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  1. Getting a "Please Wait..." and spinning cursor that never goes away when I leave a MP server. Have to kill the program to continue. Also, long wait time after each death in MP where it is getting/updating data? Graphics looking good!
  2. Jason and Zak, I have spent much time in your position of having to discuss bug prioritization, funding, changing development schedules, and the resulting feature changes with many different users with varied requests/demands and no way to make them all happy. My sympathies! As many others have vocally said, a good Mission Editor would be a great asset for all concerned. Hope schedules and money work out so it can happen. But I won't hold my breath for it. Good luck with your development schedules over the next few months.
  3. I had the reversal / inverted bug show up 2 patches ago with both a Thurstmaster Warthog throttle and a CH Throttle Quadrant. I deleted the current.map, current.actions, and current.responses files, launched the game again to let them regenerate, then re-entered all my settings. Doing that was a pain, but the newest update did not cause the reverse bug to show up for me again, so maybe something is getting carried through in those files. Just a theory, with a sample size of one.
  4. Deleting the input directory and running the launcher gives a bunch of errors about being unable to save files and fails to load (even though I ran it as administrator). I deleted just the current.* files in the input directory and re-ran. Now I can properly invert or un-invert controls! Just have to re-enter a bunch of them. Looking forward to playing the new version as soon as I set up my controls again!
  5. More info on the inputs that are stuck inverted. Reverting controls to defaults (using the "Default" in the Settings/Controls/Engine for example) then re-entering your control axis for throttle etc. doesn't work around the problem. The control still stays locked in whatever inverted or non-inverted state it was in. It even keeps your dead zone settings through the reset to "Default". I can uninstall and reinstall, but is there a simpler way to truly set all the controls to their defaults? Can I just delete current.actions, current.map and current.responses and restart? Looking at other posts that seems like the way to go, but I wanted to get confirmation before I go and start deleting stuff! Thanks.
  6. Just to be clear, the problem I'm seeing is that setting a control to be inverted doesn't actually invert it.
  7. Just downloaded and installed the new client, and have one difficulty. It appears that no controls can be inverted. Whether or not I invert the control for, say, throttle, it continues to function in the normal non-inverted state. The install did seem to keep some of my previous control settings (as suggested I had just left them alone and didn't copy anything back). Maybe something went wrong with the install there? Any suggestions for the best way to reinstall with default control settings, or how else to work around? Thanks.
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