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  1. I took the default "smooth" profile and made some tweaks to the sensitivity for the turn axes (look up/down/right/left) until I was happy. Jump in a quick mission, look around, tweak, look around. I think the default was too sensitive looking left/right and not enough up/down. Moving a few knobs was enough to get it right. Requiem's was way too sensitive for me.
  2. This is part of the reason I keep flying the included career mode in the Great Battles series, to encourage continued development of the unscripted campaigns.
  3. Landline vs mobile / wifi is more about latency and the lag it causes than it is about bandwidth. A mobile and/or wifi connection can get bursty, which still works okay for streaming (which buffers up packets) but can be very problematic for gaming where you want packets coming in as quick and steady as possible.
  4. It is the same AI, but the skill level of the AI pilots (friendly and enemy) is based on their career - beginning pilots are novice, and really experienced pilots with lots of kills are aces. It's the same AI you'd get in a QMB, but the individual pilots have their skill level set based on their experience, not what you choose in a drop-down. This makes for a more varied experience. Plus there is an added incentive for keeping your squad mates alive. https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/forum/99-pat-wilson-campaign-generator/
  5. Really if we got AI skill levels set in career the way they are in PWCG it would be a huge boost to career mode, in addition to reducing confusion over what the difficulty setting does.
  6. You may also want to delete data/input/devices. If you ran the game with CH Manager installed, this may be wrong, and deleting it lets the game figure out your new devices. I had some similar issues early on when I was getting my rig set back up and deleting this helped.
  7. Love the AI improvements in the new patch, need to play more career to see how they play out. One thing about career mode that is annoying me is a minor thing in the UI: for the pilot and squadron screens, I keep having to scroll past the long bio text to see the stats. I'll typically only read the bio maybe once, but I'm often curious about my stats and the status of my squadron. I'd like to see these swapped, put the stats and info at the top and make me scroll for the bio text.
  8. Bandwidth dealing with moving the extra pixels around?
  9. There are some simple queries I wish you could make over the radio: Where are you? Target on your six! The first would help with this issue. The second would prevent your flight from continuing to fly straight for home while you are trying to disrupt the enemy flight that is settling in to shoot them down.
  10. Seems like something a quick utility to do, swapping out the input config files based on your choice before running the sim?
  11. My Mig-3 campaign in Moscow is recording my kills so far, although I've seen "a vehicle" show up in the debrief in the last mission or two. I'll keep a closer eye on it.
  12. One of my early missions in the campaign had a weird story around this. 4 of us in Mig-3s flying a patrol along the front, no contacts. We start to head for home when I finally spy some dots. Since we're headed for home, my flight leader totally ignores them. I make a very poor turn to get in position, but they blow past much faster than me and dive on my 3 flight mates. Two of my flight peel off, but the totally oblivious flight leader continues to fly straight as all 3 202s line him up, ignoring my the other two Migs, and settle in as I'm screaming to catch up. They open fire, he takes damage and breaks off heading to an emergency field nearby. The 202s follow, I follow them, and the other pair of my teammates are having fun helpfully watching the whole thing unfold. I start catching up and manage to ping the trailer. He breaks off leaking stuff, and a bit later one of my teammates finishes him off. As I close back in, my leader is frantically calling for landing clearance, and their leader is closing in on him, continuing to snipe. As we all bunch up, the lead 202 lands a good hit, but he's way too close and smashes into my leader. Both break up and the bits fall no-too-far to the ground under us. That leaves one for me that I'm already saddled up on and don't take long to finish him off. The fun part was something in the game (likely) or PWCG (maybe? but I know it heavily uses the game results that don't always make sense) gave credit for the downing of the lead 202 to my remaining teammate, so each of us that survived got credit for one kill. But those 202s followed that leader all the way to the emergency field, which I kind of liked. All the way to our field deep behind the lines? No. All the pretty short way to the emergency field close to the front? Sure thing.
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