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  1. Well, even experienced fighter and bomber pilots sometimes do rookie mistakes due to lack of discipline at that particular moment. 7 to 14 is not that bad, many Soviet airplanes ended up crashing too without your help. You guys were the first line of defense. Only disorganized groups of fighters and bombers made it to the C. Without you, Soviets could destroy a lot of ground units and ground attack airplanes. The game only returns airplanes with engine working and flight controls operational which had landed on the airport of departure. That is why both sides always have such casualties. And that is why team performance is better assessed from overall results and front line movement. And this time German side won.
  2. Hello German Team for the first time in IW captured enemy strong point! This and previous missions were like fourth and fifth "Star Wars" episodes In previous mission Soviets were able to capture German strong point C with minimum resistance. This time, German team, with strong soviet resistance, was able to not only returned captured territory in sector C, but repel enemy attack in sector A as well. Bf110 did great job! In the first half of the mission they already destroyed more ground targets then any team before. Ju 52 brought enough supply in order for advancing troops to execute their asssault. Fighters provided sufficient cover for ground attack airplanes. German team proved to be strong and that it can stand its own. Finnish pilots earned this victory with many month of hard work. Their fighter group played important role in all operations.
  3. Hello Just to make sure IW starts at 14.00 eastern time Briefing 13.30
  4. Hmm. Event happened on time. Another reference is for example Eastern time - 14.30
  5. Report made by =J13=Xarann: "Another stage of interactive war is over During the preparation stage both teams were saving resources while attacking enemy Airforce Also Soviets attacked sector B, and German bombers stroke enemy warehouse. As the result Soviets were able to form an assault group on the south sector and (probably) after diversion attack on sector A, started their main assault on sector C. Since German command was absent (Commander and his assistant did not participate), blue team was disorganized. Although German bombers made two sorties on enemy railroad station, Soviets, after many strafing runs and destruction of more then 40% of the defense, captured sector C. At the very high cost in attack ground units. One soviet airplane was destroyed right over Krasnodar 2. =RFF=Zakat. LLv34_Camouflage is to blame. He receives personal warning New system will give text message in case airplanes get too close to the enemy airfields. Also, Departures will be deducted from the active fighter airfield. The rule is the same - both sides must avoid getting closer then 5 km from any of the enemy airfields."
  6. Hmm, Will ask people who is responsible for the website to look at your problem. You are very welcome to participate. When you came last Friday we were in the middle of the action thats why were unable to help much. This season red side is usually 1-2 pilots short, so you will be a perfect candidate. This time most of the Red team are actually Russians. But some of them can speak English pretty good. Blue team is more diverse. Even if website will not work for you, you can just come to team speak 30 min before the mission start and team commanders will take care of you
  7. Hello Another episode if IW is over The plan: 1. Four fighter groups, assigned with interception tasks, were responsible for providing cover for all of the towns from IL 2 attacks. 2. Bf110 group were going far behind enemy lines to prevent enemy reserves reaching their destination. 3. Casualties replenishment from reserves. Results: Fighter groups (Two Finnish on Bf109 and two Russians on FW190) had reached their assigned patrolling locations, when enemy Il2s with cover attacked C. Patrolling Bf109 group tied enemy fighter cover in fierce fight, while two reinforcing FW190 groups focused on the retreating Il 2s destroying two of them. After that swift attack, one FW190 group followed enemy Pe 2 group, which was overflying the battle along with fighter cover. Another FW190 group hurried to aid Bf109, who were engaged with soviet fighters. Very soon there were only German airplanes over C. FW190 groups, which followed enemy bomber had to engage enemy fighters. But the hunt for the enemy Pe 2 had begun, and soon retreating bombers had heed discovered by the Bf109 group and destroyed. Second FW190 group was also looking for bombers but only found lonely yak. Both sides decided to regroup. Second skirmish occurred when 6 soviet La 5 were spotted patrolling C, Probably providing local air superiority. 2 FW 190 attacked them. Short fight resulted in one FW190 destroyed and La 5 damaged. Soon after, refueled group of BF109 engaged La 5 group. The combat was hard and Bf109 asked for reinforcements. Two FW 190 groups were on their was. Arriving, they quickly cleaned up airspace over C once again. Bf110 group, taking advantage from air superiority over C, made their bomb run on enemy ground targets located there. From the mission beginning BF110 group flew all the way to the enemy reserve airfield and managed to intercepts two enemy aircraft. After then, instead of relocating, BF110 group decided to wait. They did not wait for long... Second intercept sortie was attempted later in the mission. Results were - 1 enemy Pe 2 destroyed as well as one Bf110. The rest of the mission pilots replenished casualties freeing airplanes from the reserve airfield. This mission was rich on action. Fights were frequent and decisive. My wingmen Ktif was able to maintain formation throughout the sorties and was pretty efficient. =LwS=Wise - bomber and ground attack pilot, proved himself as a very good fighter pilot. Good job! Adler Blau was very effective as a Fw190 group leader. He always managed to arrive exactly on time to every "Hot" area and combat effectiveness was very high. Finnish pilots also proved to be effective. They were used as a front line troops and thus always faced the most challenging skirmishes, allowing other groups to focus on bombers and ground attack airplanes. Despite the fact that all airplanes are allowed in IW, no unbalances were found. Airplane type is determined mostly by the assigned mission. Cooperation and tactic lead to victory. Not airplane types. First and Second fights videos: Why it is always better to have a wingmen: Also would like to congratulate blue team with victory in the sky Casualties were 20:27 (Germans destroyed more). These are good results, especially against experiences and slightly overconfident enemy. The combat was mostly at the low altitudes, where soviet airplanes usually have advantage. In previous seasons: New season: Thanks for the server, even under heavy load there were no lags.
  8. Hello Finally a new season IW has begun Its always a pleasure to once again fight alongside with all the veterans of previous campaigns Long break between the seasons was noticeable. Group takeoff, formation flying and landings were not as trivial as before. But second and third flight were better though. Due to elevated competitive nature of the previous seasons tactics and strategies are classified until the end of this campaign. 5 Ju 88 were assign to bomb enemy forces located in town A 2 fighters escorted them 12 fighters divided into two groups were on an interception mission. Il 2s were their primary targets. Results 2 bomber sorties 5 and 3 Ju 88 respectively were successful, destroying enemy troops from safe altitude 2 fighters were able to escort them without refueling throughout both sorties. Later Ju 88 pilots completed the transport mission as well. Intercept groups, according to their report, were able to repel the first enemy attack on sector C. enemy IL 2-s only had several minutes over the target before they had to disengage. The second enemy sortie was also repulsed. Warehouses were left unprotected because enemy bombers were expected to miss anyway. Special Thanks to all the participants for coming on time, participating in briefing, completing assigned missions, making after actions reports for command. Finnish pilots are especially responsible and reliable.
  9. Hello Another IW Mission is over Due to fierce combat in previous missions both team needed to regroup. Because of that German team decided to defend and save as much resources as possible while inflicting casualties to the attacking enemy. Plan: 2 FW190 patroling enemy transport routes Bf109 group defends railroad station Transports do their job Results: 2 WF190 and 2 Bf109 have intercepted 2 Ju 52 Group of 9 Bf109 inflicted heavy casualties to the enemy during their attack on a railroad station. Transports did their job and only lost 1 transport plane to enemy fighters. Team did good. Fighters fought carefully and non-combat loses were minimal. Mission objective had been achieved. FW190 sortie: From the mission start 2 FW190 and 2 Bf109 hurried towards enemy transport routes. Soon after entering patrol area 2 Fw190 were attacks by several Yaks. FW190 disingaged, directed 2 109 towards the yaks, when they engaged Fw190 shot one yak and disengaged again. 2 Bf 109 fought for some time but where forced to turn back to base. 2 Fw190 instead continued to patrol. Just after first skirmish was over Ju 52 showed up and was shot down. Then another Ju 52 was destroyed. After some time group of 3 yaks attacked head on. Short but fierce skirmish led to 2 yaks destroyed and 1 routed. Routed Yak came back and Fw190 shot him down as well. 2 Fw 190 went back to refuel. Second patrol started with destroying lonely yak which was probably coming back to base. Seconds later 2 yaks attacked form above. FW190 disengaged, climbed and counterattacked. But mission time almost ran out and FW190 hurried back to base. During returning to base process FW190 received fire from warehouse AA, Strong point AA, and defense line AA. Both planes were damaged, one even had to glide back to the airport. Both planes were saved nevertheless!
  10. Hello Another episode of IW The plan was: Group of Ju 88 at 6000m attacks enemy railroad station using level bombing. Group of He111H16 folows them and does the same Group of Ju 87 attacks enemy warehouses in sector C Two fighter groups provide cover for Ju 88 and Ju87 Results: 5 Ju88 successfully completed their objective and only lost one plane during landing (probable bug with chat and brakes). Second sortie was to destroy enemy warehouses in sector C He 111 were assign do transport duties. 5 Ju87 made two sortion on warehouses in second C and destroyed them with the help of Ju88. Fighters did their job well. All necessary tasks were done. Landings and takeoffs this time were especially dangerous:
  11. Hello This time blue side was able to stop enemy tank atack - for the first time in this season. Ju87 pilots were grateful for fighter escort done by Finnish pilots. Since red side has more victory points we decided to end this season and start new one next week. Some balancing changes need to be done. Post here your suggestions if you have any.
  12. Blue team - don't worry. Battle plan should be ready soon and pilots assign to their tasks.
  13. Hello This time we decided to make a lot more intense action 3 groups of Pe 2 three airplanes each One group of Il 2 with 5 airplanes 3 Fighter groups 3-4 airplanes each Each bomber group had specific warehouses to destroy using dive bombing and several sorties. Three bomber groups made total of 8 sorties and destroyed 13 warehouses. Each fighter group was assign to cover specific bomber group throughout the mission. Il 2 made 2 successful attacks on enemy fuel depots. Not everything was perfect, but this was a success nevertheless.
  14. Hello Finnis pilots are always welcome S! We value your dedication and desire to participate in our event . The mission is exactly the same. There will be some changes to improve balance and organization. About Bf109 F\G - ask the commander of the blue side. He will define priorities according to his plans.
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