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  1. Well, I dont know how hard for them it is to fix this. This about this. Since Bodenplatte got released, if you fly german in a career, the P-38 and P-51 dont spawn. Never. Its only tempests and P-47s, all the time. They know about it. They've known it for a long while. Its still not fixed and they might never fix it. Let that sink in. I know, it sucks. I've been told a while ago that improving careers was still part of the plan. I'll believe it when I'll see it.
  2. Good point. It should be there, used a lot for emergency resupplying if memory serves. The question is, did the russian send fighters patrolling above german controlled territory to intercept Ju52's carrying supplies? Im currently reading BCRS vol 3 but I'm still in the 'road to Stalingrad' part.
  3. Yeah Ive seen a couple of Ju88s in Kuban but its very rare. Indeed its Stukas most of the time, even for bombing missions deep into the russian territory on airfields and railway junction stations perfectly suited for the 111 and the 88. Its doesnt really make sense and its been mentionned here a while ago but never fixed. But if they work on campaign improvements they need to prioritize Bodenplatte careers because its a mess right now and its been the case since it was released. The issues that plague Bodenplatte careers have been mentionned here countless times and nothing improved unfortunately as of now. Im kind of giving up on career improvements at this point.
  4. Considering that I can shred to bits 3 or 4 P-47s with only 250/300 rounds of german 13mm....I dont think that replacing AP .50 by HE .50 as a temporary quick fix would be a solution. We would go from underpowered to overpowered.
  5. They are aware of the problem. They probably dont answer because they have no idea how to fix it without creating even worse issues. Right now, we have to accept the 'fact' that a single UBS turret is far more efficient to destroy a 109 than 6x .50 MGs.
  6. Whats your point? Dont engage the enemy because you could lose? Engaging the MiGs escort was actually the safer thing to do. Ignoring them and pursue the IL2s with 6x MiGs on our tail, that would have been wreckless.
  7. Thats how I see it too now. I got a mission failed yesterday in a 110 because we were supposed to intercept IL2s but we got jumped by many MiGs before. I shot down 5, after being damaged early on, and saved the life of another 110. Mission failed because we didnt destroy any IL2, but satisfying as hell.
  8. Bump. I have more than 450 kills in my Kuban german career but I havent seen a single Yak 9 in the skies. None. Its August or September 1943 and I still see Yak 1b's from times to times but no Yak 9? Why? Edit : we should actually start to see the Yak 9 in Stalingrad, late December 1942. https://airpages.ru/eng/ru/yak9.shtml
  9. So, yesterday I was in my 109 and I got hit by very few UBS bullets from a IL2 1943 turret. You should have seen my left wing. It was barely holding together, a swiss cheese. I've never been able ton inflict such structural damage to a german plane with .50. Not even with 750 rounds. Im pretty sur that both the DM and the .50 are a problem here.
  10. Funny that the P-38 is so loud in the game when it was known as a pretty quiet plane actually because of the turbochargers. Definately an issue that needs to be corrected asap. The question is, will it actually be corrected?
  11. The Mustang becomes totally unflyable after taking some damage to the tail section. Unrecoverable nose dive. Most planes are hard to control after taking damage to some degree to the tail but for the Mustang, its pathetic, you take a few HE rounds to your tail and you better hope you have enough time to bail out.
  12. My wingmen when I fly p-51 are not doing worse than in any other plane. The AI isnt the reason why it doesnt spawn. I have no clue what they mean by 'configuration problem'. Its certainely not a type of missions available related problem because there's a lot of intercept bombers scrambles (A-20s or B-25s) when flying Dora/262 kommando Nowotny so it would be logical to have a Mustang escort as your enemy but instead its Tempests Tempests Tempests which doesnt make sense. I myself do a lot of escort bombers missions when flying the mustang. I really dont understand why they wont spawn when flying german and why it isnt fixed yet after a whole year and 9 updates. As for the P-38, I'm not sure how widely it was used in Bodenplatte in late 44/45, Im pretty sure it was still used to perform recon missions at least. And you can yourself have a P-38 career in Bodenplatte (I flew P-38 before switching to Mustang in early 45) so it must be historically accurate? So they should at least sporadically spawn when flying german?
  13. Hmmm, I have a P-51 career going and apart from the puny .50 and the coolant that oveeheats VERY quickly, I like how the plane feels. Avoid taking off with max load fuel. More often than not 50% will be enough. The Mustang was known as being tricky to fly when loaded with fuel. Oh and yes, it does become unflyable as soon as the tail is damaged though. The P-51 and the P-38 will never spawn if you fly german. Its totally unrealistic and makes the career extremely redundant, and its been the case since the game was released. Either the devs have known it from the start and didnt fix it, or they just dont know it at all or have learn about it lately and still have to fix the issue. At any rate, its totally unnacceptable. Lukeff lately told me 'they dont spawn because of the way the game is configured'. Ok? FIX IT. At least show that you care a little bit damn it.
  14. Oh yeah, flying german in the Bodenplatte career instead, you wont be stuck with the powerless .50. Instead you will always encouter the same enemy planes (tempests and p-47s) because the P-38 and P-51 dont spawn because of the 'way it is configured right now' and you can fully appreciate the AI flying the Me262 in such a grand way that it makes the .50 look like a w.m.d. right now. Fascinating option! Yep, I'd rather fly the P-51 peashooter right now than suffering a german Bodenplatte career.
  15. A simple way to illustrate the problem with the .50 right now is that your opponent will go from fully operationnal to dead in a heartbeat every single time. You can spend 800 bullets on a target or 45 to get a kill, but this kill will be a shot pilot or a fire. The structural damage wont pile up so you wont see the performance of your opponent degrade until his demise. With .50, it'll go from 100% to 0% straight away, the real question is how many bullets will you need? I got a 7 kills sortie with the Mustang. But I also get plenty of frustrating 3's. It is simply an aberration that a 109 can operate to nominal performance after eating 375 .50 bullets.
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