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  1. Had same issues myself on the Kuban map flying as Germans. I suspect this is due to the changes in river traffic Pat made for 11.10.2. I went ahead and deleted that campaign but haven't set up another in that era. I figured it was probably due to the campaign pre-existing the update and looking for something he'd removed. Other than that, I had a railyard as bombing target without any buildings being generated in the Moscow campaign, but only one time.
  2. BoX is Battle of Stalingrad. The "X" is a variable representing there are multiple campaign packs (ie. BoS- Stalingrad, BoM-Moscow, BoK-Kuban, BoB-Bodenplatte). I guess not everyone has Stalingrad, so they use the X to represent the game as a whole. Battle of Stalingrad main folder is the one to use.
  3. I have noticed that gunners, AA, etc. do not respond in PWCG as quickly as they do in the stock career. I think Pat has mentioned something about this before, most likely to do with the way AI recognizes you. Don't know. They do defend themselves well, there just seems to be a "grace period", perhaps the AI's way of simulating awareness and response. One of the earlier iterations had bombers that didn't defend themselves at all, but Pat did resolve that. The gunners aren't as lethal on your approach as the stock campaign, but they wake up quickly.
  4. I get this error too, periodically. I just do a <ctrl><tab> to get to that window, then select the "x" in the upper right to close it. Another <ctrl><tab> should bring you back into the game and it picks up where you left off.
  5. My guess is that the “modifications_required” string along with the “ammo_eff” is what tells the program which loadout to use for your flight. That would explain why there’s a specific entry for each mission type instead of a generic template for the airframe. I haven’t tried that, though; I’m fine being the oddball with the special loadout. You might try swapping these around to see if that changes your flight’s default loadout, but you’ll have to use some trial and error on the “ammo_eff” to see how it relates to the ammo setup. The “modifications” string looks pretty straightforward as a bi
  6. Thanks very much for posting this! Your instructions were very easy to follow, and I was able to (hopefully) unlock everything across all campaigns. If anyone else wants it, I've uploaded a .zip that should be ready to drop into whatever directory they're using for JSGME to make the switch. Just unzip and drop the folder "weapons free" in and activate the same way you would any other mod in JSGME. I just did a simple "find and replace" in notepad for every "modifications_denied" combination I could find, but I wouldn't be surprised if I missed a couple. I've tested it for the Hurricane an
  7. Go into your campaign and select "Advanced Configuration". From that screen (see pic) select "Mission Limits" from the list on the right and set "Start Type" to 0, 1, or 2. 2 is the option for taxiing to the runway
  8. I asked something similar to this before. As I understand it, the mission builder doesn’t ever give specific targets, but the mission profile doesn’t limit you to a specific target, either. Basically, if it gives you “road and transportation” targets, it’ll generate a target area with trucks, depots, bridges, etc., then you can decide whatever you want to hit from there. With “rail and transportation” it’ll generate a depot and some trains for you to hit, with some trucks for good measure. Again, just head to the target area and have at whatever you like. I’ve never seen it generate a mission
  9. Wiped my entire directory this morning and did a fresh install of 11.7.2, ran 2 campaigns without tweaking any JSON files. Ran like a dream. Actually, it killed my performance, but I think only because everything was finally showing up as intended. I'll need to go through and drop some settings again. Looks like we've got a winner of a fix this time! Thanks for all your work!
  10. Yes, sorry about all that. I've had to put some settings low and drastically drop the number of active flights, but honestly, your mission builder does such a good job of putting flights in optimum positions and routes for maximum interaction that it's never felt like an issue! With the made-up group I clearly screwed something up in building it, because I've been able to fly against my 5th Guards Pe-2 dive-bomb/ground attack unit several times without issue, but I apologize for muddling the troubleshooting with that. Thanks again!
  11. Installed 11.7.1 this morning; flights and escorts both worked like a charm. However, I noticed a massive boost in performance on my system and, with a little poking around, discovered no other flights, allied nor enemy, except my own and my escorts. There were also a LOT more ground targets for the same settings I've been using, perhaps double? Tried another mission from a different campaign and same result. Maybe a return of the immediately disappearing spawns? I also found what looked like the remains of flying exploding ships (two boats sitting in a river with a third burning some way
  12. I notice the people mentioning no or few issues are also mentioning ground starts. I don’t have a lot of time to play so I always do air starts for missions. Can you recreate it trying that? It will likely be tomorrow before I can try what you suggested, but will do so and see what happens. Thanks as always!!
  13. Having the same issue myself. I had some missions already generated from 11.6.x and they worked fine, but once I tried missions generated under 11.7.x I got nothing but scenery.
  14. A question about representing repair times for significant damage: It seems a bit silly that a whole flight can get shot up on a mission but, if they all make it back safely, every airframe is ready, shiny and new, for the next day's mission. I don't expect the sim provides the means to track damage whereby appropriate "repair" times could be simulated, but perhaps it could be tracked by injuries and forced landings. For example, if a pilot is injured on a mission his aircraft is then unavailable for a number of days to represent repair work being done to bring it back into airworthine
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