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  1. Yeah I admit no infantry is a big immersion killer. The world just seems so sterile without troops or camps anywhere to be seen.,
  2. Does this affect scripted campaigns and career mode or just QMs?
  3. Yeah that is what I have happening as well, you have to hold down F or S-F to raise/lower the flaps. Wanted to make sure this was working as intended.
  4. Currently the only way to lower and raise the flaps is holding the raise/lower keys which has the limiter move the flaps. Just pressing/releasing F or shift-F has no effect. Is this correct? This does not match up with the previous tips I've seen. Did this change or is something wrong with my game? Thanks!
  5. Curious what this does, and actually where do I put it to try it out? Thanks!
  6. Man... I so wish we had more of these immersion touches... maybe in the future.
  7. I have a 5.1 setup and I've never noticed any issues though. I tested both 2/2.1 and 5.1 and it all seemed ok, of course nothing is positional but it just upmixes the 2.1 to 5.1.
  8. Yeah I use QMs to practice or try out something new only, like changing a keybind or new mod. For “real” gameplay it’s career and scripted by far.
  9. Yeah great sounds but super weird dude as we'd say... I don't think he's gonna release his work. Here or anywhere else. Would be great if he did and appreciated but yeah prob not gonna happen.
  10. Run the Q4 2019 relevant analytics and then let's talk. Different game, different time.
  11. I'd settle for some graphic backgrounds for now. If you don't have new customers or even create repeat customers there won't be any more planes and maps. Low hanging fruit...
  12. Not yet... single player campaign will hopefully expand along with things like in flight chatter, squadron skins, etc... It all helps.
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