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  1. StG77_Kondor

    No Servers Showing

    I think we're in for another evening of no MP. Unacceptable for this to happen two days in a row.
  2. StG77_Kondor

    No Servers Showing

    It's 6:38AM Moscow time, my guess is it'll be back up in 1-2 hours.
  3. StG77_Kondor

    Tactical Air War

    100%. Part of why TAW works is that it gives players the flexibility to be - or try to be - a Hartmann one mission, and a Rudel the next. All of it depending on the current map situation. At the end of the day, TAW IMO remains a fighter pilot paradise. A fighter pilot for the most part, can disengage at will, and only get into trouble through their own actions. If TAW were to implement some sort of bonus system, I think it needs to be heavily skewed towards bomber/attack pilots. The way TAW funnels ground attack pilots - on both sides - to such narrow points of action combined with the deadliness of AA at every objective means you are guaranteed a brush with death every single mission. And personally, it's starting to burn me out from the server. I'm not asking for milk runs, I'd just like the option to be at 6-7 different objectives, rather than 2-3.
  4. StG77_Kondor

    Tactical Air War

    Interesting idea, but I don't think I like it. It gives people who solely fly either bombers or fighters basically double the # of planes in the hangar, if their friend flies the other type of plane. I thought the whole point of TAW was to curb the reckless behavior that is found in just about every other MP server. If you know you can just talk to your bomber buddy for another 109F-4 then no problem. Same with bomber pilots. If you know you'll get a Ju-88 replaced, you are more likely to take stupid risks. Additionally, as it's currently set up, you could just make multiple pilot profiles, and keep borrowing planes from these profiles at will. I would be more inclined to have changes to the current hangar system with respect to how many planes can be stored, and the plane set itself can always be tweaked. For example, if you have a streak of 25? 50? CM without death or capture, maybe you get a bonus plane of your choice. I'd much rather reward pilots for surviving than relying on a buddy to constantly feed you new fighters/bombers.
  5. StG77_Kondor

    Tactical Air War

    Since we're in the mood to make suggestions: If you receive damage from an enemy player, before making the cut off of 15 or 25 mins depending on what you're flying - you should be able to get a CM if you land back at base. This campaign more than any other I've been intercepted shortly after take off only to have to limp back to base. Blue should realize the quicker they win the map, the less time they have to fly their super planes.
  6. StG77_Kondor

    Tactical Air War

    The map of Kuban that we get in game when hitting "O" is different than the one we get with Mission Planner or the IL2 map tool. TAW uses the map in both these tools, however there are differences in roads, railroads, etc. Is this going to be updated for the next campaign Kathon?
  7. StG77_Kondor

    Tactical Air War

    There is a very big difference between 25:35 and 20:5. I'm just shocked that evening US time is essentially devoid of reliable Red presence. It has never been like this before.
  8. StG77_Kondor

    Tactical Air War

    This is ridiculous.
  9. StG77_Kondor

    Tactical Air War

    It was happening to other players as well over the last few days. So I know that I'm not alone in these disconnections. The real disturbing part about the video is, that because of the lag, the rear gunner doesn't actually fire as if the plane is on HvB's six for as long as it was. Not only that, H has no opportunity to dodge the stream of bullets because by the time he 'sees' them, his wing is already off because of the delay in transmitting the damage.
  10. StG77_Kondor

    Tactical Air War

    Hi Kathon, Reporting again that I keep getting a Game error code #10009 that kicks me from server. This error cost me a combat mission here: http://taw-server.de/pilot_sortie.php?id=61942&name=StG77_Kondor As you can see I landed, and was even back at the map screen when I got kicked out. Could you check it out please? Thanks!
  11. StG77_Kondor

    Tactical Air War

    This is correct. Blue had one depot captured, and the other depot was 100% destroyed. Yet they got more planes, etc than Red did, even though Red had both depots, damaged, but none destroyed.
  12. StG77_Kondor

    Tactical Air War

    @=LG=Kathon FYI, just now the server is randomly kicking out players with Timeout error message back in Multiplayer lobby screen. This hasn't happened before, and it was kicking players from both sides.
  13. StG77_Kondor

    American and British Voice "Actors" Needed ASAP!!

    American 33, Mid-Atlantic accent.
  14. StG77_Kondor

    A-20 Auto Rich Mixture

    Hey guys, Question on the A-20 mixture. Is it a bug that the only way to stop the new mixture smoke effect in the A-20 is to run Auto Lean? Even when not in climb mode (and in nominal engine mode) the engines still smoke as if too rich on Auto Rich. P-39 and P-40 only smoke on Auto Rich when in Combat Power.
  15. StG77_Kondor

    Tactical Air War

    I don't think Kathon has ever released the actual math behind this, but for the last several campaigns it's been if a tank column is healthy (above 50%) it will capture an objective if there is only 1 def position left. But don't worry Norz. Blue will soon run out of tanks :).