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  1. Hello! I was wondering if I could possibly change my texture quality outside of the game? It seems there nothing inside of the actual game?
  2. Ok - no reason to download and play then. Thanks for the info!
  3. So I built a new computer recently and dont have the game downloaded. Is the game setup for LAN and private servers? Or is this still not added?
  4. The multiplayer layout of this game is seriously not appealing at all. Where is the ability to make your own pirvate server and just fly with some buddies? Incredible that this has been overlooked this far down the line. The small numbers "enjoying" this game is everything it deserves in its current state. I hope it changes for the better I really do.
  5. Eyek


    Wow - pretty incredible.
  6. Eyek


    Ability to create a LAN / private server? Is this still not implemented?
  7. Right ok - I guess we shall wait and see then! Thanks for the replies
  8. Am I going to be able to run my own LAN server? I often enjoy playing IL-2 with my buddy. Do you guys know if LAN is coming to this game? Kinda surprised its not actually already implemented but hey... still early days I guess.
  9. when my trackIR is deactivated. Home, End, Delete, Insert and such dont do a thing. Even though they are mapped?
  10. haha yeah its funny you know - I tried this.. appears to do nothing. What a mess.
  11. So theres a video floating around on the forum here showin you how to change pilots head. I turn off trackir - head is completely still. I press Home Key.. Nothing I press End key nothing. Checked my controls - all of the head possition controls are mapped to those keys yet nothing will make his head move. Any ideas would be great - thanks guys!
  12. As the title says. We both have Mics, TIR and HOTAS setup. Looking for mature team playing squad. We play 1946, BOS, DCS and BMS. Not amazing skill level with prop planes but eager to learn! Any suggestions would be much appreciated! Cheers
  13. Hi - I use opentrack and here is my profile which I have spent some time making very responsive. Add this into a settings file. [PointTracker] CameraId=0 CameraF=@Variant(\0\0\0\x87?\x80\0\0) CameraResX=640 CameraResY=240 CameraFPS=75 CameraRoll=0 CameraPitch=0 CameraYaw=0 PointExtractThreshold=54 PointExtractThresholdSecondary=177 PointExtractMinSize=3 PointExtractMaxSize=30 PointModelM01x=@Variant(\0\0\0\x87\0\0\0\0) PointModelM01y=@Variant(\0\0\0\x87\x42 \0\0) PointModelM01z=@Variant(\0\0\0\x87\xc1\xf0\0\0) PointModelM02x=@Variant(\0\0\0\x87\0\0\0\0) PointModelM02y=@Variant(\0\0\0\x87\xc2\x8c\0\0) PointModelM02z=@Variant(\0\0\0\x87\xc2\xa0\0\0) tMHx=@Variant(\0\0\0\x87\x42\xe0Op) tMHy=@Variant(\0\0\0\x87\xc2.P@) tMHz=@Variant(\0\0\0\x87\x42\xe'\x80) DynamicPoseResolution=true VideoWidget=true SleepTime=2 ResetTime=1000 EnableRoll=false EnablePitch=true EnableYaw=true EnableX=true EnableY=true EnableZ=true [PointTrackerDialog] ActiveModelPanel=0 CustomM01x=0 CustomM01y=40 CustomM01z=-30 CustomM02x=0 CustomM02y=-70 CustomM02z=-80 ClipTopHeight=40 ClipTopLength=30 ClipBottomHeight=70 ClipBottomLength=80 CapHalfWidth=40 CapHeight=60 CapLength=100 [Tracking] invertYaw=true invertPitch=true invertRoll=false invertX=false invertY=false invertZ=false tcomp-rz=true compensate=true rx_alt=false ry_alt=false rz_alt=false tx_alt=false ty_alt=false tz_alt=false zero_tx=0 zero_ty=0 zero_tz=0 zero_rx=0 zero_ry=0 zero_rz=0 [GameProtocol] DLL=libopentrack-proto-freetrack.dll [TrackerSource] DLL=libopentrack-tracker-pt.dll 2ndDLL= [Filter] DLL=libopentrack-filter-accela.dll [Accela] rotation-alpha=20.1 translation-alpha=20.1 deadzone=0 exponent=2.85 second-order-alpha=8.1 third-order-alpha=8.1 axis-0=1.5 axis-1=1 axis-2=1 axis-3=0.8 axis-4=0.8 axis-5=1.25 [Curves-rx] point-count=2 point-0-x=0 point-0-y=0 point-1-x=31.6000003814697 point-1-y=180 [Curves-ry] point-count=1 point-0-x=25.1000003814697 point-0-y=90 [Curves-rz] point-count=0 [Curves-tx] point-count=1 point-0-x=18.1071434020996 point-0-y=22.5 [Curves-ty] point-count=1 point-0-x=18.25 point-0-y=48 [Curves-tz] point-count=1 point-0-x=20.7142848968506 point-0-y=60 [Curves-tx_alt] point-count=0 [Curves-ty_alt] point-count=1 point-0-x=23.1071434020996 point-0-y=0 [Curves-tz_alt] point-count=1 point-0-x=21.8571434020996 point-0-y=12 [Curves-rx_alt] point-count=0 [Curves-ry_alt] point-count=1 point-0-x=9.80000019073486 point-0-y=68.5 [Curves-rz_alt] point-count=0 [KB_Shortcuts] Shift_Center=true Ctrl_Center=false Alt_Center=false Key_index_Center=55 Shift_Toggle=false Ctrl_Toggle=false Alt_Toggle=false Key_index_Toggle=0 [FT] UsedInterface=0 [FTIR] useTIRViews=false useDummyExe=true
  14. Ah that's good news I am happy it worked out for you!
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