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  1. I heard he was able to manipulate midiclorians enough to create damage out of .50. Then he died, like an idiot, killed by his rookie wingman in his sleep. However this rookie wingman became an ace without anyone noticing anything weird and managed to win the war by himself, destroying 10 000 enemy grounded planes with his new wingman because the enemy pilots were too busy doing nothing at their HQ's.
  2. Yeah this, I bought an X56 rhino and it was certainely not to control rpm by pressing rctrl + r on the keyb to increase it haha. The real challenge is to map it on your thottle to ensure you wont waste precious time in a dog fight remembering what button opens the coolant radiator shutters for instance. Once its ergonomical and it suits you and you remember it, you are in business, but you gotta spend some time on it and make the proper adjustements to reach max efficiency. About management, sometimes we call it complex engine management and the word complex seems to scare people away from it but it is no rocket science really. Read about it to understand what mixture, throttle, manifold pressure, rpm and prop pitch means and how they interact with each others, watch a few good tutorial videos on it *wink wink* and try it. You'll master it quickly and tell yourself that you will NEVER go back to auto engine management.
  3. Whats the problem with the Mustang then? Ok the .50 right now is underpowered. But apart from that it has superb handling? I remember the coolant radiator overheating quickly but I didnt fly it since a while ago.
  4. This is easily one of the most exciting possible setting they could offer us. I dont remember ever seeing this theater of operations implemented in any ww2 airwar sim I've tried. Thats what I had in mind when I started this thread and mentionned maybe a mediterranean setting instead; Malta.
  5. I like it. I remember kind of liking the IAR 80 from the old IL2. I mean it was adequate considering it was a romanian plane. I thought about the DO-17 too. If memory serves it saw very limited action on the Eastern front because most of the DO-17s by June 1941 were already replaced by Ju88.
  6. I'd also like a operation Barbarossa setting June 41 to get the I-153, SB-2, DB-3....but I dont really see what german planes you could add apart from almost identical variants of planes we already have.
  7. Greetings everyone. With BON looming, are there thoughts for a future release which could add some late war planes such as the TU-2, the Yak 3, La7, 190F8 etc etc. Or will it go into a completely different direction with a pacific or mediterranean setting? What would you guys like after BON? Or is it the last installment before the release of a bran new sim with a new engine?
  8. Makes perfect sense. Thanks. I wish they would still find a way to update BoBp so sometimes high alt fights would happen for a change. Right now its sooo redundant. More like outrunning a 109 in a I-16
  9. For those who have BoBp careers going on right now. How many fights happen 5km or above? I have a Spit career and a Me262 career going. Of course for the 262 its a fighter bomber career so we stay low but in my Spit career we always fly superiority/cover missions at around 2km. I would expect some high alt fights from time to time. I completed a Dora career when BoBp was released a while ago and it was always low alt too around 2km....against Tempest...yikes. Is that realistic?
  10. I remember reading about an american P-47 ace who fought German planes in 44-45, was it Gabresky? Not sure. What I clearly remember is that he mentionned to avoid engaging german fighters under 6000km unless there's absolutely no other choice or with a significant alt/number advantage. Point is, the P-47 is pretty good at diving. Way better diver than dogfighter. Remember that when you spot a decent number of german fighters under 6km.
  11. Exactly, that has always been my point, I should'nt have to mod a game so it will do the basic things it should do since its launch. Imagine having to mod Doom eternal because the end boss doesnt spawn and the devs didnt fix it after 11 updates. Makes absolutely no sense.
  12. BoBp careers leave much to be desired and theres place for massive improvement. Each and every update Im hoping for it... In my Spit IX career there are huge amount of 190A8s every single time. I chose the dense setting for this career but I'd still expect our side to have the number's advantage which is not the case 75% of the time. Another thing that bothers me is that in most BoBp careers, there is only one type of plane on your side in each mission. If you fly Spitfire, there will only be Spitfires. Your squadron of course, but if there's another one it'll be spitfires too. They need to add more depth to these campaigns, more variety. Compare it to the Kuban careers, where so much can happen, its never the same or almost. And in Kuban, the germans are most of the time in inferior numbers (I'm always facing impossible or almost odds in my 190A5 career). So why are the Germans so numerous in BoBp? Feels like they produce 100x 190s a day and clone veteran pilot. I've been very vocal about it, please devs, time to put some serious work on improving BoBp careers.
  13. Just for the record, I just flew a Yak 1 mission in my Stalingrad career and decided to go with 75% mixture. I dont know if its a coincidence or not but Im gonna have to say that I felt an excellent performance output from my engine only tweaking rpm a bit from time to time and throttling while leaving mixture at 75% all the way. I shot down 4 Gustavs and an Emil. I even felt I had a speed advantage over the Gustavs most of the fight. Impressive result man. In my next mission I definately will be using 75% mixture after takeoff. Thanks for the tip.
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