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  1. Chaps. I tend to sit way up so I can see past the fuse, this means a gunsight snap makes things easier and a gauges snap too. The yak1, i-16 etc and looking around the head armour is easier with head up.... And yes every pilot can set their "home position" but I guess if you do not use snaps then it's no big deal! Never mind I will soldier on! S! Knalp.
  2. If you want I can make some notes that would put related information together into topics. ( instead of related information spread out over different topics.) Essentially all the problems I had to deal with when I started and how difficult it was to read through the manual and find/group the right information topic. i.e How the plane selection works. How the transport system works and how it replenishes your plane selection . How to avoid getting kicked. The idea is to get people like me up to speed fast and avoid getting bogged down in the manual. As a reference it is fine but as a guide it is too much to digest. S! Knalp.
  3. No takers. I am not surprised. Question: How are you supposed to set your pilot's head home position? I use the "pilot head snap position:center" to set the home position of the pilots head. Hold that key down, adjust etc, press F10 then let the key go. Then I set other snaps in the usual way. This kind of works but, there is some order I think you have to do stuff in or, the snaps just get all effed up and you have to adjust them again. For instance if I decide to move my pilots head up a bit, the snaps can go out. Is there an official document on this system? It's particularly vexing and it seems to NOT be consistent across planes. How do other pilots deal with this??? S! Knalp.
  4. Hello. It was the plane selection thing. And the "not having enough time to end the flight" issue. I found the TAW manual to be organised in a not very user friendly way. Particularly with some of the more basic concepts really need a "how to" in their own right. Such as what the plane selection thing is about, how to use the transport thing. Etc. Not just extra points buried in some related but over arching topic. Like this: Why did I get kicked for 20hrs? Did I do something bad? Etc. Frankly it's a bit of a grind to get up to speed. Conceptually it's a good idea. But the documentation is a not... lets say "quickly digestible" Diagrams might actually help. Charts. Flow charts. Pictures. Separate points? Digging through documentation to find the salient points is really not that easy. Constantly going back to it to try and work something out is ..vexing. Will keep on giving it a go. But the 20hr stand down is a a bit of a slap in the face. Get shot down doing your best and hey it's a double whammy. Sigh. Last time I think after 38 mins of flight time I was back in jail. : - ( Oh well, never mind. S! Kanlp.
  5. I want my pilot to sit this way. I want him to snap look here and here and here. I want all of these tailored to each plane. Now this sounds great on paper but for some reason it's not working out. I get into a Yak 1 and it's kind of like I left it last time. Good. I get into to a pe2 and hello the snaps are all wonky.Bad. get into yet another plane and it's snaps are pointing all over the show. What the hecking... is going on here. Bad. QUESTION: So HOW DOES THE HEAD POSITION mechanism work, for starters, AND why are some snap positions NOT BEING SAVED ? All of this was an issue for me in RoF, and it seems the exact same issue is in BoX . ( No one had any advice in RoF...) I use opentrack head tracking, if that makes any difference. This: Why does changing the pilot head position on the plane change the snaps???? If I decide to move my pilot up a bit then all the other snaps seem to go wonky. And this last curly observation: At times the snaps do not work after I get into t new plane, I click the buttons but the snap is wrong. Then later for some reason the snap will remember what is was supposed to be set to and we are off and running again. So the bottom line is that fiddling all my snaps every time I get in a new plane is very boring especially on TAW. ( where you are forced to keep swapping planes...) I think the whole system needs a revamp, it's built on a system that must be a decade old by now and was designed for hat switch users. As most players will be using head tracking/VR i do not see why a new system can't be built where Every snap is saved and recalled robustly, the default pilot head home position is some how affecting the snaps and .... Also this: Separate pilot head positions that work like snaps BUT your can still use your head tracking. ie. Thumb on gun sight snap. Your head is Fwd and view zoomed in AND you can still peer around with your tracking. Take your thumb off the snap and your head position and zoom go back to the normal home position. I would definitely take advantage of that, for sure. S! Knalpy.
  6. So doing a bit of a tot up of the money I have spent on Il-2 Sturmovik comes to $355 NZD. Which is a heck of a lot to spend and it was buying on special...others have bought everything as it rolls out... So flying in game at times, I wonder, visually, where it all went... Try ground attack for instance: Vehicles that are plain as day, but right next to that vehicle, is another one, that only is visible when you get closer. Huh? MG/AAA positions etc do that same thing. The tree/house/box/sand bag/empty crisp packet they are next to is visible but they are not. Wut? It actually makes deleting AAA a pita. You have to SEE them first, work out where they are and go back around. Never mind that every thing around them is visible from over 1000m away. They are not. Again WT... Trains. Wow. You can see the things fade in as you get closer. At 1000m the train is invisible. Except for the engine. or what ever it is. That sticks out like a sore thumb. IT'S A TRAIN! You can see them from space! They are immensely huge contraptions. Nope it's just not there anymore. Well some bits are... The circle of different coloured trees.... I mean come on. inside and outside the circle are a different colour. Can we just turn it off? I mean I am OK with blurry flat bit map trees. Fine. I don't need a circle of Hi Def 3D trees to tell me I am flying over a forest. I get it, Russia has a lot of forest. Check. Don't get me started about planes disappearing. Yes I know we just don't talk about it anymore. It's an un topic. Fin. So what's the deal, then? will these things get fixed? My humble PC is not getting upgraded anytime soon and frankly most of the problems are to do with the game. I am not expecting a lot from BoX but the above should not be happening really. Bottom line is: some stuff fading in and out is just not really all that cool. I paid my cash and would like to hear what the future is for these issues. and buying a new PC just to crank all the setting to 11 is not an option. $350 for game that still has "pop in" issues? Did testing get done on all the various graphical settings??? sorry to come over as a bit/alot cranky but heck... $350 !!!! or more! S! Knalp.
  7. From when? The moment you spawn in or the moment the message comes up? Many times I have seen the message come up and in the 15 seconds it takes me to end flight I get kicked. So something is up. S! Knalp.
  8. Is there a Mods on MP skin pack ??? S! Knalp.
  9. Make the disallowed plane kick timer LONGER. If the kick countdown timer is ten seconds, and the count up timer to exit a plane is 15 seconds then you get kicked OUT of the server regardless of how quick you are to react to the kick message. Can you make the kick countdown timer LONGER than 15 seconds. 30 seconds would be fine I reckon. S! Knalp.
  10. Flew a Pe2 off the map and got that HORRENDOUS warning that I was indeed out of the warzone. Quite. Well as my plane flew off into the distance and I got bored waiting for it to come back , I mashed the keyboard. Not exactly sure what I pressed. and when the plane popped out back into the actual war I was stuck in 3rd person. Could fly and shoot and all the normal stuff. Exactly like warthunder... When I finally pressed F1 I was back in the cockpit. I guess the whole thing is not a biggie but it's a thing I guess. Really what I wanted to do was make a scene about the warning thing. It's terrible. and the plane zooming off...not cool, man. But the 3rd person thing. Well heck. It's different! S! Knalp. PS Here is picture of a Yak1 doing 800 ish Kph for a giggle: It did try to do an upside down inverted loop, almost missed the deck....was terrifying ( was taking the express elevator down from 8.8 K altitude...)
  11. Hello. hmm. Good advice KW_1979 Setting the AI to different levels is genius. 216th_Jordan I have a radeon HD 7850 card and it has never "stuttered" ever... reshade works fine with a small FPS impact using "adaptive sharpen" ... I kind of gave up on it. I never use the software that comes with the driver. Ahem: So far I have used reshade - Luma sharp. mmm... I am not sure it helps. Tried other combos but really it's not obviously better. Question: Planes When FOV is zoomed out, are large. Planes when FOV zoomed in get much smaller. ( ? ) Is this a server setting? ( WoL ) I mentioned this a long time ago and got a snarky response from a "god". But it really is a thing. ( thanks "god" ... ) In fact it is much easier to see the planes with FOV zoomed out. ... go figure. As far a 10 Kilometer visual range, yes I could see this happening IF you were against a different/contrasting background but no way against a similar one. Not even. But you would be a tiny dot, and if you are near an AF with flack going off there is only one thing you can be... Larger screens: A regular LARGE 2k or 4k screen is seeing the same FOV. Right. But you will have more pixels to look at for any object and maybe larger pixles too? Worth bearing this in mind.... of course this will help seeing things. One last thing. Is it possible to turn the ikons back up to full brightness in offline mode to see how far away contacts are? The fade out ikon thing is not helping with trying to work out how far things are away..... I could use trackview I suppose but that means start stop work flow.... sheesh... The visual system needs an overhaul. and now that it's divided between screen and VR.... Someone said in chat on WoL that the contact spotting was BETTER a few updates ago...? Anyway it's back to the front for me. S! Kanlp.
  12. I am not too worried about I am just casually worried. If the title actually said somethign about "spotting".... I would be more casually relaxed.... There is RoF levels of Situational awareness ( which I am ok with ) and then there is il-2 Sturmovik levels .... The later involves looking for a micro dot that is speeding at you end on. I never practice on AI, stopped doing that years ago. Round and round and next... etc. My plan is to try sharpen and gamma and then reshade. Also comparing trackview and track recording to actually look at the tiny dots that I can't see in game. It's pretty impressive. I flew over a swarm of germans yesterday, teeming with them, and saw zero. Sigh. Thanks for the input! S! Knalp.
  13. Gamma Sharpen Reshade. ... gosh and darn.... Had an encounter with a 109. I was against the clear blue sky in a red Yak 1. ( I was very easy to see ) Komet in the 109 was almost invisible against the background. ( I checked in the track recording) By the time I actually saw them, and by gum I was looking hard, it was waaay too late. They had been stalking me for ages and I was unable to see them. Couple this with their ability to just rocket up at me ... well it's just game over. Just about every time I get jumped it's for the same reason, I am high, they are low, looking up they see me plain as day, then then rocket up and belt me. Altitude it seems is death. Ability to see, track and stalk your enemy is paramount, how they do it is almost like they have ikons on.... Shrug. Frankly it's extremely tedious spending 90% of a flight looking about like mad only to get whacked by some 109 that just so happens to latch on to me from 4 or 5 k's away... ( a tiny speck that I for the life of me cannot see.) Will try out the advice. The title could be a bit clearer. and it's not a sticky. S! Knalp.
  14. // Lets refer to this as "contact spotting" unless there is a better name... Spotting is very difficult. Keeping your eyes on the prize is actually difficult. Planes just "disappear" and finding them again is, well, difficult/impossible. It really is super annoying. Frustrating. Vexing etc. What is the best advice to help mitigate this? I have no idea what is going on, not keen on searching through random threads posts youtube videos etc. "spotting" in the search bar reveals 139 pages of results. "spotting il-2" on you tube give n results and the top one is 2 years old. Can we have a clear and concise "sticky" post with the best advice. No not "best FPS" or "best grass detail" or "how to avoid jaggy clouds" etc. Just spotting. Tracking. whatever you want to call it. My experience is such that a plane will literally mush into the back ground/sky never to be seen again. This is exasperating and no amount of eyeballing helps. Planes that zoom into the sky just zone out. ( to come back and dive at you guns blazing .) I looked! But it was not there anymore.... Please comrades, we need advice! S! Knalp.
  15. The i16 has a huge head rest thing that you have to look around to check six. For me this means lean to one side then turn, couple this with general head tracking fatigue etc and it gets tiresome and bad posture etc. ( yes a real plane would in fact be easier in this regard...but no matter. ) So I tried an old trick from my Freetrack days and it worked in OpenTrack. 1) Save your current profile, copy this and give new name. i.e "i16 X = Yaw ver 01' ... 2) look in your OpenTrack options, then output, Set X to YAW. Now when you Yaw around to look at your six you will automatically Slide on X to the correct side. ( You can invert if it goes the wrong way ) 3) Tweak your curves to suit. I have mine set so that it X's slightly at centre and gradually increases till it is Max when I look along the wing. Pics: ( Don't use my curves as my set up is quite different from yours, these are here to give you an idea. ok ) Upside: Now to check my six I just have to look around. No moving my head to one side. Very fast. Down side: Hard to look over the side while looking forward. Can be disorientating at first and/or if your curves are very bad. This works very well for me in i16, I use a different profile for other planes. A major disadvantage in the i16 is being snuck up on by a faster plane that can tail me at will. Has happened a few times, so constantly checking six was becoming a major chore. Now it is less of a chore. : - ) For the record the i16 can do well in very low fights over targets when the "big boys" have to descend to engage bombers, and shooting up struggling 190's is very satisfying. Watching them run away on the deck always makes me chuckle. : - ) S! Knalp.
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