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  1. On 24th April 1942 the crew of 218 (Gold Coast) Sqn Stirling W7506 'HA-K' flying out of RAF Marham were tragically all killed when shot down over Southern Germany on their way to bomb the Skoda works at Pilsen. The raid was 'Operation Canonbury' and was considered to be at the extreme limits of aircraft and crew navigation capabilities at the time.. The crew of this Stirling included my Uncle whose role was flight engineer and mid upper gunner. The other 5 Stirlings reached the target area and bombed although they were unfortunately 1 - 2 miles off target. All research and evidence points to 'HA-K' being shot down by an Me110 piloted by Unteroffizier Haisch. One remarkable aspect of the story is that Haisch could not return to his base after the contact and crash landed at another. This, according to his account, was due to his aircraft being badly shot up by 'HA-K' during the nocturnal combat. Both crew members survived but the Me110 was assessed for damage and written off. Salute to them all. Sid
  2. You can also open the side windows on the A20 whilst flying by using the Open Canopy command. Extra wind noise and, with the side windows open, when you land and are taxiing the top entry/exit section automatically opens when you reach a particular slow safe speed.
  3. Hi Lemsip. Well done, very well put together, seeing the story unfold with text was a great idea. Seeing a large formation of Ju52s was excellent! Were the DFS 230s filmed elsewhere and then edited in? Cheerzen Sid
  4. Morning all. Virtually all of my flying is done online with my squad. We have been flying together for a long time and would like to find a way to enhance our experience by removing the aircraft icons from the briefing and mini maps available whilst flying in multiplayer with the exception of our own aircraft icon. There doesn't appear to be a game setting to do this and I am asking if this is something that has been done or if it possible to do with a mod. I have searched this and other forums but I can't find any references to it in any discussions. Cheerzen Sid
  5. Oh yes...very itchy. We were issued it in the Air Training Corps as cadets...uuuurgh...horrible.
  6. SidtheGit

    non-invasive mods?

    You can enable any mods at the moment on our server. If a mod does cause an issue then it could be disabled. None of the mods appear to give a competitive advantage as they are visual effects. There are many different sized monitors amongst us, some fly with VR, so if someone has an easier job spotting aircraft or objects it isn't a problem. We fly mostly for fun and banter and do include a bit of teamwork so advantages are shared really. If you are flying on there alone then who cares if you have an advantage over AI, we certainly don't. Are you familiar with installing mods via JSGME? All of the mods we use can be installed using this very reliable software. You don't have to use JSGME, we use it because if a mod creates an issue it's easy to uninstall it. With regard to the password, pop over to the DangerDogz and say hello. There is a thread for introducing yourself. We don't want a life history, just hello, say where you heard about us and that you'd like to fly on our server, perhaps even on our GBS evening. The Dogz will welcome you and give you the password. We are a very friendly pound and run a relaxed kennel. We use Teamspeak for comms. Any questions, just PM me. Cheerzen Sid
  7. SidtheGit

    non-invasive mods?

    Hi. The password protected server could well be the DangerDogz one that I fly on as DD_Sid. We have flown this server with mods on for pretty much all of the time mods have been available. We have no standard mod set that we use on GBS, unlike our IL2-46 evenings where issues occur so mods are limited. I fly with these, and they are also popular with most Dogz: Historically correct German official skins 4K Normalmaps 4K default skin replacements Correct Awards Draw Distance and emitters Polished canopies GUI background mute I have flown with: Navigator Mod Pilot in cockpit Sound-Adj-Mod but don't use them at the moment as they didn't suit me at the time. I am not aware of any issues caused by mods used by other Dogz flying and using the same or different mods on the server together. We are so used to flying with mods our server is always 'mods on' as we like to try different effects, enhance and test things a bit. Hope this helps. Cheerzen Sid
  8. Hi Jason Do you have enough British voices? I haven't volunteered as per your first post but I am volunteering a set of recordings in my English Worcestershire type accent. I have a set ready if you would like them. Cheerzen Sid
  9. Hi Cybermat, Salute my friend. I am a retired firefighter, started in 1979 and retired in 2014.....think I'd done enough by then. I was a wholetime (full time) UK firefighter for 32 years, doing all roles including blue light driving, instructing, running Watchs (shifts) and stations within Worcestershire during my time in. When I retired from Wholetime I went as a retained (part time) firefighter in charge of a part time Watch, sharing pumps and duties with Wholetime firefighters at my local station for 3 years. Absolutely loved it, miss the people and 'shouts' but not the admin cr@p that is always there. Glad I'm out now, my fellow retirees and me always greet each other with a smile. Get to go out for beer and curry with some a few times a year too. Couple of photos...one of me taking my fire kit off the truck at the end of my last shift as a Wholetime Watch Commander, the other (me circled) taken with my retained shift at a local airport where we did foam training. Take care mate, and stay safe. Best regards Sid
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