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  1. Who said the only air naked ladies were from America
  2. From the same place as this one: I painted both. What a character was that texan pilot: day after his promotion to Major He was degraded to 2nd. Lt. due the terrible celebration. What the hell did he do that night? ;-)))))))
  3. https://www.researchgate.net/publication/282740608_A_technique_to_predict_the_aerodynamic_effects_of_battle_damage_on_an_aircraft's_wing A bit of help to dev's for a DM ingame improved implemetation, also a heavy reading for most of us.
  4. Even I'm a great fan of the tv series "The Black Adder" my comunication style is more straight than sarcasm. ;-))))) Straight..... Straight as 0.50 bullets ;-))))) I'm not only good in using sarcasm with forum trolls, also I can do jokes of doubtful grace. I'm only enter in your troll path, only to reach the 30 pages before x-mas time, but don't worry, sure GOD is going to ban my post and surelly not yours, is it enough sarcastical for you, Baldrick?
  5. You need to troll on every others' posts then sure the thread will reach 25 or even 30 pages. Are you the same that one week ago wanted to leave thread diying? Seems you're not too much interested in this thread dont' you? or the opposite? It is as easy as unclick any thread notification if you're not really interested in it.
  6. Agree with 109, but 190 contained in its wings the ammo to feed the 30's of the wing roots and, as sure you know, were a mixture of AP's and HE's rounds. As I mentioned if past posts USAAF experts realized 0.50 caliber API-APIT rounds were the best they had in their arsenal. They're a good balance between size and lethality. They could carry a lot of ammo instead cannons, so they can put a great amount of balistic material per second with a great level of accuracy, due the great muzzle speed and great kinetic energy of API rounds due their material composition and density. Again we're talking in circles because, even the fact API rounds don't create a fire all times they impact in every part of the airframe they produce entry holes (relatively small) but, in their travel thru "empty" spaces of the wings they generate sortie holes (bigger ones than the round diameter). Ooops again with aerodynamic penalties and a lack of them and, I almost forget: 109 got instaled the radiators in the wing roots and you know: shooting rads and coolant leaks is the worst and at same level of leaking oil ( the bleed out of any internal explosion engine). So yes, I would agree with your sentence if it means that any system I explained aren't be well modeled in the DM or directly they're not modeled. But on the other hand if you test that with the 50's HE you would check those "2nd and 3rd. damage layer" damages are generated with a few impacts. When german crews entered combat they'd consume part of their initial mission full loaded tanks in the climbing and holdings at rendevouz point. API rounds don't ignite the fuel, they ignite the mix of fuel vapors and air inside the fuel tank. In the triangle of fire: So yes, you can do the test or check it out in internet: A match, a puddle of fuel and a slow motion camera. Then you could check fuel never ignites in direct contact with the flame of the match. It's always the on-top mixture layer formed by air and fuel vapors that ignites first and generates enough temperature, in a chain reaction, to detonate the rest of the fuel. If you won't be so daring you can observe a zippo lighter. I said fuel DETONATES not FIRES due the aviation fuel high NOC number
  7. Nope..... that is the standard case of the G14 when A/C after absorving an ingent quantity of rounds sudently lost any tail surface control. G14 enters in a sudent nose pitch down. You can see the dummie pilot alive til the moment of impact (in the subway level). One point to keep in mind for those who stil thinking 50's generates drag in the fight interim : I can't see any sudent change in the A/C in the roll axis due the lost of the left aileron. Even more, I've only observed a very stable A/C absorving a great amount of fire impacts (Yes, I also observed a lot of tracers missing the target) that gives a lot of time to its pilot to play in the "gaming" way due there's a minimal (IMAO near zero values) aerodynamic penalty til the final control collapse. There's a complete lack of progression in the accumulated damage and its aerodynamical effects in the FM envelope, as you can easily observe in a P-47,P-51 & P-38 when been hitted in the wing tip or in the tail by 13 mm. ( in a matter of seconds, mustang experiments a great drag, lack of control sensiveness and speed decreasing). Don't be mistaken I'm not complaining about the effects what a late WW2 Heavy MG rounds can inflict to an A/C, all the opposite I'm complaining what a late WW2 Heavy MG rounds cannot inflict to an A/C, but they used to do.
  8. Now it's really easy. Download mod 0.50 HE and re-do all test you've done with default AP and compare numbers with HE one. As easy as that. From the default extreme number to the HE extreme number there's a mid point where API- APIT sure it's right there. The main issue we are trying to "fix" here is that Physics, Maths & historical evidences are in game at least 120 degrees in the opposite direction of they should be and these issues are creating Bizarre & odd situations for both side pilots. We, the players-customers, don't need to demonstrate to be smarter or with higher skills than the official technical team. The fact we insist in 50's, 13's, tails,... issues is because we all like or even love & hate this game but we all want to see it improving in several aspects. You can't and you shouldn't be 150% "accurate" with some aspects from one side and at the same time 150% "unacurate" with some aspects from the other side, also in some aspects from some A/C from the first side . This is easy to see: If in a short term they don't give any solution or something like that people will quit (in fact it's happening nowadays in MP servers during weekend). You can also check statics of that and do maths.
  9. So after that ball of numbers can we definetly erase from the equation the factor "bad aiming ???
  10. I've spent 5 minuts to think in that, because I needn't more to answer: let me ask you one simple question: is it good enough now? Should we leave as it is right now? Should we demonstrate more patient than GODS have demonstrated to us, Oh poor mortals who still waisting your spare time in this game?, and wait patiently for 3 years like others have done with their fandome customers (50 people worldwide)? Don't be wrong: if the introduction of API brought change to the game it would demonstrate that DM was right before this threat started (in july if you haven't check it out): This is the main point all non-complainers want it to come true, also I, as a complainer, want it too, bacause it means this game has improved from the angle of physics recreation also from the historical recreation, but now , What we have? Please answer to this question, not because your answering my doubts, because somebody in the shadows is reading this and with a lot of luck (crossing fingers) taking some actions to improve their actual BOX also the incoming ones. Sorry mate, I can say you with 200% of accuracy that, for me, it's not a feeling: IT'S A FACT. If I'd wanted to fly a mustang like a Cessna I only need to uninstall this game and install FS2020 or X-plane
  11. If it was at any time your point you'd choosen a wrong way to express it, trying to show us the right way of aiming. That is not the point and it even won't be. Sure no WW2 Ace had 1000 hours, but even you have afirmed you've been simming for 20 years. I'm still lost which are your points, where are your points and most important what are you trying to explain with them in game. I don't need to have achieved 20 years in sims also IRL experience to afirm ingame 50's have same punch as peanuts due a bunch of issues listed in 15 pages before. Anybody who has watched any footage how 50's work or how they manufacture any A/C , also the materials involded in the process, can take the happy conclusion that last war A/C weapons mounted in, whatever side fighters, can put enough fire power in opponents' A/C to hardly dissable them as an air combat threat with a reduced amount of bullet impacts. Because them all 20's, 30's 13's also 50's were/are considered as heavy calibers and a heavy caliber impacting weak flying things made from (most parts) aluminium and (few parts) steel is going to be a nice flying firework dissaster. I'm not american but.... when B-17 crews (using 50's in their large bombers) were been decimated why the hell their best solution was adding as escort a bunch of useless P-47's, P-51's & P-38's full of useless 50's ? Ingame 50's needs to be modeled as heavies, and if the equivalence (correctly considered or meme considered) 3 50's = 1 20's or if dev's use another magic number formula as 5 to 1 or even 10 to 1 then go ahead, but as a heavy caliber the users of it need to observe in opponents any lack of performance or any lack of sensiveness in any control surfaces once opponents has been impacted by any heavy caliber, as simple as that. The inning holes effects are weaker than the sortie holes effects in ANY A/C, but the sum of inning & sortie generates severe drag (induced & parasite drag) and it hasn't been correctly modeled ingame. Use the single player: shoot any 109 with 50's, pause the game, press CTRL+F2 and use the free camera to check out the damages shown by the visual damage layer, then come here and explain your impressions after impacting more than 120 times a 109 and see it flying fresh performing a sustained turn for infinite time while leaking fuel, from a non existent tail fuel tank , leaking coolant (the engine blood as oil) and no aerodynamic penalty due inning and sortie holes (yes I said NO=ZERO) even scepticals don't want to admit it, because the level of "arodynamic penalty ingame" and ZERO is the same in 109 FM terms. These amount of those issues are clearly killing the ingame experience.
  12. After more than 1000 hours spent in this game, and most of them in P-51 with 6x0.50 cal. I'm fed up people who still talking about lack of aim.Really lack of aim? Really? After 15 pages with several mates demonstrating which are the issues involved in? and you insist in lack of aim? Are you trying to kid us at this, large, point in this post? To talk in these terms you better stay in your single player wonderland where AI's always keep an infinite sustained turn to the right, by the way the most thrilling maneuver anybody have tried in any close air combat. You also can watch last P-47 D-22 vid from Scharfi and read the comments in it and observe people complaining about her lack of aiming, also the lack of aiming of her wingmang too. 🤣
  13. I will try to be as generic as you: as "303's are better than 12.7mm." as "axis won the WW2". The answer to your second sentence: They will stop as soon as any solid fix will be implemented. As easy as your sentences
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