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  1. Is there any way to do that or start one over? Perhaps delete the results from the game folder or something? Just curious if there is a way to start the campaign over? Thanks,
  2. How current are your VC drivers? Just a thought they may be a bit older by chance?
  3. Theres a few servers up at 9pm EST in the US..I imagine itll take a few days for everyone to get updated and the get the bugs worked out if any. Looks great!!
  4. Thanks, If i Bought BOM would that free one up? Just curious as ive been thinking about buying it anyway. Thanks for the response!
  5. Hi Guys, Signed up and logged on but it says I cant use the BF109 F4 and if I dont change the plane I will get kicked from the server. I only have the deluxe edition of BOS. Is this a BOM plane?
  6. Hi Guys, Just picked up BOS today as im a long time DCS user. Ive got an X55 and had DCS controls programmed in game and not via the Saitek software. Do most guys do the same with BOS? Just curious. Looks and feels great to me so far, should have gotten it sooner. Thanks, Pat
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