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  1. I would be VERY much be for this. +1
  2. Yes, same here. Nothing will fix it, also happens when icons are toggled on/off. Super annoying... would really like a fix for this issue.
  3. Absolutely agreed, worth checking out... some info and instructions... https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=182827
  4. Here is another JGSME type app called OvGME : https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=171956&highlight=ovgme
  5. Please more SFX work, it would add a ton more to the immersion of the game.
  6. Same here, I've got a nice setup just using the current release and in-game settings. So no reShade needed for me anymore.
  7. I'm for any and all sound control options!
  8. Ok, no problem. Next time it happens I gather it all up and post it.
  9. I am starting an escort mission and often, maybe 40% of the time my squad mates will crash into each other lining up to begin the escort over the airfield. This doesn't seem correct.
  10. The game freezes for a second when turning icons on/off, and opening the minimap. This seems to only happen in career mode, in quick mission it is fine. Server issue?
  11. I must add with all the talk of not using reShade with the latest release I've been experimenting with and without reShade to see which one I like best.
  12. That is a huge bummer, I am somewhat familiar with FMod, I would think there would be a way to make this work.
  13. Yes this would be very cool to get going and learn from.
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