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  1. Hi Patrick, Huge thanks for all your work. I have a problem that has never happened before. It started on Sunday. I was flying the 6.2.0 version, which had been working perfectly. I initiated a new mission for the BP P-51 campaign and it showed up in the IL-2 Missions. When I pushed the "Start" button, the page flickered as if it was going to load, but it didn't, It just stayed on the same page no matter how many times you click "Start". Last night I discovered 6.3.0, which is really cool with the new map. I removed the PWCP from the game folder and downloaded a fresh install. The first mission loaded in game when I pushed "Start". The second mission went back to doing the same thing, in game, and not loading. I know you have your hands full but any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Forgot to mention, previously flown missions will load, just not a new one. Cheers and thanks.
  2. "Old Crow" in OD Green. Here's the link. https://www.dropbox.com/s/00e4yzb5asyjm2k/P51D Old Crow OD Green.dds?dl=0
  3. Thanks, sevenless. No, Bud did not fly it. I made it up for my own personal mount. I started to make Old Crow first, then saw the OC letters were going to take some doing. So I made that one into Jammin Janny. I fly PWCG in game as a single player so I always skin what ever plane I'm flying and most of that particular squadron.
  4. "Old Crow" and "Jammin' Janny" are now available for download on the 4K Skins page.
  5. Thanks, all. The "Jammin' Janny" link is corrected and above for download. Thanks for the heads up guys. The all OD green "Old Crow" is next. Wish I'd done that first before I went all that work to strip the paint off.
  6. Finally got these dialed in and test flown. Here's the download links. Hope you enjoy the icon "Old Crow" especially. Update 10-11-19: The correct link for "Jammin" Janny" is here. https://www.dropbox.com/s/dboso96u53cw03i/P51D Jammin' Janny.dds?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/yxpb883cvhilvd7/P51D Old Crow.dds?dl=0
  7. Very nice. I use a combo of Photoshop and Gimp for that huge file reason for skins. Totally understand about the template though.
  8. Pretty close to the finish line with "Old Crow". The lettering took some doing as it splits between the sides and the top part of the skin pattern. Been searching for a close-up of the pilot/crew lettering the fits in the black rectangle. Does anybody out there have a clear picture of this detail or the art for it? I really don't want to do it by hand. I'll make 'Old Crow" and "Jammin' Janny" available for download as soon as I finish.
  9. Hi Tom, Is your re-worked ICDP template going to be available for others to use?
  10. Thanks, Bugsy. I will release it after I tweak it a little more. As I fly it I see minor things that have to be fixed. I'm planning on doing some more 362nd fighters.
  11. 362nd Fighter Squadron, 357th Fighter Group. My personal steed. An apple a day and a bag full of 150 octane oats keeps her fast.
  12. Dang, this machine is fun to fly.
  13. Wow, thanks Patrick, that makes my day. Just got back from the Reno Air Races. I'll get her loaded up and give it go.
  14. Schwalbe IV201909101709991.zipPWCGErrorLog.txt Totally frustrated. I'm into "Schwable IV" now. Goes to four missions fine then craps out. I can't file the last AAR when the error pops up. As an experiment I tried another couple of missions and it's stuck on the same date, either the 6th or 7th of February, 1945. Every new mission after the bad AAR has the same AAR error popup, and gives me kill credits, but the date doesn't change. I feel like Bill Murray in "Groundhog Day".
  15. Very entertaining and well done.
  16. Rumey's Jasta 5 skin link is up on the skins page. I hope it works.
  17. Vfw Fritz Rumey of Jasta 5, "Greentails", 1917. I hope this link works. https://www.dropbox.com/s/sx0p6af4w3zbtuc/AlbatrosD5_Jasta 5 Rumey.dds?dl=0
  18. Vfw Fritz Rumey of Jasta 5, "Greentails", 1917.
  19. The new machines. Skin links below. https://www.dropbox.com/s/fqbpkra6da4g8sd/AlbatrosD5_vA factory Mve %26 Grn.dds?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/p0xgyubclg0v544/AlbatrosD5_vA factory.dds?dl=0
  20. The new machines. Skin links below. https://www.dropbox.com/s/fqbpkra6da4g8sd/AlbatrosD5_vA factory Mve %26 Grn.dds?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/p0xgyubclg0v544/AlbatrosD5_vA factory.dds?dl=0
  21. Thanks for that info. I couldn't figure out how to remove the text on the V-strut. I'll give it a try.
  22. Manfred von Richthofen's Albatros D.V 1177/17, May 1917. Note: Since we have the D.Va with the support strut in game, I'm just pretending it was a retrofit, which might very well have happened to some D.V's https://www.dropbox.com/s/u1qyq80a4j2z41z/AlbatrosD5_MvR 1177.dds?dl=0
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