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  1. My problem seems to have vanished, now when I pause trackir, I can use my HAT or mouse to look around.
  2. Imagine when you pause your Trackir while you looking somewhere. problem is it snaps back to that no matter what now. Now without this "bug" previously (while trackir is paused) when you use mouse to look around you could do that, or you could use a snap view or any view input other than mouse would "re-center" the view. Now the view simply goes back to the paused trackir position. - that's the problem Its very important as I used it to properly recenter my view.trackir, and also for comfort of using other view types and methods when suited (not at the same time) trackir is paused other views not working
  3. Yup it's pretty nice, I had my bos version switched from non steam to steam. Ease of use, and allows me to support the devs at the same time.
  4. I tried hitting ^ once and it had no effect. and the view mode, be it gradual, instant, pan view has no effect either on the bug.
  5. I see I'm not the only one. I have yet to fix the problem will keep updated. My problem is exactly as you describe, and the purpose of doing so is pretty much the same too. pressing esc helps until unpause of trackir I did contact support yesterday and I don't think they understood my question as the answer I got was something along the lines of "you can only use 1 view (trackir) at a time".
  6. I just tested and no, it did not fix the problem. I thought this had to be the thing I was missing but no. Im stumped as to what it is, starting to think it's maybe something not related to the game. I've never had this problem before, it happened after I updated my video driver but I cant blame that because it was working shortly after updating the driver. Until I started messing around getting re-acquainted with BOS about an hour later I noticed the view snapping back to the trackir pause position. I know Its not a big deal or at least it doesn't seem like it, but i've flown for a few years and those are the tendencies and/or habits i've gained. they are thrown off now by such a trivial thing like this. it feels weird getting used to only trackir. Still I hope I can find a solution but I haven't a clue what triggered it. So i'll get used to this as is for the time being
  7. I've used t16000 for years and I've never needed to use target
  8. Simply put when i pause trackir and use a snap view, or return to center, gun sight view the view snaps back to the paused trackir location as soon as i let go of the snapview/default center/gunsight view. Problem being, when I press one of those views, i want it to go and stay where i put it. not snap back to the paused trackir position. F9 does not help-switching from pan to gradual or instant snap is not doing anything. Its as if some unknown command was set off that will not let me use a view other than trackir as I intend to. And i know its stupidly simple whatever it is. Ive looked through view and head control keybindings for hours. Nothing i try is working. If I keep going ill probably cause more problems than I started with. I mainly use Trackir5 in combat, takeoff and landing. I use snap views and mouse for general flying and looking at instruments. As it is now I cant play comfortably at all. If someone can let me know what mysterious command I set off or how to reset all settings I'd be most thankful.
  9. Is there someway to reset all settings. I cant fix this if my life depended on it been trying for hours and nothing is working.
  10. Ive just tried this and its still doing same thing. even if I use mouse to look around while trackir is paused once i stop input it returns to the pre paused trackir position
  11. Now this same problem happened to me and I dont understand what has changed... when I pause Trackir and use HAT switch it used to always return view to center in gun sight..now it returns to where view was paused at and there is no way for it to be changed back it seems. I didnt change any keybinding. Can anyone help me out here? only way to fix it is if i press esc, while tracklir is paused then any snap view movement automatically centers back to the centered view but as soon as i unpause tracker and pause again and use a snap view once i release it goes back to the paused location and not back to default center view...
  12. didn't know there was an option... thanks
  13. What I like about DCS or even CLOD is that you really need to watch your instruments, know whats what etc.. In bos/bom you have technochat that tells you everything besides a couple things but that takes the fun out it for me when its so easy to fly these planes. all the buttons/ switches are animated or at least most of them are, yet I rarely notice it because im just clicking a key, then when it gets to switching planes the keybindings are a mess.
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