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  1. Well deserved Requiem, may your channel as the player base keep growing! If I were the fortunate one to receive the blessing of the air god, I would appreciate Battle of Bodenplatte. Either way, I wish you the best, and I'll be expectant of any new releases in the channel. Nothing brightens a gloomy day like seeing Req posting away! Best wishes from Uruguay friend!
  2. Wow, thank you all for such prompt response. It's all clear now. Legion I added you in steam, and SAG I joined the channel, so I'll be seeing you both around. Thank you all for the support, I'm really glad to have found this friendly community. Have a good one, all!
  3. Hey all, First of all, hello to this wonderful community, you seem like a cool bunch. Now, although I've been flying for a while I never got to the multiplayer aspect of it until now. I got BOS in the alpha, and transferred to Steam, just so I would have it organised with the rest of games and sims, and until now this didn't worry me because I flew alone. But as I scrolled among the forums, I noticed some tendency towards the client, instead of Steam. Now, I ask because I want to purchase the BOM and BOK expansions as well, and I don't want to mess up. Will I be able to access all servers, both from Steam and the client either way, or are they exclusive servers for each platform? If anyone would be so kind to help me in this matter I would appreciate it a lot. Besides, if anyone would like to voice chat and maybe help me get introduced into the multiplayer world, squad up, or just chat around about planes, or whatever comes It'd be great, for I don't know any active simmers. Thanks in advance to all. Cheers!
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