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  1. I really appreciate the historical research you guys did on the planeset. It's the pilot that matters most, not the plane. Just take a look at the Top5 Fighters, and see what those guys can do with their totally inferiour planes😁 . However, as past discussions in this thread have shown, a big part of the community does not share that opinion and prefers a more balanced planeset over a historical one. Maybe you should also take that into consideration. Since we don't have enough RAF planes available yet, this would be my suggestion for the planeset. It's only the Fighter/Attacker part, since the Bomber/Transport part of the current planeset is totally fine. Again, this is just a suggestion.. nothing more, nothing less😏.
  2. @=LG=Kathon Maybe you should just suspend the ongoing campaign and fix the problems with the airpressure and the durability values of the indestructable targets. Even if it would take you a few days, it's probably worth the wait.
  3. Don't want to get too philosophical, but one of the things that made TAW special, compared to the other 24/7 servers, was it's limited availability for only a certain time frame. Totally enjoyed that deep dive in to this hardcore campaign experience for a few weeks. The long break afterwards was just as important as the actual campaign itself. If i remember correctly there were only two campaigns a year, back when i first took part. That special feeling somehow got lost a little over time. I mean, if something is just there, almost all the time, it's just not special anymore! So @=LG=Kathon, @=L/R=todeskvlt (and all the others of the LG-Squad), if you ask me, you can do a really long break this time!
  4. Type of improvement: Multiplayer Gameplay Explanation of proposal: After joining a Multiplayer-Server, players have to choose a side first, before beeing allowed to see any Map or Briefing details (see attached image).In the current verision of the game, you have to choose a plane first before beeing assigned to a certain team. After that has happened you get a time penalty when switching sides. But the penalty does not apply, if you haven't picked a plane already. So it is a common practice to click on an airfield of the opposing side first, to get some intel about your enemies, like how many players did spawn on a certain airfield or to look for hidden objectives, e.g. Paratrooper dropzones on Tactical Air War. Getting this kind of intel about the opposing team gives you an unfair advantage. Benefits: With little effort, you get a lot more fairplay in multiplayer matches.
  5. 🤩fantastic work! thank you man, hope the devs see that post. one thing is still wrong, the word doesn't make any sense like this and there is also a typo in there. i know, german is complicated 😄 wrong: Gerätebel ausluechtung the correct version would be: Geräte beleuchtung literal translation for that is device lighting, which actually means Lighting for the Instruments (and other Devices) Edit: found a picture from an old bf 109 Manual:
  6. Already posted this in the screenshot section, but since it's TAW related... Yesterday afternoon on the Server: (Skins by JG4_Kruger)
  7. Another Ghostplane video, this time the server wasn't even that crowded. Playback the first Part in Slowmo. I zipped and uploaded the ingame trackfile, download link below(Ghostplane Bug happens at 08:26): https://workupload.com/file/Nt5Vq9tf46S
  8. This afternoon on TAW. (Skins by JG4_Kruger)
  9. That sums it up perfectly! Thanks for clearing that up, i think this is the kind of info the devs really can use! 👍 One thing i'd like to add to the MP Invisibilty Bug: It's not only shooting, that makes them visible. The moment the "invisible" plane triggers an action, like shooting, turning on nav lights, etc. the data about the plane (e.g. position) on the game client side gets updated and the plane pops in.
  10. Thanks to @=LG=Kathon and his team for this first version of the Western-Front-TAW! It was a first version of this TAW-Scenario, and for a "first version" it was pretty good! Despite all the complaints on the last pages of this thread, there was still some constructive criticism and good suggestions. This is what helps to make TAW better! Maybe we should focus on this kind of posts and try to keep all the personal bullshit out of here.
  11. Just did a few sorties on a crowded online server. This was the smoothest, stutter-free multiplayer-experience i had in a very long time, even with FPS-Limiter turned off! @Han, @Jason_Williams and your whole team, you did a great job guys! Thank you! 👍
  12. After we were done with our squadron's annual "New Year's Flight", somebody came up with a fantastic idea 😁
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