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  1. It's been some time since I did a Rheinland career, most of the time the careers I've been doing are in Moscow and those don't seem to change but perhaps I've only been paying attention to the top end and those guys were shot down. Seems I will have to pay closer attention.
  2. The list with the kill score of other pilots in the weekly paper is the same throughout the campaign. I am pretty sure that it used to change in Rise of Flight so you could go up and down in the rankings depending on how you were doing which added a challenge. If that could be changed so the figures changed each week that would add a lot to the immersion. However, I appreciate it may require far too much effort to research what the figures should be for each week so perhaps not a realistic wish. Love the idea about upgrading the Hurricane armament in Stalingrad as above. Anyway thanks LukeFF for looking into ways of making things even better.
  3. Back in the early 80s a couple of my class mates when about 13-14used to make their own explosives from items bought from the chemist. They got more adventurous and started wrapping metal sheets round their concoctions. One of them was keenly reading the book on explosives and how to plant them his father had left over from his time in the Royal Engineers. Unfortunately all this innocent fun had to stop after one of them left a 2 foot crater in his parents garden and destroyed their greenhouse. All he got was a telling off, I suppose today he'd have been sent to Belmarsh.
  4. I remember wanting Airfix Flightdeck so badly as it looked so good on TV and I was so excited when it got for Christmas, and I was so bored of it by lunch on boxing day. Every now and then I would get it out again in the hope it really would be exciting this time but still it came down as you say sideways or backwards, but even worse I would now have to first spend ages trying to unwind the wire as I hadn't bothered to put it away properly the last time. But I can boast that when I was about 9 my brother and I would take our old Airfix model planes out in the garden and shoot them with an air rifle and on the logic of Enceladus that should make me the deadliest of all gunners when the new anti aircraft guns come out, sadly I doubt it will turn out that way.
  5. Unfortunately I can't post the video but the photo below gives the idea, this is what someone has in their house. That is one serious bit of kit.
  6. I can understand people want something to be better, no matter how good it is to start with. But when contemplating whether the developers should make changes for commercial reasons it is worth bearing in mind the story of American Airlines and the olives. Would we like an olive, yes we would, but it isn't necessarily sound commercial sense to give us one.
  7. Merry Christmas to everyone / Nadolig Llawen i bawb. And a Christmas card my great grandfather sent from near Arras on the Western Front in December 1917. I expect the Tank Crew guys will like the picture.
  8. I don't think they can just import the Wellington from CoD as that is a different game. The developers already give us small packages to pay for, e.g the Hurricane, Yak 9, and some of the other collector planes. As for AI only planes, a lot of work is going to be required to make the model, the flight model, damage model and AI behaviour so perhaps only worth doing for AI in order to sell as flyable later on as they did with the Ju52 and hopefully the C47. Skin packs is another issue as time they spend on those is less time to spend on making planes, maps etc and probably won't make much money given the skins generated by the community which are of high quality.
  9. On the IL2 site log on to your profile and select profile. There is a red box on the right and the last one is download, hit that and off you go. Happy flying.
  10. As a customer you have rights but there are limits to those rights. For example if you buy a car you have the right to complain when a wheel falls off but you don't have the right to demand the company should make the car with a bigger engine, extra doors etc. In respect of your second sentence are you saying BraveSirRobin is unacceptably intelligent? So which authorities are you sending this whole conversation to as I am not sure which are responsible for, or interested in, the postings on a forum by customers who the developers aren't vicariously liable for. Consulting with lawyers on the posts above seems pointless, they will tell you have no cause of action and bill you for it. They will also highlight how during during cross examination your complaints about resources being spent on things like vehicles and tanks will be undermined by your purchase of TC. Just relax, have a drink and enjoy IL2 for what it is. So does Kim Kardashian.
  11. If you start as Allied but part way decide to identify as Axis can you then transition to Bodenplatte?
  12. The premium of either would have cost you $80 each. But a sale is on today which means you can buy the premium version of both plus the premium versions of Stalingrad and Moscow for a total of $79.16, so 4 for the price of 1 which makes the decision making easier.
  13. Below is an extract from my great grandfather's 1941 A.R.P. diary which gives details about the black out. Interesting book as it contains information about gas masks, different types of poison gas - in fact there is quite a lot linked to fears of a gas attack including gas masks for babies. One interesting point is that my great grandfather filled in the part about when he enrolled in the Civil Defence Authority which was December 1937 and his badge was issued in March 1938 so quite some time before the war started. The ARP wardens also didn't just deal with enforcing the blackout, the diary records how he put out 2 incendiary bombs in the Birmingham blitz.
  14. Yes, just the 303, as much of it as I could carry. I would add I only lasted 5 weeks. My deflection aim is a bit off as I got lots of hits on the tails of the BF109s but far too few around the engine. Same here, only get flamers when up close. I actually had a couple of flaming 110s in the same mission - easier of course to hit engines that aren't hiding in front of a fuselage as with the 109. I recommend on landing don't finish but use control F2 to see if any enemy you hit are leaking oil from damaged engines and if they are just hit x8 speed and see if any crash whilst you are parked, you might get a couple that way. As I was on Iron Man mode I had to learn to be careful of going looking for targets off the mission route. Did that once and no one followed me, initially not a problem as it was just 2 107Es laden with a bomb, nice little turn fight going on and then their 6 109F friends pitched up, that was quite tense and took a while to creep back to my side of the lines by mixing up running for home and turning into the closing pursuers to protect my 6 - not long after crossing into friendly territory I hit the silk as seemed the only sensible option when still surrounded by 7 fighters. Happy flying.
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