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  1. It's not just overall load, but how many amps each line puts out. Different power supplies might have differences here, note the picture posted of the 850 vs the 1000, and note the 850 is putting out 20A on the 3.3V lines while the 1000 puts out 25A on the same lines. You need to check the cards peak power draw for its required power lines and make sure the supply can provide that.
  2. People start counting at 1. Computers (and often programmers) start counting at 0, because we deal in offsets from the start.
  3. PWCG has its own forum area here and is very much supported. PWCG is the only option (for now) for career mode for Flying Circus PWCG has a much larger variety of missions and variability of missions, while the standard career focuses more on historical missions. The negative here is putting up with the occasional buggy mission in PWCG, although Pat is very quick to jump on these issues. If variety and surprise are your key goals, definitely PWCG. In both using air starts helps reduce flight times, although there is no way around those really long escort mis
  4. Just started a Flying Circus career, flying Spads for the 94th Aero US Squadron. Two bugs encountered: The US Career default date is 1/5/18, but there are no squadrons available. I had to select 1/6/18 to get the 94th Aero to pop up. The mission is right at the edge of the flyable area. I started getting "Turn North!" warnings after takeoff when we turned back to the first patrol waypoint. When returning home to land, that waypoint was off the area, and the game took over the plane before we reached it to start the landing approach. I was unable to attempt (and likely fail miserabl
  5. The part where he tries to get a video card is way too true...
  6. Missed this earlier - I'm still stuck with a GTX 970 until a 3070 or 3070Ti or other ~$500 Nvidia board gets in stock.
  7. I upgraded to a Core i5-10600k ($280). Base clock at 4.1, typically runs around 4.5 on my machine. For the motherboard I went with the ASUS TUF Gaming Z490-PLUS (WiFi) because it gave my Bluetooth. Plenty of other good Z490 motherboards out there.
  8. #2, since you'll be lucky to find a graphics card upgrade in stock unless you want to pay the scalpers, and please don't feed the scalpers. Save up for the graphics card and buy it once the stock situation fixes itself.
  9. The game handles the aspect ratio fine, it's a question of can your video card handle that many pixels.
  10. I tried Best Buy for a 3070 on launch day (and I had my birthday discount then...) where the card was supposed to be reserved once you clicked "checkout", and on two separate occasions before they were all gone I lost out after that point when I clicked the Payment button. I prefer Best Buy for more of my electronics purchases now, but that was very, very annoying.
  11. My Dell ultra wide with a slight curve is really nice. When doing work it's nice to either have two windows side-by-side, or one window that is truly centered with no bezel running down the middle. I did play with my TrackIR head tracking to get sensitivities right for left/right vs up/down.
  12. Just go left 3/4 of a turn... 2 wrongs don't make a right, but 3 lefts do!
  13. My 10600K was $270 from Best Buy back at the beginning of November.
  14. Not only can I not find a 3070 to buy, I can't find a 2070 Super or 2060 Super. I'm not about to give the scalpers / resellers any money, so I'll just coast with the 970 a while longer. My money ended up going for a motherboard/CPU upgrade (ASUS TUF Z490-PLUS WIFI and a Core i5 10600K), now we'll see what's available in the spring. To add to the discussions about what's going on, this is not just happening with video cards. Try buying a popular lego set, Amazon will be full of resellers with a 25%+ markup and Amazon itself and even lego.com will be OOS. Or buy sports tickets to a popular te
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