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  1. Looks like some planes are missing in the planeset for Map #8. (Bf109 G14, FW190 A8, Spit Mk9 and P47)
  2. I really like how you added a little more complexity to the engine startup procedure! 👍 Maybe you could add that to the other piston engine planes too. Nothing too complicated, just add one or two steps to the start up, e.g. opening the fuel lever, activating the magnetos, moving the throttle in the right position and then hitting the ignition switch. Adds a lot to the simulation experience, guess a lot of us nerds would appreciate that. 😁
  3. Hey @=E95=DenLarik, nice to have an official forum thread again for WOL again! Thanks!
  4. Guess there are probably more than enough of those compilations on Youtube already. Nevertheless, here's another one! Clips were recorded during the last two weeks, flying on mulitplayer servers, mostly on "Wings of Liberty" and a few of them on "Tactical Air War".
  5. Guys, could you please stop flooding this thread with all this nonsense and personal discussions!! Do you really want the TAW devs to go through all this bullshit? what is this, a f***in' kindergarten?!?
  6. please don't start the cute killing debate again . If you value your pilot's life, you should still be able to stay below those limits, even if you get chute killed once in a while. don't think a daily limit would do the trick, those kind of players would just wait till the next day and start the same shit over again.
  7. He was shot by the AA on his first attempt. This guy was killed 32 times and got captured 10 times in this campaign, so he obviously doesn't give a damn about his virtual pilot life. Looks like the punishment for loosing your pilot is simply not hard enough. What about some death limit? If you loose more than 10-15 pilots in a campaign, you are out. Another option would be, to make it per map. If you loose more than 3-4 pilots per map, you have to wait till the next map to be able to fly again. This might sound hard at first, especially for the ground attackers and bomber pilots, but it might be a way to stop those suicide pilots.
  8. Type of improvement: Sound Explanation of proposals: Additional sound effects to emphasize the material stress on the airframe under heavy load. Benefits: Immersion! Just imagine the squeaking sound of bending metal or wood around you, when you pull hard on the stick.
  9. Maybe some kind of Idle-Timer could help with this problem. If a player that is already on the "List" for one side is not in the air and just idling around on the map for lets say 5-10 minutes he will be kicked to clear one of the precious server slots. This could also help to get rid of those people that are just on the server, even without having a spot on the list, blocking players of the opposite side from joining. @=LG=Kathon what do you think about this feature?
  10. It's not even been a month since the end of the last campaign! @=LG=Leutnant_Artur, @=LG=Blakhart and @=LG=Kathon already announced that it's going to take longer than usual. They had some bigger changes and fixes planned for the next campaign. Guess we all need a little more patience this time. And im pretty sure they will let us know, if there is any news about the next edition of taw.
  11. Did a few multiplayer sorties yesterday night, might be a little early to judge, but this feels like the most important multiplayer-patch in years! Damage model updates are also nice. You guys did a really great job! Thanks for that and keep up the good work!
  12. Thank you for further improving and fixing the multiplayer experience!
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