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  1. I've got my mouse hovering over the 'buy now' button, but I havent seen many recent opinions about the sim. Can anyone let me know what I'm in for? I normally enjoy single player experiences, but like to mix it up in MP every once and a while. What's everyone's thoughts now that it's been in early access for a while? Thanks!
  2. Thanks a lot guys! Unfortunately, while we were discussing this my X52 pro took a dump. It's been a long time coming, but it's finally screwed the pooch. When I scrape up enough for another HOTAS, I'll get back on it.
  3. Thanks! Any you find particularly fun?
  4. Hey Guys, Bout to get back into Il2 and start up a campaign. I'm really into ground attack, not so much dogfighting. Obviously the titular plane is an option, but what other aircraft are fun for this role? Thanks!
  5. Hey everyone, I'm sure this has been covered before, just couldn't find it. I don't prefer to fly with the rift, but when I fire up il2, it starts automatically and I can't seem to stop it. I really don't want to unhook my Rift everytime I want to fly. Is there a work around? Thanks
  6. I don't understand this thread. Why would people want to discourage ground attack roles? It's what I enjoy, am I doing it wrong?
  7. Getting out of your cockpit is going to be, most likely, the first expansion. Followed by planetary landings. The ships are already setup with multi-crewed bridges and the like. It's really incredible what they've done in such a short amount of time. Edit: looking at what The head developer has said recently, I could see moving around the ship being available at or soon after launch, probably before a full expansion.
  8. I know the feeling, and I couldn't resist. I just ponied up for the premium Beta. The wait is absolutely killing me!
  9. As someone who plays FSX like a fiend, I think I understand why. I don't think it's immersion breaking at all to look down, reach out your hand, and manipulate a lever or switch with your hand, which is what you do with the mouse. If anything, I think it is more immersion breaking to have everything mapped to Hotas switches that weren't part of the throttle or stick in the real aircraft. I completely understand your argument AM, and I'm sure it's a great way to fly, I'm just not sure if 'immersion breaking' is the right way to put it. PIlots had to look at their instruments and controls sometimes too.
  10. I'd agree. However, I'd sure like this to be on a slider or have the option to turn off too many troops running around. Speaking as someone who has a mid-low end rig, this might kill the whole thing for me! As it is, I am able to run the game relatively smoothly on high, and like butter on balanced. Add too many little things happening on the ground and that would probably push me down to low. (Once I get my new rig, SCREW IT!!)
  11. I want it very very bad... but I can only justify one expensive pre-release purchase... It looks so awesome though!
  12. Maybe a few more missions and some optimization. That would be pretty awesome.
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