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  1. hehe another one who didnt read the initial post The purchase has to be made later then 16th September 2013 18:00GMT/20:00CET/22:00MSK. sorry
  2. The purchase has to be made later then 16th September 2013 18:00GMT/20:00CET/22:00MSK. Sorry Again - feel free to buy another copy as a gift for a friend
  3. sorry it wont. only pre-orders done after 16th September 2013 18:00GMT/20:00CET/22:00MSK. feel free to purchase another copy
  4. As i bought new pedals iam offering my Simpeds as donation to some lucky purchaser of IL2: Battle of Stalingrad: There will be a raffle for the first 50 pilots that post a screenshot of their purchase of the premium edition. Your profile nick has to be visible and don´t forget to strike your Order ID off like here: The purchase has to be made later then 16th September 2013 18:00GMT/20:00CET/22:00MSK. shipping is on me - worldwide. The pedals are around 6 years old and weren´t used since March 2011 (you guessed it CoD desaster). I´am sure they will work fin
  5. i have my private network of helpful russians nevertheless i think they will sell their stick on http://flightsimcontrols.com/ for the european market - as soon as they are in stock. btw (page seems down - worked yesterday)
  6. i read that you can attach different handles to the base. the base will be shipped with the su27 handle you see above and will be able to hold the warthog and x52 handle with some adapter they release also. right now iam waiting for my www.hotas.su stick. should arrive in few weeks. after that i order the mamba as soon as its available.
  7. i would wait on their new stick called mamba. Should be in stock in few weeks as far as i read.
  8. Which same people? Did you ever saw a post by me in the english section? I doubt it. I simply dont see what you seem to see in this project. If they can show me something convincing someday i will for sure buy it - till then i wait and read.
  9. nope he said that only for the 2 chiefs in command.the waiters tried and their effort is recognized.
  10. sure you can. better have one financially well founded and therefore good sim with a tiny customer base then 2 average sims with each having half of the players
  11. sure i want to support a new flightsim. i simply choose the one with potential. And iam usualy very very optimistic ...
  12. really? we had several of those in Clod and i would say they were several times more detailed. Lets see... we have some screens of P51 which was released last year. Then a d9 which is in development for few months already by another team. Then some landscape in a shady light which shows you nothing. And some landscape where one part is a photo and the other part seems like something i can scetch in paint. So what do we get in the end? A Sim that has 5 planes with some higher res. textures and worse landscape and plus clickpits and super detailed modelled radio systems... (where is the r
  13. maybe develop it first to a point where he can show at least a few screens? not one cent...
  14. 10.000$ für einen Moskau Besuch? Das machte Loft aus Spass an der Sache
  15. Ein Käufer kauft im besten Fall beides. Hat jedoch begrenzte Zeit beides zu fliegen. Auf lange Sicht wird er sich entscheiden nur eines der beiden Produkte wirklich weiter zu unterstützen. Als offliner ists dir (ram) natürlich eher egal - einem Onliner sind die Spielerzahlen sehr wohl wichtig. Thematisch unterscheiden die Sim´s sich - was eher meinem Argument Gewicht verleiht. Der Westen tendiert Richtung DCS und der Osten Richtung BoS. Hätten wir 2 Sim´s mit gleichen Szenarios, könnte man sich die bessere Sim herauspicken und das schlechtere Fallen lassen. Clod wird die ganze Geschic
  16. klar sind da Zusammenhänge - die gleiche Zielgruppe.
  17. Hoffe das geht in die Hose. Weshalb es kein Cent von mir gibt. Ich halte BoS für das bessere Produkt und befürchte eine Spaltung der eh schon winzigen Community, sollte Luthiers Projekt halbwegs erfolgreich sein. Besser eine gut finanzierte weil erfolgreiche Sim als zwei vor sich hinkriechende weil unterfinanzierte.
  18. jep schlimm - die kennen wohl den Unterschied zwischen verschiedenen Pixelhaufen nicht.
  19. No victory is complete without the opponent plane exploding or dead virtual manikin with a folded chute No mercy!
  20. wahhh forgot to add MS precision to this list and yep iam crazy...
  21. I had/have cyborg 3d ->2 * x52 -> x45 -> 3 * x52pro -> Warthog -> CH Fighterstick -> x65 -> "Rus 12 full betta" (pic below) -> 2 * msffb2 http://www.directroad.ru/?page_id=1036 All suck one way or another Best egonomics: x52/pro Best precision: Rus 12 full betta Worst precision: Warthog/x45 Worst ergonomics: CH Now waiting for 3 new sticks 1.Hotas.su 2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=--SLSi39-cY 3. VKB Mamba: Still searching for the perfect stick...
  22. dann ist ja gut Jedesmal wen ich über WT lese stellen sich sofort alle nackenhaare auf - sry Aber anscheinend bringts ne menge Frischlinge ... wo verdammisch sind hier die smileys?
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