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  1. I have contacted support on no less than three time and the responses I get are relatively generic in nature nothing that fixes my problem...I will again attempt to contact support for a fix. Thank you for your time and effort.
  2. Hey Jaegermeister...thanks for the advice but if you scroll down a bit you will find that I did post for help...I have already deleted and re-installed the main platform but do you think I should do it again...long process so I'm hoping you say no...;)
  3. No...I do nothing with Steam...I use their VR platform only but launch from IL-2 launch page...
  4. DN308, that's good to know but all of my purchases have been directly from the IL-2 store...I have nothing but the required VR platform from Steam...and thanks for your help...
  5. Thank you to all for the help. I do own Bodenplatte. I just tried the suggested steps and get the same results. 1) I selected "scripted Campaigns" from the main screen 2) The "lighting Strikes" campaign did turn green 3) I clicked "continue" and it did take me to the "mission selection screen" 4) I selected the only available mission 5) I clicked start and the screen fluttered like it normally does and then it went to a screen with a pilot standing in front of a P-38 (My Gal Sal)...but it came with the error message #10039: this map is not available with this account. I'm going to send a photo of the final page with the error message and I apologize in advance for the blurriness...while in VR, my computer doesn't allow me to do screen shots (at least I don't know how to screen shot from VR), this picture was taken with my phone...again sorry Again, thank all of you for your understanding and help
  6. I get all of the way to start mission but instead of showing me the battle map, I get the error. It even allows me to join units with the P-38 and goes through the daily progression but when it gets to start mission I bought the P-38 and the P-40 at the same time and the P-40 works fine. I can fly the P-38 in "quick missions" if I select it but can't fly it on any other map. I even thought about re-buying the P-38 but the store won't let me buy it for myself, I would have to buy it as a gift.
  7. HI Jaegermeister, first I would like to say that I love this sim but I'm having some difficulties with the "Lighting Strike" campaign. I keep getting #10039 not available for this account when I try to select this campaign. I own the P-38J and I checked to ensure that it was activated...it was. I'm sure it's something that I'm doing that is causing this issue. Please advise and thank you for your help.
  8. I too am experiencing "Error # 10039. This map is not available to your account" and after reading through this thread I went back and checked all of the above suggestions. I don't own BOM and tried to purchase it but when I get to the cart, I get a message that informs me that i can only buy as a gift. Apparently there is something that I already own that blocks me from purchasing for myself. Two questions: what other module would hinder my purchase of BOM? How do you de-activate the problem module? Thank you for your wise advise. I've edited my last post because I was able to purchase the BOM standard but not the premium module that I wanted. After creating a career in the Battle of Rhineland i selected the USA and tried to select a career that included the P-38. Unfortunately I still get "Error # 10039. This map is not available to your account."
  9. Hi all, I looked through the forums for the answer to my problem but can't find it so thank you for your help in advance. I purchased the P-38 and P40 as stand alone collector aircraft and was able to fly them both for a few days before I inadvertently bought a duplicate map. The support team was very helpful and deleted the map from my account and refunded the money (which I used to purchase the map that I wanted). After the map was deleted/removed from my account, I could no longer find the P38 in my menu. The P40 is still available but the P38 is not. In addition, the P51 and P47 are in the menu but if I select them the game will go through the start-up for the game and when it gets to the insertion into the game, I get a black screen ( I can still see the hangered aircraft behind the black screen). I will include JPEGs for your review. Picture one shows that the purchased and activated P38 is still locked, Picture two shows that the P38 is no longer available in my account. It's worth mentioning that the P38 does show in in the enemy list to fight against but not fly. Thanks again and I look forward to flying with all of you, flyer_49
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