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  1. What is the consensus on this? I have traditionally been solidly in the trackIR camp, as flight with my first generation Vive made me a little uncomfortable. However, I picked up a Rift S not too long again and jumped into DCS with it and have not looked back since. I absolutely love it. I will probably go back to trackIr on occasion since I also love my monitor monted cougar MFDs with exported digital display, but the sensation of flight in VR is just fantastic. I dallied in Tank Crew with the Vive and loved the potential, but spotting targets was very difficult and as I primarily used keyboard and mouse to control, I found that I was constantly needing to raise the headset to see the keyboard. I haven't tried flight or tank crew with the Rift S, but hope to in the very near future. I guess I'm just curious how most people in the community prefer to play. Thanks.
  2. ^Thank you. Good info. there, but it is from September...would still be nice to see a status update so we know if things are still on track.
  3. What is the status of development on Tank Crew? I don’t see much in the official news letters and it seems that there has not been an update or patch released in quite some time. Is development stagnating on this? I’ll confess some concern seeing the general lack of activity in the forum and absence of any official news? Is it some place else and I’m just missing it? I think the VR experience so far is great and I really want to see this interesting project completed successfully! Thanks.
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