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  1. i doubt it, you will run out of charge long before you reach the pearly gates.
  2. As per Darwin's theory of evolution it is possible that some bats mutated to lay eggs, but any bats that laid eggs whilst hanging upside down in a cave, belfry etc would, thanks to the law of gravity, become extinct very quickly.
  3. Discussion verified deleted.
  4. First thing is be prepared for lots of attempts. Like you, full fuel and the 2 large bombs. I start at 6,000 feet. I immediately close all radiators down to reduce drag. Roll the plane on to her back - checking I am level. At same time I trim elevator to push nose down to the max (so away from deck) to allow me to better maintain the dive I want. I then aim my dive angle, I can't say what angle I take for certain but about 30- 45 degrees, inverted of course. All of this is because once I lose the control surfaces the speed will start to automatically pull the nose up and so take it out of the
  5. @[DBS]Browning I'm getting better with the He111-H6 - 853kmh - so a dead heat - the Forum automatically merged my last post with this one so see below, I've now got it to 861kmh I've also chanced my arm (and legs, head, torso) in the 2VS - being in that with no control surfaces is utterly horrible, like being in a roller coaster designed by a psychopath - 280kmh @[DBS]Browning Sorry, couldn't resist the temptation to have another go. He111-H6 - 861kmh
  6. I recommend full fuel, the 2 large bombs and start at 6000, do an inverted dive (so on your back) and use the stick to stay in it. Throttle back all the way to save the engines until you are out of the dive. Once all your controls rip off you will come out of the dive - your chances of not hitting the deck depend on getting the dive angle right. Play around with the dive angle and whether to start pulling out while you still have controls to find what works. Ditch the bombs to help you manage the pull out. After that it is a case of throttle up to get the nose up and back to get it down and so
  7. Hurricane , height 10,130, speed 730 He111-H16 speed 780 - sorry @Salzi As it comes out of the dive the nose naturally pitches up, by applying full throttle I managed to complete the loop, a loop in a He111!
  8. I've had a session of doing things on the correct map this time. The following are less than I got before but on the right map - happy for these to replace my existing records Bf109-K4 height 11,866, speed 875 Bf110-G2 speed 652 Ju52 - speed 652, exactly same as before. Tempest speed 919 He111-H6 - speed 826 Improved results = Bf109-E7 speed 864 Bf109-F4 speed 905, height 10,931 Bf109-G14 speed 872, height 12,096 He111-H16 - speed 713 Ju88 speed 778 Tempest Height 10,234 Due to the number I'm not putting up
  9. @[DBS]Browning Thanks for that but no complaints from me if they are deleted as it is my cock up. I'll probably do most or all again anyway. Don't fancy my chances on reclaiming the He111-H6 crown though.
  10. FUBAR!!! @[DBS]Browning I just realised I completely messed this up having done all my records on the Kuban summer map instead of the Autumn map so all my records stand to be wiped. 💩
  11. Just to show I don't just fly German planes - Tempest altitude 10,234m speed 932khm I was rushing my landings hence the wing and prop damage @CUJO_1970 Generally not practical at all, but in an earlier run I got the Tempest to a dive speed of 922kph without any damage and then was able to take out a train and a howitzer so it might have some practical use on this plane.
  12. @[DBS]Browning I finally managed it after an unholy number of attempts. I'd been using the bombs too but still struggled to get the speed, and even if I did to then survive the dive although it did occur to me eventually to drop the bombs to give me a chance of pulling out. Only problem then was surviving the landing. The successful attempt required a lot of throttling up and back to balance speed and angle of approach. So He111-H6 - 851kmh So over to you 😀
  13. Ju88 774kmh - despite ripping off all the wings and flattening a big tree on 'landing' the pilot survived Bf109-k4 - 12,336m Bf109-G14 - 11,594m and 860kmh, even managed to land properly in a Kuban field - the broken engine rather limiting the choice of destination
  14. @[DBS]Browning I might have to concede defeat on the He111-H6, I managed to get 844 but the resulting fireball disqualifies that, the fastest I've got to and lived is 817. @Stoopy I'm sure I read somewhere that Von Richthofen's first solo flight landing left him upside down so if it was good enough for him it is good enough here. Giving up on the He111 for now I took the Bf109-F4 up Altitude of 10,774m Speed 904
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