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  1. The problem is that ASW is forced on and the ctrl+1,2,3,4 shortcuts are no longer working. Its just automatically on and I cant shut the thing off. The problem seems to have only happened once I installed the new nvidia drivers, but it makes no sense on how that would make ASW stuck in auto/enabled
  2. I know one other person is having the same issue. Anyone else having it or have figure out a solution?
  3. Just wanted to say, the VR implementation and performance I'm getting is fantastic. Keep up the good work =)
  4. I'm able to launch IL2 in split screen and it auto-starts vrserver.exe from steamvr AND the game follows my Rifts head tracking, but I can't get the image in my headset. Hmmm, anyone have any ideas?
  5. So I just wanted to throw this out there... Would it be possible to have light flashes from gun hits added or made more pronounced if they're supposed to be in there already?. I've been watching a ton of WW2 combat footage and its seems like its really quite easy to see hits where as in il2 I'm looking at a small poof of smoke if anything at all. Here are some videos for reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vfYMtSiFuIc
  6. Can we get some sort of acknowledgment on this issue? It only started with the most recent patch and its getting really atrocious.
  7. Why do so many people shy away from playing online... like 90% of combat flying is the human component.
  8. still getting this issue... I get a spinning grey circle when i click start and it says please wati forever until i alt f4. or sometime i jsut dont get the start menu at all and have to spectate then end spectate to get the function back. this started happening with the latest patch.
  9. It appears the devs will be going with a more DCS-ish(though not as extreme) style of development having a lot of modularity within a larger game. I for one think its a great idea from a funding and design standpoint that provides a lot more longevity to the title. My hope is that they continue to listen to the major player base and open up a little more about their upcoming designs and features to create more of a dialogue. I am pleased with the direction they have been going in the last few weeks versus around the time just before and during the launch.
  10. This appears to have broken two patches ago, I was hoping it might get fixed withe the latest, but it was not. Whn you tab in multi monitor all you can see is the grey background of the scoreboard but thats it. Really needs to be fixed to what it was.
  11. ducs

    German 20Mm

    It's really with the patch before the last that I've noticed any sort of difference. I've now seen on multiple occasions of putting a lot of 20's on target and it not doing any where near the amount of damage it did before. Enough for me to actually notice and ask the question. Has anyone else noticed this or am I just nuts.
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