or overlaping it every single second by 6 MG's. If you insist in focusing your efforts in a single shot damage power then I insist in you're wrong from the base. Why people still insisting in demonstrate how weak are 0.50 cal.? Of course they're not a destroyer of worlds but why the hell an army of engineers from NAA decided to add only 2 more MG's as an improvement from P-51B/C to P-51D/K? Why an Army of engineers from Republic Aviation decided to keep the 8 0.50 MG's in next models of P-47? Why Navy's newest models in late war (F6F Hellcat,
  11. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1ZXkvZAzcxBdUe2SVGhhBRwt7XVvQfIdN?usp=sharing 1- Copy paste in local sub folder LuaScripts inside IL-2 main folder 2- Run game launcher 3- Go to Settings -> Game-> alow Mods 4- Restart game 5- Enjoy the pleasure of having a 6 or 8 gun flying platform using the performances of the russian 12.7 mm.HE ingame round. Use with caution otherwise could create addiction. 6- Prepare a salad API rounds damage power ( interim possible solution or final version) should be in a "middle" point between these HE roun
  12. We're going in the right way. I got the salad and you got the salt. Two more steps to eat healthy.... Don't try to demonstrate even more you only come here to panem et circenses. You missed that shot for free. Due 0.50 are an ingame crapp let's fight here don't you?
  13. Is that the best you got? I honestly don't love your half assumptions
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