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  1. Just did a few sorties on a crowded online server. This was the smoothest, stutter-free multiplayer-experience i had in a very long time, even with FPS-Limiter turned off! @Han, @Jason_Williams and your whole team, you did a great job guys! Thank you! 👍
  2. After we were done with our squadron's annual "New Year's Flight", somebody came up with a fantastic idea 😁
  3. That was a looooong one, i really need a break now! 😁 Thanks to the TAW-Team and all participants. Also big thanks to the pilots of the Red Team who kept on fighting to the very end, even though they were outnumbererd a lot of times! See you all next campaign. Really curious about what Kathon and his boys have in mind for future Campaigns...
  4. A well-intentioned advice to all the noobs out there: TAW is not a practice server! If you lack the necessary basic skills (like plane identification), go practice somewhere else. On my first flight today, i saved a Ju88 from an angry Pe2. Seconds later a pack of expert 109s dove in to completely trash the german bomber. Nice job guys! On my next flight, roughly 20 mins later, i was shot down myself by some greedy, friendly fighter. I was lucky and survived. I know, as a beginner, it's sometimes hard to ID the planes correctly, but if you are not a 100% sure about it, dont f*****g open fire! Simple as that.
  5. God dammit @666GIAP_Chimango ! What else do you want? Kathon tried everything he could think of, to make TAW more balanced, he even allowed players with a death penalty to spawn now, if there are uneven teams! But if the Reds simply don't join the server, there's nothing more he can do about it. You want us to stay off the server, if theres just two or three reds on it?!? I have the feeling, that a lot of VVS players simply don't join the server, if there's not already a certain amount of red pilots on it. Simple trick to fix this, just JOIN the server..
  6. Maybe read the rules. If you damage a plane and then your opponent has a disco, whether the cause is intentional or unintentional (the game can't tell the difference), you will be credited with an airkill. The log doesn't show any hits, so you didn't get anything. For this TAW, a new rule was introduced, to penalize the DISCO-boys (check Kathon's changelog). If you have frequent disco's you will lose your plane.
  7. Type of improvement: Graphics Explanation of proposals: All the broad-leaved trees on winter-maps still have their leaves, wich looks really odd when the landscape around them is covered with snow. Just darkening and desaturating the leave-textures, like it currently is in the game, does not look very convincing. Since you are using Speed-Tree, you could just export the tree-models without the leaves. If you want to add more detail you could export a texture with branches and twigs only, to add some more detail. Benefits: More realism on winter-maps Here's a quick scribble:
  8. Same thing again after this round. Server is shown in the list, but no connection possible.
  9. I've seen Bombers doing "Alt-F4" on their way to the target as well, not only after they scored a GK. The moment their Rear-Gunner starts firing they chicken out and hit the Disco-Button. So this "5-min-after-GK"-Rule would simply not affect them. I would recommend to keep this new rule as it is for this campaign and see how it works out.
  10. On the way with my boys from the 4th Flight. (4. /JG4)
  11. Yes, please, leave it on expert vision! It just feels much more realistic. This is not War Thunder! Spotting planes from 30-40 kilometers away just ruins the whole sim experience.
  12. +1 I spotted Bombers from a distance of 30-40 kilometers, chased them and shot them down. As much as i like shooting down bombers, this is just utter BS. Nobody is going to fly as Bomber anymore with the alternate visibility enabled.
  13. Yes, of course it will! TAW has always been a "Full Real" server. I'm pretty sure they will stick to their principles. The recent campaign lasted for almost two months. Of course it would be nice, to have the full spectrum of planes in one campaign. I'm just a little afraid, what could happen, if you add 4 more maps to that. We might end up with a campaign that spans over 3 month or even longer. IMHO that's just too damn long. TAW is special, because it's so intense and challenging over a relatively short period of time. If a campaign goes on forever, it will lose a lot of this intensity. TAW will just become something more "common", that's just always there.
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