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  1. Haha, oh wow. These people are on Gaijins paylist for sure.
  2. I am, but i haven't completely understood the system yet. If i'm not wrong, i use my compass to make out at what degree the wind is hitting me from which side of the aircraft, right? If so, yes i did. But it still seems like my plane is drifting sideways, making it hard as hell to align anything with the bombsight.
  3. Like, i plot in every data possible, align the target with my sights, and release bombs. I can guarantee you that the bombs will always hit a kilometer off target, even with auto drop. Can someone teach me how to level bomb? I didn't think it was supposed to be this hard.
  4. Reviving this question from the grave. Is there any good answer to this?
  5. You haven't tried out the Eagles Nest or the Syndicate server have you...?
  6. Neat, can't wait. Hope we're getting convergence and custom convergence for all guns, e.g. no convergence for nose guns and 250m for wing guns.
  7. Me too! So no patch/updates today, only stream?
  8. Hey folks, i use a Saitek X52 Pro and have a few problems with this game, especially axes and their tendency to be reversed and unfixable. I do not grasp this, what's the fuzz with the reversed axes, and how are they so resistant to being fixed? I can start up the game, get in the plane, and i have to pull my throttle backwards. Even if i go to controls and choose 'invert axis' mid flight, nothing ever happens. Does someone have a definitive way of fixing this yet? Tried deleting the whole 'input' folder, but then again i had to use Tab + Arrow keys + Enter to navigate the menues, and i never made it to the right settings tabs. Help will be greatly appreciated! Regards,
  9. I know it's like cursing in the church, but War Thunder made that work fine. As long as your plane is on the ground, and standing completely still, you can use 3rd person to inspect for damage or other look around you.
  10. Eager to see what the small changes are! EDIT: Found one of the small changes: the loadout options for the G2. You can no longer choose armoured wind screen, and the two options are glass head rest and remove head rest.
  11. I guess that's a remark to my post, my apologies. Didn't want to offend no-one. Catched a case of bad vocabulary after spending times at anonymous forums.
  12. On another note, i have surprised a few Yak pilots by enabling 3-4 seconds of flaps in the 109 during dogfights. It doesn't create as much drag as the Yak, but still gives you an edge in a horizontal and especially vertical loop contest. Don't forget them!
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