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  1. nice. It makes me feel Pe-6 is like a 1945 version of the A10 Warthog ;-)
  2. +1 4096x4096 inside cockpit texture pleeeaaaase. We use flight sim INSIDE cockpit the first stage should be: photorealistic inside cockpit and inside motor sounds at top level.
  3. "battement d'aile" could be a right translation but your original choice " aile se mouvant" et "aérien" seems more poetic and romantic and unatended . wich could be your first choice a good choice for jowelery. ;-) "mouvement des ailes" is quite less poetic and romantic, maybe good for an encyclopedic academic description. but if your goal is to make an english description of the original french text it should be : "flapping wings" and "aerial breath"
  4. 1) first priority for me : level up cockpit view with high def texture to nowadays standards ( see Arma III or Project cars or C101 DCS level of photorealistic) ( ... and a fully clickable cockpit would be great ;-) 2) make available to put away ALL assistance and "tech chat" and helpers to a high level studie sim( if clickable cockpit of course) 3) a green summer map as soon as possible as a free DLC upgrade. 4) remove or tweak those unrealistic springs gear on russian planes. 5) a strong FMB like IL2 first or COD 6) ability to have server with more than 100 players 7)Unrestricted graphic settings (PC gamers enjoy to tweak all those graphics settings we are not on an Xbox... )
  5. Hope it is not posted yet A great awesome realistic and "studie sim" with all sub systems, spaceship simulator to discover. (available for purchase in early access) http://imagespaceinc.com/rogsys/p/2015/08/16/rogsys-eaccess-update-2-now-available/ http://imagespaceinc.com/rogsys/p/images/ RogSys Update 2 is now available for download.
  6. high fidelity sim need best high fidelity sounds. It's so cruel to tease us with this and know now that some top nosh mod (essential in my mind) ever exist but unusable ! ;-) mods ON ! mods ON ! mods ON ! mods ON ! I'm beginning a wait Strike. " No BOS gaming until mods are ON !" mods ON ! mods ON ! mods ON ! mods ON ! ;-)
  7. Tiger 33 .... le roi du Teasing ;-) ;-) ;-) A t'on vraiment besoin de cette option ou autorisation des devs pour tester ton mod son et augmenter x100 l'immersion avec la qualité assurée de tes réalisations ? tu peux toujours l'appeler "sweetfx3.0_dolbyprologic_tiger.zip" ou "antivirus4.zip" pour passer inaperçu, et l'uploader discrètement pour la communauté française ? Après à chacun de voir ;-) Je veux bien faire un Up sur un post dédié à sweetfx ou autre, pour te donner l'opportunité d'uploader discrètement ta dernière version peaufinée aux petits oignons ....
  8. time to come back Bos a bit more i think ... thanks devs ! I'll give quickly a try to this new config.
  9. superbes screens de ZARGOS & ROdolphe. Belle livrée C6 pips.!
  10. donc pour finir en MP on peut avoir sa propre skin visible des autres ? inespéré ça. a peine croyable. Avec le mode " mod on" ou quelque soit l'option ? désolé pour le retard d'info, ça fait un peu de temps que j'étais pas venu voir ce qui se passait par ici;
  11. Bonne Continuation Rama, à l'occasion de te recroiser. et merci ! au delà de ton rôle de modérateur pendant cette passionnante expérience de la période de développement, des apports également techniques que tu as pu apporter aux sujets un voisin dans l'Oise.
  12. Si ! ça joue sur la vitesse. C'est ecrit dans le manuel original du la-5 de mémoire + 20 ou 30 km/h si tous les volets sont à peu prêt ou presques fermés. la verrière plate blindée aussi ralenti un peu et bien sur le chargement de bombes etc ... Pour rappel: conditions extérieur givrantes donc l'usage des radiateurs : avec parcimonie. par contre tout a fait indiqué avec l'utilisation du Forzatz.traduction littérale du "Forczé" ( régime de guerre "forcé" ou boost ou war power comme vous voulez) et pour rappel aussi, appauvrir le mélange réchauffe plus vite les piston qu'un mélange plein riche.
  13. Thanks for that, chuck. very very good news I don't always anderstand subtil english like that one on Ed site " The flight dynamics of the Bf 109 K-4 are a further develops the Advanced Flight Model principles started with the Su-25 ..." Sure ! same for me spit IX and VEAO Spit XIV ... on spring 2015 .... spring 2015 normandy map maybe. or two weeks more ! ~S~
  14. 've try you mission with control indicator on. well, perhaps with a LEFT wind, prop effect annilihate the need to Up your left aileron up ? anywhy I had to use up left aileron a bit. something strange, once in flight the plane seems to crab into wind without or very less rudder action. Try this : in a level flight same heading as the runway, stop your throttle to 0 increase it quickly full and see torque effect on the left wind. Do the same in the opposite way ( right wind )
  15. Everythings seems to be realistic on that video try, give a look please. I'm going to try your track. (right Wind 10m/s Sochi P-51. see control indicator on left side (Rctrl Enter) and right aileron seems up as it should . see smoke on horizon.) http://youtu.be/YlISlU2u2nw
  16. Torque effect : same as the pic below : http://qph.is.quoracdn.net/main-qimg-c2c2f9e6975a1f410423378029f5f142?convert_to_webp=true So in a NO Wind condition, we should have right aileron up to conteract more than rudder needed. "single propeller planes produce torque as in picture, which makes planes to bank left, eventually taking left turn. The torque produced has effect on roll parameter and not on yaw of plane, which can be corrected by changing the position of ailerons. At this point we can think problem is solved. But, this aileron deflection has effect of making airplane uneven because one side of plane produces more drag than other. This increase in drag causes the plane to yaw to left. As yaw parameter is related to rudder, and can be corrected by changing position of rudder." In a Right strong Wind condition : we should have right aileron up to down the wing "in to the wind". so : Very strong right wind + Torque effect : deffinitly the right aileron should be up
  17. you're right about confusion about ASM and AFM but 109 will be AFM or PFM ? i read AFM on Ed site " The flight dynamics of the Bf 109 K-4 are a further develops the Advanced Flight Model principles started with the Su-25 " so AFM+ or real PFM? for In to the wind bug following : did some test on "Natural" deviation in different condition to see Torque effect with no wind, natural deviation with left and right wind. It seems deviation attitude differs with the speed and initial rudder input : for a right wind, with no joystick action : plane seems to have a strong deviation to the left due to the torque effect ( opposite than propeller turns ?) . With at start right rudder input and increasing speed. Plane seems to have then natural deviation to the right "into the wind" ...?
  18. As i rewatch my track. I see my right aileron "in the wind" is down instead of Up. So you're completly right for aileron. Must be a bug. Could be the Torque effect so strong you have to conteract it, unless there's a 10m/s wind ? I'll have to do a "no wind" test to see how i used to do with the torque effect alone. for Rudder, i think it's more difficult to know.
  19. latest version : of course yes 1.2.10.XX wind in mission editor : arrow point direction : OK. ( once in air easy to see the wind comes from where it should be ...) Zero takeoff and Zero Rudder assit : Of course. here a .trk with Take off and landing. ( not defaut skin hope it will works in your user/doc/dcs/track folder. ( not my best one ;-) but enough to test rudder and aileron attitude and see wind direction in flight ...) 180 wind take off and landing.zip
  20. Just did some tests with my DCS P51 at sochi , with a 10m/s wind from my right. if I do nothing on take off, my P51 point is nose IN the Wind. It feels right (because of the Wind applied on the tail rudder surface ?) so I had to put some rudder to the left to turn a bit left, to counteract and some roll on right wing to put it down "in the wind". once in air. I had to put some right rudder to keep Plane on Heading. It feels realistic, the same as the pic above, unfact I misanderstood something. .. I go give a try with a 10 m/s from my left now to see difference with prop effect. I'll try then in BOS. I want to clearly anderstand that.
  21. so ... Not sure to anderstand everythings but It's really interresting, What you explain is the same as this picts isn't ?
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