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  1. StG77_Kondor

    Spit mk IX

    This thing is an absolute machine and no one should lose a standard low altitude dogfight while flying it.
  2. StG77_Kondor

    Tactical Air War

    Take a two day break and woah! Lots to catch up on. First of all, Kathon, thank you for removing cold start. On the matter of the proposed changes. In short, I don't think it is a good idea to limit fighters in individual map, and really restricts what makes TAW great in terms of flexibility. A map could present itself with a dire situation over one of your AFs or precious columns that above all needs to be protected. But if you picked ground attack, you will only have a 110E to fly CAP? In a current state of the game where we are already limited on types of aircraft that we can historically use, why further restrict ourselves? It's more effective than the 101 and 103 in the Hs-129, and in the end, more effective than the 37mm on the Ju-87. The VYa set at a ~400m convergence, you can kill any tank from the side in one pass. Even in horrible wind conditions, it is MUCH easier to get rounds to hit with it than with the 37mm. The 37mm isn't a guaranteed one shot hit either. It is if you hit convergence perfectly. But in tough conditions I would still much prefer having the VYa. But your plane set is the best one I've seen so far proposed! Just make sure to give the A-20 to the Russians by the winter Stalingrad map.
  3. StG77_Kondor

    Tactical Air War

    There were more than previous campaigns. But before Blue absolutely had the overall player # advantage. This time it was the closest 1:1 I've seen overall. But the result of the campaign was much the same as when Blue outnumbered Red. BTW: Red won Map #1 in convincing fashion this campaign, without the 20mm. Red pilots use the IL-2 as a heavy fighter with the 20mm for objective defense anyway. And clearly do quite well with it.
  4. StG77_Kondor

    Tactical Air War

    1. 100% I've attached a link below to a spreadsheet file made for the old IL-2 1946. Obviously many more planes on this list than what we have - but the ones that we do have are on the list. I would suggest a planeset based on this list. With modifications of course since we are so short of proper 41 and early 42 planes for VVS. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1VxBeaI_l8Gr4nvjxBXytsshw5kgXjh5k 2. Maybe. Not sure if this will have the desired effect as it could also dissuade people from flying ground attack, and in the end you'll have a stalemate front line and have maps won/lost solely on attrition. But could be worth a try I guess. 4. Agreed. I'd also be curious as to how many successful Ju-52 paradrops there were in the campaign. By successful - I mean actually captured the enemy AF. 5. Not only does it server NO purpose. Every. Single. Plane Can take off with cold engines as long as it's below 'combat/emergency power'. 6. The player balance was good. However the results as we can all see were as one-sided as ever. We could be here all day going through every single variable that shares responsibility! But I think you're on the right track. The ability this campaign of Red - to just steamroll AF after AF because their tank columns IMO are better defended. You will see in future .
  5. StG77_Kondor

    Tactical Air War

    Having flown both you are mistaken my friend. Especially in our shared EST time zone there was no large contingent of blue ground attackers. Sure some individuals here and there but no concerted effort. You could see how this changed during popular Euro time zone where Blue was much more effective at taking out objectives. Now with the AA there are so many variables. Yes an IL-2 will take more AA damage than anything on the Blue side. And yes - even more than the 129. The 129 is deceptively very weak against AA. The average Red ground attack pilot is no better than the average Blue one. I think the major difference is that the IL-2 has the ability to kill tanks not only with bombs, and rockets, but also with even the VYa 23mm cannon. Blue doesn't have anything close to it's ability to annihilate a column in a single sortie. But back to pilot skill I would however, argue about top end talent combined with the people who have the most flight time in the sever - here there is a STARK difference between Red and Blue that also contributes to such lopsided war results. Top 25 All Pilots Avg Score VVS 17 Pilots 3,589 OKL 8 Pilots 4,362 Top 25 Flight Hours Avg Score VVS 12 Pilots 2,210 OKL 13 Pilots 910 Top 50 Flight Hours Avg Score VVS 24 Pilots 786 OKL 26 Pilots 623 Top 25 in Deaths Avg Score VVS 8 Pilots 332 OKL 17 Piilots 131 The top 25 leans heavily to VVS. And even more so when you go Top 50, with only a total of 14 OKL pilots in the top 50. The majority of the top level talent decided to fly Red this campaign. But the real problem comes with the flight hours. Here in the Top 25 we see a 2-1 advantage in score. So on average the Red pilot you ALWAYS see online flying is good enough to warrant someone on Blue side getting them a girlfriend . Whereas the Blue guy should dump his and go to flight school. It starts to balance out a bit when you stretch it out to the Top 50 as expected. So in conclusion it's a lot less about the 'average' pilot. Because the average pilot on both sides is very equal. It's the top 1% of the really good - and really bad pilots that also contributes to Blue's woes.
  6. StG77_Kondor

    Tactical Air War

    The 'busted door' works for other servers like WoL when they run static missions. In TAW that bunker could've been destroyed Mission #1. But in Mission #2 it spawns as 'alive' with it's doors intact and with the same shade of brown that a fully healthy one would have. There really is no way of knowing until you drop your bombs and you see a big fat goose egg next to your name.
  7. StG77_Kondor

    Tactical Air War

    This is actually a valid criticism of the way TAW does defensive positions. A position can look 100% healthy, but in reality they have been damaged from a previous mission and you will get maybe 1 or 2 or sometimes even 0 kills if you drop bombs on them. The only way you have any idea that the defenses are hit are on the website : Good/Average/Poor, etc. But when 'average' if all 3 positions are still up it doesn't tell you which ones are already damaged. And there's no way of visually inspecting the target without getting too close to the AA to tell. The bunkers and all other buildings will look 'alive' but when they're destroyed you get 0 credit. Needless to say this is a problem for ground attackers. I know Kathon has mentioned this before probably many, many pages ago. But there's got to be a better way. Maybe in the mission briefing where it explains what happened in previous mission - it can be more accurate as to exactly which of the 3 defensive positions are hit and how much damage each one has? Is this possible? For example: Kalach Defs: 817 22%, 919 0%, 1016 79%
  8. StG77_Kondor

    Tactical Air War

    After an entire TAW campaign flying Red I can say that the truth lies somewhere in the middle. How far to either side is what we can argue to infinity . The Pe-2 especially with the blister turret is the best rear gunner in the game. Period. Is it the gun? Is it the admittedly very good firing position? [edited] Doesn't matter what it is really. But from my many, many, many hours flying 87s and 88s the Pe-2 gunner is able to at a minimum keep enemy fighters from parking at dead six and hammering away at me, which with the 87 and 88 gunners is not the certain death certificate that you get with a Peshka. But the Peshka is no uber plane. The bomb load is crap. It's actually not that stable of a plane in fast diving attacks like an 88. It can't fly on one engine - while the 88 can. It's all a give an take.
  9. StG77_Kondor

    Tactical Air War

    Engines/wing root is the weak spot. For all it's positives, the Peshka can't fly (for very long) with 1 engine. It would be smart to disengage if he has 1 or 2 smoking engines and he's not close to any friendly base. It's not easy but it can be done.
  10. StG77_Kondor

    Tactical Air War

    We'll be going back to Blue - but I don't see Blue all of a sudden doing much better than this campaign. I would guess that maps will be a slower grind next campaign, but Blue will continue to lose the attrition game. You will see in a future video one of the main reasons as to why it is so hard for Blue to actually win a map - let alone a campaign. 1) What forum are you reading? Most people here have been proposing solutions. It's not entirely their fault that most of their solutions suck . 2) Currently AA at Blue/Red tank columns is not equal. You will see in future video 3) This is a VERY important point. People can believe what they want about things like the 23mm VYa anti tank ability, etc. Of course TAW devs can't change that. But things like the tank column AA are. There is always room for improvement. PS Longer mission times would be disastrous. I think we really have the sweet spot currently. If you are a level bomber and you currently only have 2-3 AFs on the map left, your mission shouldn't be to fly 200km to bomb enemy depot. It should be to bomb one of the enemy AFs. When the server has 15-20 players per side, anything longer than 2 hours gives too much time to the ground attackers like me to clear up all the objectives. Especially in missions where there is only 1 enemy tank column (or maybe 0). This would just result in even more maps being a stalemate since tank columns just disappear - and maps being solely won on attrition.
  11. StG77_Kondor

    Tactical Air War

    Now that I've experienced both sides...you'll be in for a rude awakening mate. But I welcome more squads flying for the other side at least one campaign. We'll also be going back to blue. The Hs-129 is hot garbage in TAW (and I absolutely love the thing). But everything that it can do in TAW even the 110E can do better. The only advantage is the 103 cannon, and even then a 37mm 87 is better at killing tanks and at least has a rear gunner. And by that point blue gets the 110G2 which is a monster. Blue doesn't lose because too many 'noobs' fly stukas and other inferior planes. It's more complicated - but basically boils down to average life span/effectiveness of tank columns.
  12. StG77_Kondor

    [MOD] Camouflage of the Wehrmacht

    Thanks Det! Nice job on the Oak
  13. StG77_Kondor

    Tactical Air War

    A-20 defensive armament is poor and worse - although not by much compared to 88. 20x100kg > 28x50kg (44x50kg loadout is not worth the extra weight - and doesn't drop in series as well as internals do). With the 50kgs if you just miss 1m left or right, you will only kill trucks/AA guns. With the 100kgs you can be off 1-2m and it will still reliably kill tanks. This is more important now in the last few TAWs as the TAW devs have added more varied weather conditions. Even a ~4m/s crosswind will require your full focus to keep straight and make your bomb run worthwhile. T-34 > StuG/Panzer III/IV (most numerous tanks in columns) Just a fact of life, Russian tanks are tougher. 88 can dive faster to avoid AA (which is needed because Red tank columns have faster reacting AA than Blue tank columns) - you will see in video coming out soon I say all these things as someone who loves both planes. Just check out the statistics. But as TAW is currently constructed - especially the tank columns...the A-20 is the superior tank killing machine of the two. Should the A-20 bombs be restricted? Hell no. Now, if we're talking about beefing up blue tank column flak to be equal to red's, especially in AA reaction time, this would balance out in the end. Since the A-20 can't reach the speeds the 88 does in a dive, and in some aspects is actually weaker than the 88 in terms of durability.
  14. StG77_Kondor

    Multiplayer Beginner-friendly servers

    Welcome! My first recommendation would be to always keep in the back of your mind that while most people online are at a minimum tolerable - there are always jerks who will gripe at you for the smallest mistake or perceived offense. So never take anything said personally. There are servers, Normal Official? I think? That has icons/outside views enabled etc that are basically just Air Quake servers but get you in/out of action quickly. Berloga is much the same, but without icons. Wings of Liberty might be the sweet spot you want to first try out as it's a bit more complex than just the aforementioned air quake servers. However, it's probably the most toxic as far as its player base goes. It's a general free-for-all environment, 'kill stealing' and 'vulching' are allowed. TAW I would recommend to fly with a group of people, even if it's just a group of 2. It's a very challenging server to come to grips with especially since it attracts the best pilots. TAW will punish you for the tiniest mistakes, and more often than not, just punish you even if you did everything 'right'. My advice is to just dive right in and have fun. As for tips, for landing always, always, unless it's an emergency, land in the same direction as take off. You can tell what direction it is, by zooming into the AF on the map, and where the AF 'button' is located on the field itself is where planes take off from.
  15. StG77_Kondor

    Tactical Air War

    I would imagine it's a TAW bug since this does not occur in WoL for instance.