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  1. Great update, thanks. That Jug cockpit looks amazing, same for the 262. Cheers
  2. Yeah she looks great. I used to enjoy knocking 'em down in the original IL2 in my Ki-84.
  3. Will we now be able to have the leaders streamers placed in the correct location on the aircraft?
  4. I've said this before and I will say it again. WOW - you clever, clever Russians!
  5. Hi Jason, I think people are just enthusiastic aren't they?
  6. Thanks STN, might be back to you for some tips in the future
  7. Wow there is some model making talent here. I have just started again at 50 after not making once since I was a lad. Mine look terrible and there is no way i would show one here, but I am in awe of what you guys are doing, they look so fantastic. Great work guys keep it up!
  8. Hi your right and I should have been more clear, the default only lets you use a 109 and I'd like to use a bigger variety of aircraft. I did read about the changes in the next patch, should be interesting. Thanks
  9. Hi there, I would like to practice crosswind landings in the game but have no experience using the mission editor. Does anyone know if any crosswind landing practice missions exist or is it easy to set up your own? Many thanks
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