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  1. Im gonna request a transfer soon in my BoBP career and join a fw190A8 squadron. I reckon the AI might struggle with the A too since the tail wheel functions the same damn annoying way. We'll see how that goes
  2. Exactly what happened to me a while ago. Do they carry loadouts? Strong wind conditions? I remember the AI had an easier time taking off without bombs. Not very practical when you must attack armored columns though.
  3. I'd like to read something 'official' about it, a report from a pilot or something, because from my pov, it should behave differently, but not so much better that you can jump back into the fight and be successful. Your plane should act in a more predictable way if missing the stabilizer entirely, but elevator authority should drop in a more significant manner I think. Again, I could very well be wrong. But I feel like as of now, a damaged stabilizer is 'overmodelled' and a missing one is 'undermodelled'. Maybe this topic should be moved from complains to another secti
  4. Blew in my face earlier when I flew 190A5 in Kuban. I got my tail section damaged by AAA during a railway junction attack. One horizontal stabilizer suffered significant damage. It did look bad but the way the plane behaved was way worse. It felt like surfing in a tropical storm. The only thing left to do was to fly home and hope to land without killing myself during landing. I came accross P-39s though. An head on happened. I missed the target obviously because there was no way I could aim accurately, and I kind of pushed the stick hard to avoid a collision; the stress of the maneuver ripped
  5. 1. Airfield attacks I noticed that, the only time an enemy airfield will be heavily defended and actually retaliate is if its actually your primary target. Any other enemy airfield will have like only 2 flak guns and a searchlight to defend it and they wont even fire at you. You will be free to strafe all parked planes unhindered. That definately needs improvement. More guns that will actually do something eventually, maybe scramble fighters too? 2. Vehicles, armor columns, trains. Ok. Why do we never cross any tank or vehicle columns unless its your primary
  6. Agreed @Jason_Williams I do think its a more of a bug than something wrong done by the player since it also affects AI.
  7. Why was this topic moved to the tips section? As I said, this also affects the AI. To the person who moved this topic to this section: Whats your advice to prevent the AI from making donuts with the Dora during takeoffs in case of strong winds? Is there any tutorial to help the AI taking off with the Me262 with the 2x sc250 payload in case of strong winds ? Thank you
  8. Never experienced such a thing in any other campaign. BoBP does have the strongest winds I've seen in this game. Up to 28m/s around alt 2km.
  9. Wind has very strange effect on takeoff sometimes. I had a Dora career a while ago and I remember for a couple of missions in a row I could barely take off myself and most AI planes would end up making donuts. It was even worse when carrying loadouts. Something kind of similar happened in my 262 career. Sometimes, no one was able to take off with bombs. The plane simply fail to reach take off speed. Everyone, me and my AI wingmen would end up in a tree eventually.
  10. It would be great if this command would actually work instead of firing a flare.
  11. From 5/ 7 oclock low, oil radiator. Also I find the tail section a bit fragile, I never read anything saying it was a weakness for the IL2 before though. Most of the time though, accumulated damage will make the IL2 nosedive and crash. Pilot kills and fires are very rare which is realistic.
  12. Second worst thing that happened in-game because of this cat...here's the top just for shits and giggles, I was playing silent hunter, middle of a large enemy convoy and I had just sunk a southampton class, I was in silent run slowly going deeper and deeper at 2 knots to escape escort. Then the cat jumps and stomps. In a mere second, flank speed was ordered and time compress was activated. A few printscreens were taken too hahaha. So when I took back the control of my u-boat I had one town class and one black swan frigate on my ass. I got depthcharged like it was black May.... The
  13. Ah, I see. Thanks for the info. Funny story about the mustang whistling, my cats hate that sound, especially the elder one, once I was flying P-51, he jumped on the keyboard and stomped all over it and before I could do anything 8x time compress was activated and I stalled and spinned...and died.
  14. Talk about a coincidence, I was reading about that subject yesterday precisely. Many people still think that its the supercharger or the radiator but thats from the MG ports and the whistling increases intensity with G's.
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