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  1. I've seen Bombers doing "Alt-F4" on their way to the target as well, not only after they scored a GK. The moment their Rear-Gunner starts firing they chicken out and hit the Disco-Button. So this "5-min-after-GK"-Rule would simply not affect them. I would recommend to keep this new rule as it is for this campaign and see how it works out.
  2. On the way with my boys from the 4th Flight. (4. /JG4)
  3. Yes, please, leave it on expert vision! It just feels much more realistic. This is not War Thunder! Spotting planes from 30-40 kilometers away just ruins the whole sim experience.
  4. +1 I spotted Bombers from a distance of 30-40 kilometers, chased them and shot them down. As much as i like shooting down bombers, this is just utter BS. Nobody is going to fly as Bomber anymore with the alternate visibility enabled.
  5. Yes, of course it will! TAW has always been a "Full Real" server. I'm pretty sure they will stick to their principles. The recent campaign lasted for almost two months. Of course it would be nice, to have the full spectrum of planes in one campaign. I'm just a little afraid, what could happen, if you add 4 more maps to that. We might end up with a campaign that spans over 3 month or even longer. IMHO that's just too damn long. TAW is special, because it's so intense and challenging over a relatively short period of time. If a campaign goes on forever, it will lose a lot of this intensity. TAW will just become something more "common", that's just always there.
  6. 19th Campaign is over, so here is the fourth and last compilation of this TAW. Didn't really get to fly much on the last two maps. Tried to do the best with the little amount of footage i had recorded. Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy it.
  7. It was a great campaign! Big thanks to the makers of TAW and all the players who participated in it. Nice to see some new names and squads! Was this the longest TAW ever? It started end of July, so it was almost two month! Felt like ages πŸ‘΄ Despite all the complaints about imbalance it was still a narrow victory for the blue side. See you all again next time! I really hope the break is going to be a little longer this time 😁
  8. This invisible plane bug happens on crowded servers, its a known bug. Post your complains and your video clip in this thread please. Game devs have to fix this problem.
  9. i have another addition to the card game 😁
  10. Third compilation from the ongoing 19th TAW-Campaign. This time with a little ground-strafing right at the start of the clip. But no worries, there's still more than enough Peshka-hammering later on. πŸ˜€
  11. A lot of fighting down Peshkas and flying escorts for bombers, daily campaign routine as a squadron pilot, not as spectacular as the first volume, but here it is, the second compilation from the currently running campaign.
  12. It should have been my AK, but i didn't get it either, you fired at a P40 with a dead engine! @=LG=Kathon maybe you should rethink the way TAW-statistics handles airkills. I attacked this enemy fighter, shot him up really badly, the moment i noticed that his engine was dead, i stopped attacking him. Clear airkill in my opinion, but then some kill-greedy fellow (πŸ˜‰ no offense intended Magners) came along and kept on firing on the plane with the dead engine. Ingame i got credited with the kill, which was absolutly fair and correct! On the TAW-statistics however, Magners was credited with the kill, because the sum of all the damage he did was greater than mine!?! This this is plain wrong! ... and as it turns out, in the end, not even he got the AK. 😁 This system definitely encourages pilots to shoot at burning planes or planes with dead engines, because there is still the chance they might do enough damage to get the kill. Seen it happening a few times this Campaign, feels a little bit like WOL!
  13. First Compilation from the currently running Tactical Air War Campaign.
  14. I already posted a clip, where this was happening in the Multiplayer Bug Thread, but the more evidence we have, the better!!
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