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  1. I can't get to signout. Keyboard commands for the task manager do not work, I tried many, many times to find a way to highlight Il-2 and kill it. Like for example, for some unknown reason, the mouse cursor would appear and be controllable when I held down alt-tab. But no matter how I tried I couldn't click on what I needed to because holding down alt-tab just has you cycling the apps at mach 3. The only way out of that state was a hard reboot which anyone would prefer not to do to their machines. I'm sorry you folks have taken offense at the word "professional" my point was that if someone is going to severely criticize something else, they better provide some bona fides first if they want to be heard, but I guess you missed that. Your sarcasm meter is very broken. In any case, I finally got it out of the loop by launching it again in VR. I had been launching it in desktop, because of course that would be more stable, right? No. When I finally tried VR again it loaded fine and I was able to close it normally. But then, it didn't matter because the next time I launched it, it locked loading yet again again again. But, I finally found a way around the hard reboot, and it's ridiculous, if I switch over to my Steam VR home and interact with my desktop in VR mode, I have a working mouse cursor and can use the Steam STOP button to get out of it. Specs are i9/9900 overclocked to 4.5Ghz but has survived all stability tests, MSI MEG Z390 motherboard, RTX2080, 32 Gb G.Skilll something or other XMP RAM.
  2. Quite regularly, this game will launch in VR with no mouse cursor. Good effort guys, and I say that as a coder, or at least a former professional coder before I ended up managing, but I still keep busy with my own game projects. As for work, we operate in a five nines environment, so I admit that I am less tolerant than most to errors, but both what I just said and the below are ridiculous. In all previous cases of this, I was able to clear the condition by alt-tabbing out and task slamming it from the task list. So the game launches and hangs in a condition regularly where the only way to shut it down is with the task list. Good effort guys. Also, whenever you task-slam it, which I may remind you is the only way out of this game-created situation, it will lock up on launching the first time after the slam. Good effort guys, if anyone has to task slam your game for any reason it will lock up when re-launched. I would then have to task-slam it AGAIN, and for some reason with the second restart it usually works. But not anymore. Now it's managed to kill the OS mouse cursor. So when I try to task slam it, I can't. I have to hard reboot the machine to get out of it. Again, I have to say, really impressive effort guys, you manage to crash in a way that disables the OS mouse cursor. I've never even seen behavior that bad, so yeah, someone must have really worked at making it operate this poorly and deserves some kind of anti-dev award. Because of that, I can't get passed the lockup after task slam, and I'm in an endless loop. An endless loop of crashes and hard reboots because you can't seem to launch with a mouse cursor with any consistency, and have followed that up with an absolutely brilliant display of behaviors that one should NEVER see, and which are in fact unique in my experience. If there is anyone there who might be able to tell me how to defeat the perversity of how this game operates, it would be greatly appreciated.
  3. I am a new player and I looked around a bit, didn't see an answer to this basic question: Is the game smart enough to use multiple skins for a single type of aircraft, like if I copy in five different JG paint schemes for 109G-2s, will the game use the right skins for the right Jagdgruppen? Or do we only get one skin per plane type?
  4. That's very helpful that a Steam update caused it, thanks Marvel. That means we're barking up the wrong tree by posting here, we need to go over to the Steam forums for Steam support, not the forum for this game. I'll go try to find wherever that is. Ok, anyone who is seeing this please go here: https://help.steampowered.com/en/wizard/HelpWithGameIssue/?appid=250820&issueid=375&nodeid=44&return_nodeid=85 And click on the Contact Support link, I've done most of the navigating for you already. The more reports they have the more likely they will fix it.
  5. Glad to know others are seeing it. 1C folks, it really is nasty and unpleasant, and if a doctor saw it he'd insist you start putting epilepsy warnings all over your product info. Can you please look into it?
  6. I have no idea why this is happening, could be this game, could be the Reverb, could be Steam's VR. What is supposed to happen on the BoS mission load screens is it's supposed to switch the background to Steam's VR waiting area while displaying a small window saying Battle of Stalingrad and loading...[.] What happens 90% of the time is the background strobes/flickers between the steam waiting area and the BoS UI I was looking at, at around 20hz or so. I have to close my eyes shut, it's very unpleasant, and if you have epilepsy don't dream of trying it. Any suggestions to fix this?
  7. I defer to someone who has like a zillion more hours than me.
  8. That's good to hear, but I don't have enough experience to complain about the damage model My question was about muzzle velocities and therefore aiming points, are you updating the muzzle velocities of the weapons as well? There's a problem here but at the same time, I've never seen any game do differently. What I mean is it's clear the enemy AI always knows when you close within shooting range. You can read, well, everything about WWII aviation victories and you hear over and over that they rolled into a formation and nobody saw them. Hartmann in particular talks about flying right up to 10m away from Soviet plane after Soviet plane and shooting them down with them having no idea he was there. Here, you can't do that, and that's a very large section of actual combat realism that's missing. The one that bothers me a bit more, and I've seen it in many games, is the AI knows not only that you're in firing range but exactly where you're aiming and it will react to the pipper being moved to a spot that will hit them. Another way you can see this is the AI will over and over again know exactly where to fly to put themselves directly between you and the sun. Not approximately, but exactly. I understand these features exist to make the game more challenging, but honestly I would rather have realism with the option of enabling features like that if I wanted to unrealistically inflate the challenge. So I hope they can make those kinds of things toggleable in difficulty options.
  9. Here's the P-47 harmonization instructions, since there is a nice list of them here. However, nice as they all are, I have no idea how if the fire of any of the aircraft match these.
  10. Thanks RK, that explains it. I will watch for flares. Seems kind of silly since everyone yells about every kill broadband, not like radio silence is a thing here. As for the keybinding, let me double check. They don't make it easy by not filtering the commands for the plane you're flying, the most confusing one being the 9 varieties of water injections and water-methanol and "Boost" and nitrous oxide with no indication anywhere that I see as to which one is applicable. Let me look for an example of a plane specific one and if I am not hallucinating I will reply here.
  11. I've tried to send these using the keyboard commands, and also I mapped 8 of them (skipping formations) to buttons on my throttle, but no matter which way I do it I don't see that it does anything. I don't see myself sending a radio message, and I don't see my wingmen following commands. I searched for previous threads and didn't find anything later than like three years ago. Are these actually supposed to work? Also, either there's something wrong with my machine or a large number of keymap information in the UI is wrong. I was going through the camera commands for example on mission playback and I found many that don't seem to do anything.
  12. Also BTW if you see someone say this again, this can only happen if it's set to windowed mode, for some reason mine was even though it appeared to be full screen. You can switch between monitors of different resolutions no prob if it's set to just take whatever the current screen res is.
  13. Thanks TE, ok, those numbers are a bit different but not totally out of line with mine. To be clear, my testing was gunnery right around 100m or a bit less, in 3G-5G turns. At those distances, the difference in the trajectory of the MG151/20 and the Hispano is going to be inches at most even with your numbers, with the shVak maybe a foot below. Out at 250m+ yes you'd start to see significant differences. But the difference in aiming points I'm using for these tests are really different for the three guns, with the Hispano rounds dropping just a bit, as I said it's the only one where I can see the rounds hit. With the other two I kept missing and had to record some sessions and go back and walk through them to see wow, I'm still way behind guys when the same shots with the Hispano rapidly disassemble a whole plane. These seem to me more like 800m/s, 600m/s and maybe 500m/s for the shVAK. Don't get me wrong, I'm enjoying the game, but every game has a million assumptions in their modeling and a great game can still have a few wacky things. In fact I laughed for quite a bit this evening, it was my first mission in the scripted fortress on the Volga after the ferry flight mission, had one kill already and had good hits on the wing root of a Yak-1b, The pilot was working hard, took me a while to reel him back in, and then he did one of the neg-G push evasives followed by snapping into a high pos G turn, his wing folded- some two minutes after I'd hit him. That was totally awesome that the damage model weakened the spar and when he went for 6Gs for the third or fourth time after taking hits, it failed. Those kind of things really do wonders for the suspension of disbelief. Also I'm playing with an HP Vive, and the immersion of VR is amazing. I have a TrackIR 5 but I don't see myself using it much moving forward.
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