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  1. For us that play yes i agree..but obviously this is not so obvious for developers...
  2. Should we get the custom settings for difficulty in campagine mode? we have it in quick mission and we had it in ROF (Rise Of Flight)
  3. i agree that they should take a weekend to rest until monday no one deserves it more then them
  4. i won't blame them they deserve to rest
  5. would be nice with an update on the current status
  6. +1 i agree 777 make the best simulators in my opinion and they did an awsome job with the Rof i have no worries about them doing aswell with this
  7. i don't think people have aproblem with being patient i think people wonder if they are still working on it to get it out soon or if they went home either way its amazing how they keep working for us like this
  8. are they working to get it out? if so Kudos!
  9. is it up yet my game hasen't updated yet it should auto update when opening the launcher
  10. i've got 20+yrs experiance but i still find it fun
  11. Thank you very much for the tips! but isn't the steam version of the game automatic update to 4.12.2?
  12. its a bit overwhelming for to start over and learn something over again anyone have any mods to improve the graphic.sound and perhaps add more planes and other stuff? what is the best out there? i also notice that most planes in the standard version of 1946 cant open cockpit glass.. Btw: i got the steam version
  13. instincts are little different from what Spitfire and Yak-1 pilots has but i believe it or not i am a Turn fighter pilot i start to find myself changing the planes that i prefer..i was just 5yrs old when i started with simulators back in 1995 but now days i started to take interest in planes like Yak-9K and Polikarpov I-16 hopefully we will see them in BOS as time goes so don't be surprised to see if we end up on the same team one day i have also like you watched some videos both in Russian and English and i suppose you seen the Wings of the red star on youtube? i think the bias still is around but its starting to become less of it as time goes Russians made very good planes i like the idea of no having cannons in the wings and i like that they made them smaller then most other fighters of its days
  14. There is nothing in life that can't be fixed with pitch trim
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