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  1. Had the Odyssey since last Xmas. Works fine for me. Does seem to require a good light source. Been experimenting with IR spectrum; works better than UV. Recommend it for now. Lighter and smaller would be better.
  2. Thanks for the replies. If I may offer an excerpt from the preface of the above mentioned book: Hugh Popham joined the Fleet Air Arm in the summer of 1940 and was soon in training as a pilot at HMS Vincent and then Yeovilton; thereafter his wartime career as a naval pilot took him to the far corners of the world, notably to the Indian Ocean where he had to contend against the Japanese.
His story is one of a naval fighter pilot having to do his best with hopelessly inadequate planes. First the Sea Hurricanes, and then the Supermarine Seafires, proved to be less than brilliant machines, the Seafire proving far too fragile for the rigors of carrier operations. So the Hurricane would suffice, and as mentioned arrestor hooks could be omitted for take-off only. While this was not hugely successful, the Fleet Air Arm is quite intriguing and would make for some exciting rough weather missions. If I knew how to code... An existing destroyer with a flat top would permit practice, with the elevator being a triggered despawn instead of an actual animation. THANKS again men! ~S~
  3. This post can easily be deleted if I am badly out of touch. BUT... has anyone ever coded an airfield that floats and looks like a carrier? Seems I remember that attempt long ago, but with all the TF updates, and a l o n g absence on my part, do not know where we stand. After recently reading Sea Flight: The Wartime Memoirs of a Fleet Air Arm Pilot by Hugh Popham I want nothing more than to drop off the deck of the HMS Indomitable and chase some Maltese Falcons. Well, maybe that in VR, but for now is there an object that mimics a carrier? Thanks - and sorry if I am the only one who is clueless on this. ~S~ wuff
  4. A way's away from conquering the all possibilities laid out so far, and looking forward to some more combat this winter, even better with VR when. Would hate to see another gifted Sim run off the edge while trying to serve more than 1 Ceasar. You devs be true to what brought everyone in the first place, your vision, and it'll work out. Thanks -
  5. Beautiful AC and shot Mr. Grey, but what's wrong with the terrain? Has anybody noticed that?
  6. TY Zak, Much Good Luck on the results of the near future. I've always wanted to ask if there was a way to put a combat sight "off" switch, so the reticle would not be on continuously. Also nice work on the coolant and oil temps; vital to proper EM. Maybe carb heat, too in the future. Best New Year to all, Tally HO !
  7. Sweet! Gonna be hard to come close to this in any Sim. These three7 boys better stick to their A game! Perhaps they should consider consulting with TF. I know the windscreen shimmer brought this up a notch.
  8. Thanks Buck for putting your finger on what was bothering me about the direction of this well coded program. Perhaps it is design by committee, with the investors having a say, I dunno. But that is exactly what makes CLoD a cult classic, no pretense. Seems what we say doesn't carry much weight, insofar as strategy of direction. But to ignore the mature ( over 50 ) market is leaving a resource untapped.
  9. So development is arrested after 40 according to the "gaming community"? Where the hell do you think that box you're plugged into came from? I know, get out of the way, Grandpa... song remains the same.
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