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  1. yep, is automatic and you get messages on repair status. only issue is that it doesn't count as a sortie until you jump into lobbie AFAIK
  2. G-suite and 150oct are definitely a thing. Does i make sense to add also Curtis or Hamilton airscrew into the whishlist? I mean... From... http://www.wwiiaircraftperformance.org/p-47/p-47.html
  3. Thanks for all the infos. I changed my convergence settings and started aiming more to pilot and fuel tanks. Is much better. Conv between 220m and 260m for dogfight using only 4 right or 4 left for long range helps alot. Thanks again.
  4. Hello. The P-47 is definetely my fav fighter in IL2. Thank you all for this thread, very interesting. I'm a junior but getting better day after day in MP against "easy" to fly fast 109/Dora. Considering the restriction of this simulation and MP this is the mission profile that I found more effective. 1. Take 50% fuel and extra rounds. Old gunsight comes with ball and better vis for deflection shoot. 2. Climb 20k and proceed to hot area for fast patrolling. Check six and ready to dive. 3. Start a shallow dive wide turn for max speed and good temp managment. MP/rpm depends ... external temp. 4. This is a wide turn end to 10k over "safest area". 5. If you find target during this wide turn, dive on them and aim to pilot/fuel tanks. (My conv is 240m but start firing at 300m probably) 6. If interception is negated and your are not on deck, zoom but never below 400mph and good SA. Else back home. 7. If wrong evaluation, manouver, bad SA, and you in deep shit for turnfight and cannot run away. Open radiators , 60% flsps or more and enjoy current FM with the Jug when light and slow... is a pain for a customer that has no support... try it in SP or some airquake server if you havent. 8. Always come back home on deck or dive. Never climb back. 9. If you come back with full water, you put you at risk. Is a fast mission and nice to repeat. The Jug is perfect for it, I just miss her famous roll rate, 150oct and more people to flight with it... Please share your mission profile compatible with Jug and IL2 MP! Thanks.
  5. Wow, basically cannons. That's explain everything and probably why the p47 and mc202 12.7 are very different. Thanks!
  6. Really? I did test the Mig3 12.7 UB and not the 20mm Ssvak which are very effective but not talking about them.
  7. Hello, I'm just a player with passion in aviation so sorry if I'm reporting something obviously or already discussed. This is just a straight reports after some hours of Mig and Jug. The planes that I really enjoy in Great Battles. Am I the only one that found Mig3 2xUB much more effective then 8xM2? Is not about accuracy or harmonization things... I did several tests , mostly in MP and looks more about weapons and damage is now model. I can see that Mig3 customers will burn with few rounds (109,190,ju88, doesn't matter). P-47 lucky customers instead will receive many rounds, basically loosing parts, punching oil/fuel tanks and radiators, much is ok but they need crazy number hits. 109 is going down but with with stronger is just much much easier with the Mig armament, unless a pilot kill. I'm sure the Mig3 (2xUB nose modification) is simulating incendiary rounds and P-47 mixed? http://www.368thfightergroup.com/P-47-armament.html http://www.russianammo.org/Russian_Ammunition_Page_25mm.html
  8. 56RAF_Roblex Thanks, that's because of YT compression on a 1440p looks great. But I'm quite sure with the 2070S didn't happen, I mean with diff graphic settings. BTW I record those 20sec with mission record , will try to reproduce again when new card is here. But my feeling is a missing data for the next LOD object.
  9. Hello, here below a strange issue, that I really hope doesn't happen with any other object. The ships will appear only if you zoom out, seems like the some LOD model is missing. Let me add that I'm using a backup video card, 1060, my new is broken and I have to reduce graphic options. Let me know if you need any more info! a
  10. You are welcome. May I suggest also a chart like this below? Just to help people that are using il2map.info to plan the flights.
  11. @Jade_Monkey is this correct for the P-51? "The aircraft is equipped with one fuel indicator with two needles for the forward and rear tanks." Looks a copy/paste from P-47 Thank you for this document was absolutely needed!
  12. this help me more then others, thinking as a modern HUD gun snake. We cannot feel gforces (manouvers + earth gforce) in simulation so it really helps to have an idea where your bullets will go.
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