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  1. https://www.dropbox.com/s/8yrbr1dwsoer7qd/Hell Hawks Skins.zip?dl=0 The link came in the email of the preorder announcement
  2. Numenor225

    kuban winter

    Great work! Thanks
  3. I am looking forward to having time to do this campaign, Juri’s campaign = high quality and a lot of fun!!
  4. Excellent work Julian!! Besutiful skin
  5. He says so because of the changes to the map of Moscow in the latest version 4.008
  6. Thanks for this campaign Samson, Are you planning to update the campaign to version 4.008? well, this and the other campaigns you have with the map of Moscow ...
  7. I am very grateful for this opportunity! Nr 12
  8. Lions Of Kalinin and I./JG51 Over the Rzhev Salient updated by Juri_JS
  9. You never stop working? 😄 Gracias!!
  10. I think that the problem is that all airplanes mods have one folder, for example : Bf109E7/Texture instead of Bf109E7/data/graphics/Planes/Bf109E7/Textures. I have created manually all folders and now I have no problems. Thanks for your answers and for this mod, really now I can´t play this game without it
  11. I have a problem to try install with JSGME, first install Bf109E7 without problem, but when I try to install the Yak7 mod give me the next message : Folder "Textures" has already been added by the "Bf109E7" mod. Enabling this mod *may* have adverse effects on your game... I never had problems before. And another question, where are the less weathering mod?
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