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  1. Hi, today is release day! The game is finally available on Steam. Thanks to everyone who followed me through this forum. It's been a challenging year but full of great people supporting me. https://store.steampowered.com/news/app/1240550/view/3035960456491430430
  2. Hi Daniel, yes I'm ready to release the game on March 4th ☺️
  3. Hi guys! I've updated the trailer, now it shows more gameplay. But the most important thing is that the game has a release date: March 4th!!! Only few weeks more! Thanks again for following me during this year of development!
  4. Hi guys, I'm back with my usual video about the development. This time I show you the reconaissance completely revised, with more interaction. Also there is the new mission: Artillery bombardment.
  5. Hi all. Here the link to my 6th page of the diary. Let me introduce random events and the new skill tree. Also I'm happy to announce that my game will be at Steam Autumn Festival, so you can download the demo starting October 7th.
  6. I'm back with news. Here the 5th page of my diary. You'll find a focus on pilot ranks but the most important thing is that I dropped the dice for dogfight. Now there is a turn-based combat, that will bring more strategy and interaction. Hope you like it! Thank you all!
  7. I'm back. As promised, I listened to @Avimimus suggestions. 😄☺️ In this new page of the diary you will find the new stress and fatigue management; always pay attention to the threshold of fatigue, better not go into battle with the tired squadron. Also the first service vehicle is also presented: the tow truck; useful to cut the time needed to dismantle a wreck. Thanks again guys!
  8. You're right! That's exactly what I've wanted to do since I started this project. About the bombers: in the first release the game will focus on fighters, but I plan to develop DLC or patches where the bomber also becomes the protagonist.
  9. Thanks @Avimimus! I'll take your suggestion under advisement.
  10. Hi guys, sorry for long absent, I was busy in development 😀 Today I wanna show you the new gameplay video, remastered with latest features. New missions menu, new workshop, and new repair system. Hope you like it:
  11. Sorry @Bremspropeller but I haven't planned a library yet 😉 Maybe I can hire you to keep the plane schematics safe.😀
  12. I'm back with the third page of the diary. This time I wanted to implement the new "inspect" feature; before repairing an airplane now you need to inspect it to see which part is damaged. Then I updated the mission menu making it clearer and with more information. Finally I show how the pixel-art models all have the correct proportion according to the real aircraft. Thanks @WIS-Redcoat, I'm thinking about making the bombers 😉. For now I haven't developed them yet because I'd like to make them with the right proportions (see video above). But surely I'll plan in fut
  13. I'm back with my second page of the diary. In the previous weeks I reviewed some menus and implemented the reconnaissance.
  14. I'm back, guys. I've prepared a video summarizing the development of the last few weeks. I hope you like the different weapons placement per aircraft, but especially the squadron emblems.
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