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  1. I just fired up Tobruk. My stick doesn't work nor TrackIR. I see nothing in the Options to get them to work like in Blitz. any help would be much appreciated.
  2. jasta11ace

    IL-2: Crete new!

    Great production and very captivating. Great footage too.
  3. Really nice. Great scripting too.
  4. Not exactly the best sales pitch for the Curtis Aircraft company.
  5. Loved the crowd noises as well as the flying. Good show. Makes me think one of those Ratas would look good in Gee Bee type paint job.
  6. Thanks Rap, I should've said edit instead of play in OBS. My problem is how to get the MP4 to open in OBS so I can view it in the black rectangle. I tried "Import" and through that route no file showed in the saved vids folder. But it is in the open folder, so I did a click and drag into OBS, and it shows up in the "Source" box. My test recordings are black. I can hear the audio but have no video. I'm going to download VLC media player in the meantime. Ace
  7. Well I ended up with a test mp4 file. Thanks for your help. Is there a way this can be played on OBS or do i have to go into another video editing program?
  8. Thanks, Jim. When you load your saved track in IL-2 what key do you use to record?
  9. Thanks. I typed in IL-2 in in the "Game Capture/ Create new" box. Then under "Mode", "Capture specific window". In Window Match Priority there's the three choices, "Window title must match". etc. In the instruction video the guy typed had typed Minecraft as his source and it showed up in the Window box. The Window box I have has two choices' either Mail or Movies/TV and no IL-2 option. If IL-2 is an exe. it doesn't show up as a choice in the box.
  10. I'm missing something after watching this multiple times. I downloaded OBS, I recorded a segment in IL2 to and saved the track in the "new vids folder". I re-played the saved track in IL2 and couldn't get to record into OBS. All I have is a black screen in OBS. Any help would be appreciated.
  11. The termites were holding hands to keep that heap together. You are one trusting individual, Rap.
  12. Loved the music score with the gun camera footage. Really dramatic.
  13. Thanks. Been curious about how to so this. Did a little of it old IL-2.
  14. I noticed it too with the D.VII. The DRI is ridiculously pitch-up-twitchy and a total nightmare to stay on target. Wasn't like that in RoF or earlier in FC.
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